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Professional chainsaw service prices range from $5 for minor maintenance to $100 for a complete chainsaw tune-up. On average, chainsaw service prices go for around $52.50, though it really depends on what services your chainsaw requires.

As with any piece of heavy equipment, chainsaws require regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance. In the case of something as hazardous as chainsaws, ensuring peak performance is critical to making sure it operates as intended, with little to no mishaps during use. Here's a price guide to help you allocate funds for this endeavor.

Chainsaw tune-up costs

Unlike most time-based tasks, chainsaw servicing procedures can be very specific. For example, you'll notice different fees for tuning up, repairing, or sharpening your chainsaw. For a better idea of the cost of chainsaw maintenance services, please refer to this table:

Chainsaw service


Chain sharpening

$5 to $9

Bar reconditioning

$10 to $15

Install a new chain


Install a new air filter


Install a chain oiler


Install a new saw bar


Install a new sprocket system


Install a new clutch


Install a new rewind rope


Install a new rewind spring


Install a new oil/fuel filler cap


Install a new bar cover


Install a new rewind assembly


Flush the fuel/oil tank



$52.50+, not including parts

Engine rebuild

$100+, not including parts

Additional repairs

$70 per hour

a handyman tuning up a chainsaw

Remember that chainsaw repair costs depend on the parts, condition, and brand of your machine. Moreover, the rates might change without prior notice.

What chainsaw parts need maintenance or replacement?

Parts for replacement include small ones like the clutch and bigger ones like the engine carburetor. Here’s a more elaborate list:

  • Chain
  • Air filter
  • Oil filler cap
  • Fuel filler cap
  • Fuel filter
  • Safety system
  • Chain oiler
  • Rewind assembly
  • Rewind rope
  • Sprocket system
  • Saw bar

Can I use motorcycle parts for chainsaw repair?

Some parts do fit chainsaws just fine, like spark plugs. After all, some gardening tools have two-stroke motors, which also power motocross motorcycles. However, even if your motorcycle parts are compatible with your chainsaw, ask a professional to examine your gear before doing tweaks on your own.

What details should I share when posting a task?

With the information above, you can make your task more specific and get things done in no time. Here are some things to include:

  • The brand, model, and condition of the chainsaw
  • Common or visible issues with the chainsaw
  • Other services you want to request

Chainsaw maintenance is a job for professionals. It's best to find someone who can complete the task efficiently and confidently.

a man repairing a chainsaw

If you often complete home improvement or renovation projects, you might want to hire a Tasker to sharpen your sawblades. If you’re also into other aspects of woodwork requiring sharp cutting or etching tools, you can avail of tool-sharpening services, too.

Why should I tune up my chainsaw?

Chainsaw servicing results in optimal performance. After all, you can’t efficiently cut through objects if your chainsaw is dull or rusty. Second, ensuring peak performance also guarantees safe operation. If your chainsaw works as intended, there’s less chance for mishaps to happen. When using a chainsaw, the last thing you want is to see parts breaking; it's a one-way ticket to a horrible accident.

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It depends on how often you use your machine. Occasional usage requires annual checks, while heavy usage demands frequent maintenance. Professional servicing once a quarter will keep your handy chainsaw in excellent condition. However, some parts have different maintenance requirements. For example, you have to replace your spark plugs every 100 hours of use.

If you know what you’re doing, you can save a few dollars by doing the job yourself. However, it's much better to hire a professional, particularly those who have worked on chainsaws of various brands and makes. Some manufacturers even certify or recommend service providers, so you can rest assured that your chainsaw is in good hands.

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