30 Pantry door ideas for a stunning kitchen

Out with the old and in with the new. It's time to give your pantry door the love and attention it deserves!

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Pantry doors are often not given much thought when it comes to kitchen design. But, they don't have to be simple or left out at the last minute. You can turn it into a focal point of your kitchen but also make it extra functional with these pantry door ideas. We've gathered some of the best ones to match your interiors, from traditional designs to modern pantry door ideas.

Revamped pantry doors

1. Antique pantry door

Just because it's old, doesn't mean it should be thrown out. Inject instant character into your kitchen area with an antique door. The best thing about an antique is you can find one anywhere or refurbish an old piece to make it look new. 

In fact, the most lovely home designs combine the perfect balance of old with the new to create a natural and cosy look. All you need is a bit of help sanding, paint stripping, staining, or painting, and it's as good as new. Create a nice entryway to your pantry with rustic wooden door looks. It's this kind of combination that creates character and cosiness in a home.

2. Hidden pantry

Hidden kitchen pantry

Sometimes out of sight is out of mind, and that's the case when it comes to a hidden pantry. If you like to prepare the food behind the scenes while keeping the front of the kitchen spic and span, this may be the choice for you! Find a kitchen cabinet maker who can create the exact style you like for your own kitchen.

3. Labelled space

Let no one mistake the space behind that door for anything else – if the door says it's a pantry, it is one! Get creative by finding large block letters that you can stick on the door. The tricky with small pantries is to make sure you keep things organized to perfection. So get your labeler out and assign every type of food a shelf. You can even hire a professional organizer to do the task for you!

4. A timber touch

There's just something so classic about timber. It's solid, smooth, and interesting. Try adding textured glass panels to create a different vibe. The color of timber stands out against pastel tones, so you can paint your surrounding cabinets in a lighter shade.

5. Slide the door back

Sliding doors are among the popular walk-in pantry door ideas these days. Add a sliding timber door and glossy subway tile. You can use white glossy tiles to decorate a small slither of space, or you can go all out and cover the entire wall. Whatever you choose, a statement tile like this will be sure to elevate your pantry.

6. Geometric patterns

It's not common to see one coated in black paint and etched with geometric lines, so a geometric door can certainly stand out. It's a nice choice if you want to bring a modern edge to your traditional farmhouse home.

7. Slim and simple

Simple and slim pantry

If you don't have a large space to install a walk-in pantry or you're creating a little kitchen nook for a granny flat, a cupboard will do! A simple, slim cupboard can go well with a lick of muted green paint. 

8. Decorate with a wreath

While you could go all out and add color to your kitchen, adding simple green leaves to your pantry doors are a nice touch, especially during the holidays. These can give your space a more natural appeal.

9. Black steel frame

Install a pantry door with a black steel frame to showcase a sophisticated, modern appeal. Make sure your door has rectangular framing and luxe glassware. However, with a choice like this, you may feel like you need to keep your butler's pantry tidy at all times because all eyes are certainly on it.

10. Butler's pantry

A butler's pantry is the perfect pairing of classic-meets-modern. For butler pantry doors, consider timber paired with marble tiles. If you want to make your butler's pantry a little more country kitchen style, hang some sweet paintings or pictures on the wall. It adds a vintage effect that's nice and sentimental.

A butler’s pantry can also look fresh, feminine, and fairly grand with a Scandi-Hamptons style. To achieve this look, use a white base for your doors, cupboards, and drawers. Layer a timber bench on top with matching floating shelves.

11. Modern pantry

How cool are pop-out drawers? They’re very modern and sleek, making for a nice, streamlined place for hiding all of your goodies. If you want to store a specific category of perishables in one place, an additional pantry will do the tick.

Pantry door styles to try

12. Country style

Do you remember your grandma's pantry when you stayed in the countryside? You can enjoy that same feeling with this pantry door idea. The key here is to create a pantry that feels like home. Just add the letters PANTRY sealed on top and the sweet little sign hanging above your door.

13. Farm style

Barn door kitchen pantry

For that farmhouse vibe, pantry barn door ideas are a must! Wooden, barn style doors look quaint and cute. Top it off with frosted glass and you can take the style back a few decades.  A sliding barn door can be the perfect addition to your modern farmhouse kitchen to create that country living vibe.

14. Practical and plain

Sometimes keeping kitchen design simple is better. An all-white design with a pantry door stocked full of food speaks of practicality and simplicity. If you need more inspiration to incorporate this practical pantry door design into your kitchen, get a kitchen designer to help with the planning. 

15. Shabby chic style

A shabby chic pantry door might just be the perfect addition to your cozy home. The key to creating this look is to either use an already worn-in door or to paint a door white and then sand down the edges to create that rustic shabby-chic look.

16. Perfectly hidden

Get a barn door for your kitchen pantry if you want to keep things hidden and tucked away. This gives you the best option for floating shelves that keep all your condiments and other kitchen ingredients.

