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Getting some fresh air in your home is always a good idea. However, homeowners are always worried about letting insects and pests in the house once they open their garden doors. Installing a screen door can easily solve this problem. It allows fresh air to flow in while keeping the pests out.

Before calling a professional to install your new door, you should research what kind of door you want. Determine the best material for the screen door’s frame and mesh. Expect to pay $100 to $1,000, depending on the materials used. On average, screen door installation costs $300.

This cost guide will walk you through the different things to consider before installing your new security screen door.

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What factors affect the cost of screen door installation?

The cost of installing a screen door covers two things:

  • Materials. Your screen door consists of a door frame & mesh. The most common material for door frames is aluminum, but there are other options, such as wood and vinyl. For mesh, you can pick all sorts of materials, from fiberglass to copper.
  • Labor. For installing screen doors, handymen will charge by the hour. This will cost $50 to $75 per hour, but some might charge a flat rate for the entire installation. 

Types of screen doors

Before asking a handyman to install a door, you need to decide what kind of door you want. The type of screen door you need depends on where you will put it and how its style matches the rest of your house. 

Below are some kinds of screen doors you can choose from:


These have a single hinge. A downside to having a classic screen door installed is the slam-and-bang noise it makes when you open the door. 


These are on the more expensive side, costing an average of $850. Retractable screen doors have a spring system that allows them to stay hidden when you don’t need them. 


Just like your classic screen doors, this door is also mounted on a hinge. The difference here lies in the type of hinge. A pivoting hinge allows the door to rotate on a pivoting axle. 


The sliders at the bottom of the door allow it to move back and forth. 

The cost of door frame materials

A screen door usually stands at 6’8” x 3’ and is made of three materials: aluminum, vinyl, and wood. 


Costing an average of $200, this comes in a variety of species, from fir to oak to mahogany. The type of wood you'll pick depends on the style you prefer. Wood door frames are usually easy to install and are very durable. Among the different wood species, fir is the ideal material since it can be stained. However, mahogany frames are also known to be the best material for doors. 


The big advantage of this material is that it's rust-proof. On top of that, it's very easy to clean. Aluminum door frames are on the cheaper side and cost an average of $75. These are best to use for homes that experience very strong winds since aluminum is known to not crease and dent. 


Having a vinyl screen door and mesh is energy-efficient. A vinyl door frame costs $110. It allows you to control the temperature on your porch. When put in cold climates, it can also keep your place warm and cozy.

The cost of door mesh materials

Your screen door will not be complete without the mesh of your door frame. These usually measure 18x16. Here's a breakdown of how much different mesh materials cost per square foot.





$0.35 per square foot


$1 - $2 per square foot


$0.25 per square foot


The screen mesh of an aluminum door frame comes in three different colors: black, grey, and charcoal. Among the three colors, it is best to pick black or charcoal since it will be almost invisible from inside your house. A silver mesh can cause glare.


This screen mesh comes in different types, like brass and copper. These materials have a dark bronze finish and are not prone to rust. Brass or copper mesh is ideal for very humid places. 


This is the most affordable screen mesh. It keeps your home cool just like other materials. The holes in the weave of fiberglass are so small that bugs can’t get through. It's one of the best choices to keep insects out. 

Other screen door services and their costs

Eventually, you might need to replace your screen door. Depending on the damage done, you might have to replace the screen or the entire door itself. Below is a table of how much it costs to replace a screen door:

Service Price

Screen Repair

$65 - $150

Screen Door Replacement

$100 - $250

To know if you need your screen door replaced, here are two things to watch out for:

  1. Your doors don't close properly. When it comes to sliding doors, they tend to go off track as time goes by. A screen door shouldn't stick out or make squeaking noises.
  2. The screen has holes and damage. Patches and holes on the screen mesh are never a good sign. If you’re unsure of how to do this with pliers and other tools, ask a handyman to do the job for you

a residential screen door

Storm doors vs. screen doors

Sometimes, a screen door isn't strong enough to withstand the elements. In instances like this, you can consider installing a storm door. Like screen doors, storm doors have glass panels to let extra light into your home. The biggest difference is that storm doors protect you more from rain, snow, and hail. They can also help with insulation during the cold season.

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It takes about four hours if the handyman installs its screen and frame individually. However, some screen doors already come with pre-assembled parts. These doors take about 45 minutes to install.

No, a handyman doesn't need qualifications to install a door. However, it will be very helpful for them to have knowledge of carpentry.

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