43 Best door ideas – internal doors, front doors, service doors and more

Give your home a style update with a new internal or external door—check out these doors you will adore!

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Doors make an important element of your home, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Interior doors should match the style and architecture of your home so it creates harmony among all other interior elements. On the other hand, exterior doors and front doors should make a lasting impression while providing security for the home. Service doors that lead to your garage or backyard should also be durable and secured.

When choosing a door, consider longevity, design, and the overall structure of your home. If you're looking for a new door to install for your interiors or exteriors, you'll find this list of door ideas helpful.  Whether it's for your front entryway, bedroom, or even a hidden entrance, you can find inspiration with the ideas here.  

Internal door ideas – arched styles

Arched internal door

Doors with curves and arches convey a feminine or vintage vibe, and the organic roundness can satisfy the eye. Let's take a look at some examples.

1. French pocket doors

Pocket doors are ideal when you don't have the wall space to accommodate a swinging or hinged door. They come in so many styles, and a French door style with glazed lower panels is a popular choice among interior door ideas. An arched double-pocked door is an elegant and formal way to frame your living room perfectly. 

See how much it costs to install pocket doors to plan your entryway upgrade. 

2. Recycled timber

If the rustic or coastal look is for you, then timber archway doors will bring all the organic flavor you need. Old wooden arched doors give character to a space. Rough and raw timber doors also look beautiful when contrasted with a sophisticated decorative element like a crystal chandelier. For door decorating ideas, you can add a summer wreath or pretty planter boxes to highlight your entryway.

3. Black steel

Interior doors can make a strong visual statement, especially if they are black steel framed arches! They look simply stunning when juxtaposed with natural timber built-ins or floorboards. Glazed interior doors also have other practical advantages, like reducing noise transmission and controlling temperature.

4. Latticed doors

Arched double doors with lattice panels are truly gorgeous. If you're lucky enough to find some reclaimed ones, they're perfect for a contemporary Boho beach house.

If you love a Boho home, check out these Boho living room ideas and also these Boho bedroom ideas.

5. White on white

Another option is white metal frames, which look beautiful in a light or whitewashed color scheme and with pale timber floors.

Internal doors – linear styles

Interior door with linear style

Now let's consider doors that have a linear design. Doors with straight lines tend to give a more masculine look (though not necessarily all the time, as you'll see with some of the romantic designs below). They also often appear more contemporary than vintage.

6. White rectangular pocket doors

For a classic look, opt for white pocket doors that save you space because these don't swing For a classic look, opt for white pocket doors that save you space because these don't swing outwards. This is a look that suits the modern coastal or farmhouse aesthetic. Combine with an industrial brass pendant light and gorgeous timber flooring. Then just add a woven basket full of flowers or foliage to drive home the organic look for your interiors.

7. Internal swing door

This is a good option for those who like a stark and minimalist appearance. Swing doors are popular because they won't hit the walls or furniture when they open. There's no need to install a frame as the doorway opening itself remains untouched.

8. Pink pocket doors

For a vintage-inspired look, paint your pocket doors a pretty pastel pink. It will add the subtle sophistication and charm of your typical chic Parisian apartment. For help with having your sliding or pocket doors installed, you can find a local expert in door installation.

9. White minimal French doors

Going for classic double internal doors? This style is your best bet. French doors open up the space between adjoining rooms. They're not only aesthetically pleasing but they enable views between different areas of your home. The flow of light also makes a room look bigger. They come in any finish or color but a fresh white door design can be an attractive look.

10. Reclaimed doors

If your style tends towards a modern farmhouse, you can't go wrong with a set of reclaimed timber doors. Look for ones with intricate panels. Rustic and full of character, reclaimed doors can be found if you're lucky by scouring salvage yards, or you can source them from dedicated vintage door suppliers.

11. Reclaimed kitchen cabinets

It can be a great idea to add smaller reclaimed timber doors to your home, such as for your kitchen cabinets. These add a sense of history and lots of charm while allowing you to blend vintage and contemporary elements in your kitchen for a rich layered effect. Get some help installing doors or windows in your home.

12. Turquoise vintage pocket

To add character to a modern farmhouse laundry room, why not add a vintage pocket door in a pretty pale turquoise blue? This color will give more life to your laundry area.

13. Black steel frame door

Industrial black steel framed interior doors are popular lately. Go for a Crittall glass partition with hinged doors, which shows off the sophisticated clean lines that this style boasts. A black raw steel partition with hinged French double doors can also be a good option. The more modern aesthetic is to have less divided lites (those being the individual panes).