17. Double wooden doors

Rich timber doors are a warm welcome to the pantry hiding behind it. Timber provides a nice contrast to slick black cupboard doors and a monochromatic kitchen.

18. Double barn doors

If you want to fancy up your kitchen without doing an entire overhaul, your doors are a simple place to start. With grand, double barn doors, they can be another focal point for your kitchen area. Paint the doors in a creamy color and combine them with matte black hardware for a chic finish.  

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19. Statement doors

Turn a simple pantry door into a statement piece by having a frosted glass. This can serve as an additional focal point for your kitchen area while keeping the mess in the pantry hidden away. Creating a statement door will give your pantry that modern, aesthetically pleasing vibe. 

20. Double sliding pantry doors

You don't have to settle for one door. You can go for double sliding pantry doors. You'll never go wrong with double-door pantry ideas. They can open up to such a lovely scene. Style your kitchen with Moroccan-inspired tiles and glossy grey cupboards for added effect.

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Pantry doors for small spaces

21. Pullout cabinets

Here's a space-saving hack if you're on the look out for small pantry door ideas. Make the most of a pantry with a pullout cabinet. You can have the pantry doors slide open to reveal wooden containers! It's perfect for storing all kinds of goodies and staples.

22. Slide-out drawer

Slide-out drawer for pantry door

If you only have a small pantry, you might just need another space to keep things hidden. Slide-out drawers are a perfect place to store herbs and spices and anything else you need in arm's reach. If you need help installing a slide-out drawer, find a handyman in your area to get the work done.

23. Smart storage

If there’s anything that’s handy in a kitchen, it’s storage. It just seems that you can never get enough of it, and this is something to consider for kitchen pantry door ideas. Unless you completely declutter your kitchen so that you use minimal utensils and pots and pans, you’re going to need more space. Make sure your pantry door can have the capacity to hold extra shelves for additional kitchen storage space.

24. Pocket door

If you need a space-saving solution, then a pocket door might be the best choice for your pantry. Unlike traditional hinged doors, sliding pocket doors allow you to regain the space usually taken up as doors swing when opened. They help create a wider and more welcoming feel, which is a great option for anyone who's tight on space.

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Color ideas for pantry doors

25. Gray and gold

If you're looking for modern pantry door ideas, this one is for you. Try getting a gray and gold pantry door. A gray and gold combination that incorporates molding and brass touches can add character to the space. It pairs perfectly with a gray kitchen or even a Hamptons-style kitchen.

26. Pretty in pink

If you have pink walls, get pink pantry doors to match your interiors! This gives your kitchen area that bright, feminine touch. Pink also goes well with other light tones. If you have light wooden cabinets, this is a choice you shouldn't miss.

27. White and sweet

White sliding pantry door

Sometimes keeping things light and bright is better, especially when it comes to seeing everything clearly on display. Find white sliding pantry doors to match your white kitchen. While some may think the all-white look might appear dull, it is a classic choice that makes your kitchen area appear bigger. You can also combine earthy browns and creams with bold blue hues to add a lovely Moroccan touch.

28. Light blue

If you're a fan of an all-white kitchen, a blue pantry door can be a way to break up the color palette a bit. You can also add blue patterned tiles to make the flooring different from classic timber flooring in the front kitchen. You don't have to stick to one style throughout your entire kitchen; be creative with how you want to match your pantry entryways to other parts of your kitchen! 

29. Traditional white with baskets

Need more storage? Be creative with your storage solutions and hang baskets on your pantry doors. Woven baskets of any kind are handy for holding the larger, more bulky items that you still want to keep out of sight.

30. Old meets new

Old pantry doors can have unique color combinations, like royal blue and rusty red. If you want to go this route and add a touch of the past to your modern home, then you have a lot of different options that'll help you make the right decision for your kitchen. Paint your old kitchen door a bold combination to make a statement.

One last tip: Get an idea of how much it costs to install a door to find a suitable style that fits your budget and home's design.

Whether you're planning to DIY the work or hire a professional door installer, you can give your kitchen a new look with any of these 30 pantry door ideas. Choose from these design inspirations and make your pantry area your kitchen's head-turner.

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FAQs on Pantry Door Design Ideas

Barn, sliding, and pocket doors are popular doors to use for a pantry. Barn doors provide a country-style appeal that matches traditional kitchen designs. Sliding and pocket doors are favorites for tiny corners. If you want something stylish and modern, glass doors can be a good option for your pantry.

While some pantries can do without a door, having one can offer a range of benefits for your kitchen. For one, it helps you hide an unorganized space that houses your ingredients, utensils, and other kitchen equipment. It also keeps out grabby hands, so kids don’t easily access jars or anything fragile in your kitchen. Plus, a pantry door can be a great addition to your kitchen’s interior design.

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