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Some of your house's rooms inevitably become smelly and moist, especially kitchens, bathrooms, and attic spaces. Many install exhaust fans to serve as a ventilation system to prevent these problems. Exhaust fans remove excess moisture and unwanted odors from your rooms. On top of that, they provide proper ventilation to the different areas of your home, reducing chemical fumes and contaminants in the air.

The average cost of installing an exhaust fan is $380. However, replacing an existing fan can range from $150 to $1,000. The price varies because of several factors. This guide will help you determine the cost of a new exhaust fan and clarify the different factors you need to consider when installing it.

Exhaust fan installation cost per room size

Room size (square feet)


Average cost

Under 79

50 - 80 

$20 - $250

80 - 99

80 - 99

$50 - $325

100 - 149

100 - 149

$55 - $400

a handyman inspecting a kitchen exhaust fan

How exhaust fans work

Exhaust fans are usually in areas where steam and humidity accumulate, like your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry rooms. The fans help drive out the warm air from these rooms and let fresh air flow in to prevent moisture buildup. This is how the process works:

The fan sucks out the humid or hot air from the small room through a ducting system. As warm air leaves the room, fresh air flows in by either an open doorway or vent. After installing them, make sure that the fans are in tip-top condition. Ask someone to check your fans and other appliances regularly for proper maintenance.

Factors affecting exhaust fan costs

Exhaust fans can have different features affecting their cost. These include size, ventilation, and noise. Know the various factors you need to consider before going ahead with installation: 

Airflow in cubic feet per minute (CFM) 

The size of your fan mainly depends on the size of your room. Exhaust fans need to move at a certain speed per minute for air to circulate properly. Aside from the size of your room, having appliances such as showers, bathtubs, or jetted baths, will require you to increase the CFM by 50 for each item.

Noise level

All fans make a sound, which you can measure in sones. The cost of an exhaust fan depends on how quiet it will be. An exhaust fan with a range lower than 1 is as quiet as the hum of your refrigerator. When the sone is 4, it's like the white noise in your office. The softer the sound, the higher the cost of the fan. Below is a table on the average cost of exhaust fans based on the number of sones. 

Number of sones

Average cost


$20 - $50


$30 - $60


$40 - $90


$100 - $200

Below 1

$150 - $350

Additional features

Modern house fans come with many features. Some have Bluetooth and humidity sensors. Fans with advanced tech are expensive, so you have to increase your budget if you plan to improve your home by installing them.

Different exhaust fans and their installation costs

There are many types of exhaust fans on the market. However, they all serve the same purpose. Each comes with unique qualities that complement various rooms. 

Wall-mounted exhaust fans

These are on an external wall of your house. Due to their location, you don't need to install a ducting system since they can easily allow air from the outside to flow in. Allocate $50 to $150 to install these fans.

Exterior exhaust fans

These fans are ideal for those who dislike typical fan noises because they prevent unwanted noise inside your home. Even though they're outside, they still do the job of pulling air from the inside and expelling it outside. Set aside $100 to $200 for installation.

Ceiling-mounted exhaust fans

These are ideal for second-story rooms requiring better airflow. As their name suggests, ceiling-mounted fans remove the air inside through a hole in the ceiling. If it's hard to find a connection to the attic, try installing a ceiling fan in a room that needs more air circulation. Expect to pay $30 to $100.

Kitchen exhaust fans

Ranges are your most common kitchen fans. These are above the stove to remove unavoidable smells in the kitchen. They also help in lessening the moisture level of the entire room. Kitchen exhaust fan installation costs $200 to $1,000.

Bathroom exhaust fans

Moisture and unwanted odors quickly build up in your bathrooms. Fans installed in your bathrooms ensure that moisture from bathing disappears before mold grows. Since bathrooms come in smaller room sizes, their fans are small, too. Bathroom exhaust fan installation costs $20 to $400.

Inline exhaust fans

Some rooms in the house are more challenging to ventilate than others. These can be the rooms right in the middle of two rooms. Inline fans are best for those spaces. These fans are between ducting systems, allowing foul air expulsion through the ducts. 

You'll likely need to hire a licensed electrician to install your fan. Their charge for labor ranges from $50 to $100 per hour

a man installing a bathroom exhaust fan

Factors influencing exhaust fan installation costs

Once you have decided where to install your new fan, take note of the different factors that can change the cost of installation.

  • Check the availability of electrical connections in the ceiling.
  • You might need new ductwork to provide ventilation through your attic and roof. Ensure that your HVAC is clean by hiring a separate Tasker for the job.
  • Verify the size of your fan to avoid stressful product returns.

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Here are some details to include on your list:

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Overall, the more details you share, the easier it is for Taskers to give you precise estimates.

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Yes, you do. Installing a new exhaust fan needs the expertise of an electrician who can fit the wiring and run air ducts. They will also obtain the necessary permits to ensure safe electrical wiring.

Depending on the job's complexity, it can take two to four hours. Cutting into walls and attaching the fan to ducts can take longer than a simple replacement.

No, they can't. There are proper placements for each exhaust fan, so find the right spot in your room. It also depends on the fan type. Exterior fans need external house walls, while ceiling-mounted fans need access to attic ducts.

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