14. Grand internal doors

Show off a dramatic hallway with a series of black steel framed partitions and doors. Chunkier metal frames and trims are less common than the slimmer profile frames but are a good way to add a powerful black accent. This is a stylish way to define or separate an area, which suits many different decor styles. It lets you close off a space while still keeping that open feeling. Hire a glazier who can customize your doors for you.

15. Simple timber internal door

For a lovely warm touch of organic timber in your decor, how about a beautiful paneled raw wood door with a matching timber door trim? When it comes to door trim ideas, people often choose to combine a more ornate door molding with a simple door, or a plain and simple casing for a more dramatic element. But you can also make the trim as minimal as your door.

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Barn door ideas

Barn door idea

Barn doors give that unique edge to your home. Whether you’re looking for hallway door ideas or inspiration for your room entryways, this list of barn doors is a must-see!

16. White sliding barn door

Barn doors are popular for homes with a rustic modern farmhouse aesthetic, but they're also great for adding an urban industrial vibe to contemporary homes. A simple, chic, and minimal barn door can look sophisticated. These days you'll find a barn door for your farmhouse bedroom, farmhouse kitchen, or even farmhouse bathroom.

17. Timber and glass barn doors

You can create a sliding ‘barn door' using any kind of door made of any material and with any finish. Even reclaimed vintage French doors can be hung on a track system for those modern farmhouse vibes. However, it's less common to have glass-paned doors in a bedroom where more privacy is mostly preferred.

18. Large white barn doors

Barn doors are great for large doorways where you don't have sufficient space for big doors to swing open. You can also make things more streamlined by using single-track bypass hardware that enables two doors to slide on the same track, as opposed to traditional double-track bypass barn door systems. 

See more sliding door ideas that include barn doors so you can choose the most suitable design for your home. 

19. Barn door with pattern

Lots of people love a barn door for its modern farmhouse vibes. However, you can update it with a diagonal board design or paint it black. If you have yet to learn how to install barn doors, there are many different readymade barn doors on the market.

20. Glam barn doors

Barn-style doors don't have to be rustic. For a chic contemporary living space that has a distinctly elegant feel to it, add long brass pulls on the sliding doors. Need someone to hang your sliding doors? 

Find a local Tasker to help hang your doors.

Obscure glass door ideas

Glass door idea

There are lots of different types of obscure glass, with the term referring generally to any glass that is semi-opaque or has translucent properties.

21. Frosted glass

There's just something so pleasing about frosted glass. This is wonderful for interior doors to create privacy while still allowing the natural light to flow through.

22. Fluted or reeded glass doors

Reeded glass, also known as fluted or ribbed glass, is another kind of decorative obscure glass treatment that provides a layer of privacy and plenty of visual interest.  This provides texture, interesting and subtle shifts of light, and an inherent mystique to your room.

23. Wired glass French doors

Wired glass is a kind of obscure glass that has a metal mesh grid integrated. It provides more privacy than plain glass, while also adding an interesting graphic touch and lots of pleasing texture. This kind of glass was originally chiefly used as exterior safety glass because the mesh holds the glass pieces together in case it breaks. However, it is increasingly popular in interiors.

24. Mid-century flavor

A frosted glass partition has a beautiful effect by just giving a faint blurry silhouette of the next room. It can show a Mid-century flavor that you can amp up with your furniture. The patterned glass has a natural retro feel that fits perfectly into the aesthetic feel of your interior.

25. Black frosted glass doors

Another popular kind of decorative frosted glass is stippolyte glass, which has a tiny dimpled look. Offering a high level of privacy (also called ‘obscuration' in the trade), this kind of glass has a wonderful pattern that suits many different styles, from contemporary to traditional looks.

26. Mirrored door

Another decorative door option for increased privacy is to have mirrored panes (or ‘lites' as they are technically called). Adding a mirror to your door also amplifies the light and makes a space appear larger.

27. Lettering on door

Frosted glass doors are perfect for hiding unattractive mess like piles of laundry clutter while still maximizing the light entering your home. For flavor and personality, embellish your door with stencil lettering.

28. Old door ideas

A new door doesn't have to be an expensive outlay. Why not give an old door a new life with black chalk paint? If you love the look of frosted glass, you can get it for a low price with a frosted glass spray. This adds a semi-transparent coating that emulates the look of frosted glass.

Have an old door that needs its paint stripped? You can get a paint stripping expert to handle that for you.

Door trim ideas

Ornate door trim

The material around your door is called the door trim or door casing, and you might also hear it called molding. Get ideas on how to update your door trim. 

29. Fancy trim door

Framing your door properly is important not only to conceal the seams and transitions between your doorjamb and the wall but also to enhance the visual beauty of your doorway. An ornate doorway molding will add plenty of visual interest to a space.

30. Painted doorway trim

When it comes to door trim ideas, you can use the trim to define your doorway space. Don't be afraid to add color! You can find a local house painter to help spruce up your home with a brand-new color palette.

