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If you recently inherited a property or just bought a new house, maintenance is a new part of your annual budget. On average, home maintenance costs 1% to 4% of your home value per year. Depending on your home's age, size, condition, and location, it could be higher or lower.

You might have to spend much when doing maintaining, repairing, or renovating your house, especially if you need a long-overdue fix for the foundation or roofing. Avoid surprise budget and home repair costs with this comprehensive price guide.

House maintenance price list

House age

House maintenance costs

Less than 10 years

1% of home value

10 to 20 years

2% of home value

20 to 30 years

3% of home value

More than 30 years

4% of home value

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Factors affecting how much it costs to maintain a house

If you want to compute the average cost of home maintenance, consider the following things:

House age

The age of the house affects the home maintenance budget. Properties that have been around for more than 30 years need more repair and maintenance than those built less than 10 years ago.

Your location

When it comes to upkeep prices, they also reflect your location. Houses in areas with high humidity need a bigger budget for pest control and mold and mildew control. Households exposed to severe weather conditions, like heavy snow and continuous rainfall, need to prepare for potential repairs and more frequent cleanup projects.

Your climate

The cost of living is another important factor when talking about the average cost of home maintenance. If you live in a dry and less humid state within a big city, the operating expenses and taxes will be higher. Hence, services will be pricier than in other states. Saving unused materials will be helpful for future projects.

House size

The average cost of home maintenance for a condo is lower than for a mansion. The bigger the house, the more resources you need. More spaces will need cleaning, pest control, and repairs. Hence, your average homeowner maintenance costs will be higher.

House condition

Upon purchase, the house's condition will determine upkeep prices and average home repair costs per year. If you delay indoor cleaning, lawn mowing, and gutter cleaning for years, expect higher home maintenance costs in the future. Hiring a service for housekeeping might help keep your home clean if you live with a big family.

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Computing house maintenance costs

Each house differs in size, material, built, and condition. Because of the complexity, it's challenging to put an exact number on house maintenance costs or how much to save for repairs. Here are several methods for estimating the cost of upkeep every year.

The 1% to 4% method

While final pricing will still depend on materials and the house location, the general rule of thumb is to set aside 1% of the value of homes less than 10 years old. For houses that have been around for more than 30 years, 4% of their value is the suggested budget for home maintenance.

The square footage method

You can compute maintenance costs by referring to the square footage of the house. Each square foot equals $1. So for a 2,000-square-foot home, your annual house maintenance budget should be around $2,000. However, this doesn't consider the age and condition of the house.

Ask around

Apart from the 1% to 4% and the square footage method, one of the easiest ways of estimating costs is to ask the previous owner. If they're unavailable, also have a quick chat with your neighbors.a woman vacuuming the floor of a home

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Routine house maintenance

Doing general home maintenance is vital to preserve the value of your house and avoid more costly repairs in the future. Prioritize the following tasks:

House maintenance task


Cleaning the house (rooms, kitchen, appliances, floors, bathroom, etc.)


Cleaning the vents and gutters

Twice a year

Trimming trees and shrubs

If needed

Checking signs of leakage or clogs


Pest control


Mould and mildew treatment

If needed

Changing aircon and heating filters

Every three months

Treating grass

Five to six times a year

Mowing the lawn

Once or twice a week

Power washing the patio and deck

Once a year

Inspecting the roof

Once a year

Inspecting the foundation of the house


Basic appliance repairs

If needed

Exterior painting

Every five to 10 years

Septic system pumping

Every three to five years

If you recently bought a lot and need help building a home, a residential architect can bring your vision to life.

Posting a house maintenance task

Maintaining a house can be pretty stressful. Whether you need help with regular cleaning or want to redesign your space with an interior architect, Airtasker is here to help!

Simply explain your needs and post a listing. Here are some details you can include in the post:

  • Your budget
  • Your location
  • Your preferred schedule
  • Your previous house maintenance service

The more details you include, the better. Once the listing is up, you’ll receive offers from different specialists. Take time to review them. Once you've picked a Tasker, they’ll start the work of keeping your house clean and pest-free.

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Damage and costly repairs might await your home if you delay essential house maintenance tasks. These include cleaning vents and gutters, changing air-conditioning and heating filters, and performing pest control.

Maintaining a clean home can be challenging, especially for busy households. It helps to keep a daily or weekly cleaning plan. A couple of minutes of tidying and dusting after work can go a long way. You can also clean one room at a time instead of doing everything all at once.

Aside from house maintenance, you should consider association fees, property taxes, and insurance. Make sure to align them with your broker or the previous owner to avoid future surprises.

Home maintenance can be costly. Having a monthly budget can lessen the load of annual upkeep. Simply saving 0.10% of your home value each month can help you get ahead of potential repairs.

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