How much does it cost to install an attic ladder?

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$220 - $650







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Real estate prices continuously rise, so investing in home improvements is essential. A good-quality attic ladder is one of these. No matter the size, an attic can immensely increase usable space in your home. 

Whether you intend to use it as a storage space or a loft-type kids’ room, the attic ladder installation cost will be worth it. It ranges from $220 to $650. On average, you can budget $450 for materials and labor.

This price guide will help you allocate funds for your home improvement project. Look at this table to better understand how much it costs to install an attic ladder.

Attic Ladder Installation

Average Cost

Hourly labor


Project flat rate


Door kit

$80 to $1,300




$5 to $10

a handyman examining the entrance to an attic

How do I choose the right attic ladder kit?

If you’re a newbie, attic ladder kits already have everything you need to install the ladder on your ceiling. Attic ladders come in different materials, with aluminum and wood as the most popular choices. It ultimately depends on the build of your house and the design of your interiors.

Aluminum attic ladders

Aluminum ladders are the top choice if you’re looking for compact and sleek designs. Aluminum is sturdy and long-lasting. As long as you buy from a respectable manufacturer, you can avoid corrosion issues. It’s also the most affordable option. Expect to pay $180 to $240 on top of the labor cost to install an aluminum attic ladder.

Another main selling point of aluminum ladders is how light they are. You don’t have to worry about them straining your ceiling or damaging the posts of your house. That doesn’t mean they're weaker than other ladders. Aluminum ladders can carry the weight of little kids and even adults.

Wooden attic ladders

On the flip side, wooden attic ladder kits are pricier. They can add $120 to a whopping $750 to your budget for installing attic stairs. You also have to consider how heavy they will be. If you’re about the sturdiness of your ceiling and walls, consult an architect, a real estate broker, or a property developer.

Maintenance is also a significant factor because moisture and changing weather can damage wood permanently. Wooden attic ladders can be a pain in year-round rainy weather. Still, homeowners put a premium on the look of wood. Your attic ladder can look classy with a smooth dark finish or cozy with a soft, almost-beige tone. Wood blends seamlessly with most homes and is very kid-friendly.

Custom attic ladders

If you don't love the available attic door kits in your local home improvement or hardware store, you can request custom ones. They're the most expensive option, even when you’re considering the cost of replacing your attic stairs during your next home renovation.

Some homeowners will gladly pay a premium for custom attic ladders. You can work with your architect or interior designer to design a secret attic door or one that works well with your smart home. A nearby Tasker can build and install it for your dream home.

What's the ideal length of an attic ladder?

When you put up a task for attic ladder installation, Taskers might ask about the measurements of your attic. You can get these details with the help of a measuring tape. Do it on a not-so-busy day because it can take time and patience.

This is crucial if you ask a Tasker to buy or build an attic ladder before visiting your home to install it. Here are some basic measurements you need to document:

  • The attic opening's size: Position the ruler or tape from one hinge to another. If there’s no opening yet, determine the measurements comfortably fitting one person.
  • Floor-to-ceiling distance: You can measure this by slowly dropping the tape from the ceiling to the floor. Make sure it’s straight, though.

a woman climbing the stairs to an atticAdditional expenses when installing attic ladders

Airtasker encourages Taskers to provide comprehensive estimates, so you don't have to worry about hidden charges. It’s also best to review the inclusions in a Tasker’s offer before accepting it. The cheapest quote might not be the most cost-efficient. Aside from labor and materials, you should allocate funds for the following:

Government permits

Getting construction permits might be necessary before the installation. If you're unsure, consult an architect or builder as soon as possible to avoid complications.

Insurance costs

Ask your Tasker if their rate already includes insurance, and then read through the coverage. Insurance will give you peace of mind if something breaks or anyone gets hurt during the installation.

Miscellaneous costs

Make sure to account for things like taking the day off work, setting up a temporary space for your family on the day of the installation, clearing out your attic, and additional transportation and delivery expenses.

What do I need to post a task?

Posting a task on Airtasker is easy on your computer or phone. Here are some pointers:

  • Open an Airtasker account with a valid payment method. Don’t worry; we keep your card details safe and secure.
  • Provide details regarding the task. When you click the ‘Post a task’ button, you need to input your location, preferred schedule, and budget.
  • Wait 24 to 48 hours. Finding a Tasker sometimes takes an hour, but waiting around 24 to 48 hours allows Taskers to provide different quotations for you to compare. You’ll also have ample time to review their profiles, reviews, and ratings.

That’s it. Make sure to accept the offer of the Tasker you select. Everything is all set from there! You can post a task again if you need more things done after your project, like attic cleanup and maintenance!

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A DIY project is a good option if you want to minimize how much you will spend on installing an attic ladder. Attic door kits are available in most hardware or home improvement stores. Assess your skill level first because accidents are costlier in the long run.

Although it depends on the ladder's material, size, and design, you can allocate two to three hours for professional installation. Expect to spend half a day on this, from coordination to cleanup.

It depends on the extent of the needed work. It might also require a more experienced Tasker. On average, contractors add $500 to $600 to the material and installation cost.

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