Secret door ideas

Secret door idea

Want to keep clutter out of sight? Planning to build a private space that only you and your family can access? These hidden door ideas can provide you with inspiration.

31. Hidden doors

A hidden or secret entryway is intended to conceal a door in plain sight by seamlessly blending it into a home's surrounding architecture. Flush-mounted doors can virtually disappear into the wall, leaving just their ghostly outlines. This is perfect for a streamlined and minimalist appeal.

32. Hidden door shiplap

Conceal a door with white shiplap paneling to create a continuous-looking wall. It may be as simple as covering your door with panels.

33. Old-fashioned hidden door

Secret doors can add a little intrigue and mystery to your home, concealing a private space or hiding a bar like some kind of contemporary speakeasy. Concealed behind a bookcase, for example, it's very much the stuff of childhood imagination! Find a handyman in your area to help you revamp an old door for your own hidden space at home. 

34. Temporary door ideas

Not all internal doors have to be solid. You might like to install a fabric ‘door' of some kind instead, such as a macrame curtain. You can find heaps of tutorials for these online and they're not all that tricky to make! A macrame curtain lets the light through while adding texture and showing that beach Boho vibes.

External back doors

External back door

Choose from a range of exterior back doors and service doors, from simple and minimal to ones that are a little bit fancy. 

35. Simple glass and wood door

A classic timber framed glass door leading from a mudroom to the backyard is perfect for a cool coastal aesthetic. The materials are perfect for alfresco door ideas. The natural timber emphasizes the connection between the interior and the garden, framing the garden view like a painting.

36. Black and glass door

Another option for a service door is to give it a contemporary update with a black steel insert featuring multiple small ‘lites' or little window panes in a glazed door. This style is a chic option for a modern home.

37. External French doors

French doors are much loved for the way they can enhance the indoor-outdoor connection, how they flood a space with light, and how they showcase that natural sophistication. Double French doors leading from a kitchen to a garden are perfect for a modern, coastal farmhouse kitchen setting.

38. Black frame door

For a modern home, you might feature a simple framed glass door with a modern black frame that contrasts nicely with all the typical crisp whites of a laundry area. These doors are perfect if privacy is not an issue, allowing you to enjoy your garden view when working in the laundry.

39. Modernist red door

Pack a powerful punch of color with a glossy fire engine red service door. It would look amazing with a black and grey color scheme. The finish of your doors is something to consider, as high gloss ones will highlight imperfections but can be easy to wipe down. By contrast, flat finishes are harder to clean. Go for something down the middle, like a semi-gloss or eggshell finish, which have a lovely sheen but are still easy to clean.

External front doors

External front door

Now let's take a look at a small sample of beautiful front doors. If you want to explore more options, you can view our guide for more front door ideas

40. Timber slatted front door

For a home that has an overall aesthetic using natural materials, go for a stunning timber door such as a grilled/slatted design. It will give your home a gorgeous minimalist and earthy look.

41. Antique church doors

If you love a statement door with a real sense of story and history, look at sourcing vintage doors to set your home apart from the rest. A set of reclaimed oak church doors with ornate hand-forged iron hinges can lend so much character. This is a great contrast to a modern front door you'll find in most homes these days. It's amazing what some of the stores have available on the market, with imported vintage doors many centuries old!

Pet door ideas

Pet door idea

What about doors for those four-legged family members? Don't worry; you'll find a couple of homemade dog door ideas in the mix.

42. Handmade dog door ideas

If you have a pet, you'll know the value of a good dog or cat door. Make yours look charming instead by adding a miniature real door and trim. There's nothing more adorable than a pooch-sized door complete with a mini doorknob and lock.

Not too keen on DIY? Find yourself a local expert who will install a pet door for you.

43. Farmhouse-style pet doors

And one last one for the furbabies: a farmhouse back door with a latch and chain-style pet door. Compared to flap doors, these make it easier to control your pet's access because you can keep them closed securely. 

With these door ideas, you'll have plenty of inspiration to plan your project and upgrade your doors. Whether you want to create a hidden room or simply make your entryways stunning, there's no limit to the designs you can choose from.

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FAQs on Door Ideas for Homes

The cost of a door depends on where it will be installed and what type you’re planning to get. Interior doors cost around $20 to $5000. Exterior and front doors may cost more, ranging from $180 to $5800 - compare prices and see how much a new front door costs for your home. Be sure to calculate additional expenses for installation so you can budget accordingly. 

When it comes to interior doors, the most popular types are sliding, bypass, and bi-fold doors. Barn doors are also becoming a trendy addition to homes because of their unique aesthetics. For those who want to save space, pocket doors are becoming a popular choice.

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