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Whether you're looking for a warm spot to nap or a specific area to enjoy the outdoors in winter, adding a sunroom to your home can provide you with a relaxing sanctuary. Perhaps you already have a patio or front porch, but there's nothing quite like a sunroom in a home, as you'll see with these sunroom ideas.

Instead of worrying about the weather elements like wind and rain, you can just sit in your sunroom and enjoy the outdoors. A sunroom is also known as a ‘four-season room'. It's a place that is meant to be enjoyed all year long. Sunrooms can be whatever type of room in your home, from a living room to a dining room. The best thing about these is you can style them however you like. Just think of it as an extension of your living room that is filled with sun and lots of windows.

Enjoy the great outdoors and indoors by checking out these 22 sunroom ideas!

Sunroom additions


Skylights for a sunroomIf you want the light to come from all directions in your sunroom, a skylight is always a good idea. You can see glimpses of the luscious green garden from the side windows and have a beautiful view of the bright blue sky through the skylight. This is one of the best small sunroom ideas, as the skylight can invite more light and make your space appear bigger.

Sunroom patio

If you want to create a sunroom effect on your patio, then check out this sunroom design for inspiration. Get help installing motorised roller blinds, so you have the option of having them roll down to block the sun or open all the way up to admire the surrounding views. You can also customise the roof with clear glass by a specialist glazier. This can give your patio a sunroom feel.

All the plants

Plants in sunroom

One of the benefits of having a sunroom is the natural light entering the space provides you with the perfect environment for plants to thrive. One of the best sunroom decorating ideas you can do is having many plants all around the room for visual interest - from larger indoor trees to smaller potted plants.

Want to add more indoor plants? Get ideas on indoor plants for bathrooms, bedroom plants, and even how to propagate your own plants.

Frosted glass

If you love the idea of a sunroom but live in a place that gets a little too sunny during the day, frosted glass is a great idea. Adding frosted glass to your sunroom will help to soften the light entering the room, making it still nice and bright but just a little softer and less harsh.

Sunroom entrance

White sunroom entrance

Oh, to have a sunroom entrance. It's lovely having a beautiful sunny spot to walk through every time you enter and leave your home. Paint the walls white to create a bright area as you walk into the space.

Motorised roller blinds

Motorised roller blinds are a great idea for sunrooms. You can control your blinds a lot easier than having to manually roll them when you want more or less sun in your sunroom. It's a convenient way of getting more sunlight into your space. You can DIY this project, but if you need help, you can find a handyman to do the work for you.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors for sunrooms

Adding bi-fold doors to your sunroom helps to give an indoor-outdoor feeling to the space. This connects your sunroom to the outdoors, giving you more room and a more cosy feel.

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Dual-purpose sunrooms

Reading room

Imagine this: you had a long lunch around your dining table and now it's time to relax for the afternoon. You want to go outside, but the pitter-patter of rain is stopping you. Not to worry, you have your very own sunroom right next to your dining space. Only two steps and you feel like you're enjoying the outdoors without having to worry about the rain. Now enjoy your book and your favourite drink to relax!

Artist's retreat or photographic studio

Art studio for a sunroom

This sunroom is the ultimate artist's retreat. When painting or creating anything, it's important to have lots of light, so purposely positioning your art studio in the sunroom is a great idea.

Sitting area

Transform your sunroom into a lovely seating area. The large windows not only bring in so much beautiful light but also provide a gorgeous view of the outside. Incorporate different seating options, so you have an entertaining space for guests when they come over.

Dining sunroom

Imagine welcoming your guests for lunch in a sunroom. They’ll be impressed and excited to either dine under the view of birds flying by or even by the moonlight and stars once the sun goes down. Having a skylight is a plus, as it brings so much light into the space when you dine in the sunroom.

Sunroom seating ideas

Cushioned bench seats

How lovely is this spot by the window? You can have large windows framed with pale timber to bring gorgeous natural light into your sunroom. The upholstered bench seats are a perfect choice, as they don't cover too much of the windows and can still provide a comfy spot to sit and relax with a good book in hand. If you're looking for budget sunroom ideas, you can hire a Tasker to reupholster an old loveseat that you can use as cushioned bench seats in the space.

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Floral seating

Give your space a stunning, feminine look, so you can have the perfect place to enjoy high tea with scones and jam, or perhaps champagne with your friends in the afternoon. Either way, you can do this by matching floral seating and feminine finishes to a gorgeous arch window. 

Hanging chair

Hanging chairs for sunrooms

If you want to create that indoor-outdoor feeling in your sunroom, bring some outdoor furniture into your indoor space. Adding a hanging chair in the sunroom provides a new level of fun and comfort whilst also helping to combine the feeling of being outdoors. Get more ideas on the best outdoor furniture to create the perfect space for your family.

Sunroom colour palettes

Sunny colours

Make your sunroom feel even sunnier with a warm, golden colour scheme. Get a splash of colour added to your sunroom with some wall painting or perhaps wallpapering for a pattern.

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Natural colours

Wondering what colour scheme to go with for your sunroom? Take some inspiration from the outside and go for a colour palette of natural tones. Don't forget to connect the indoors to the outdoors with a statement container plant!

With a natural palette such as this, you'll want to get your upholstery cleaned for your sunroom furniture every few months.

Blue sky

One of the best sunroom ideas is to have a complete skylight roof. There's nothing more relaxing than lying down on the sofa and watching the world go by from all different angles on days you want to rest. A skylight showcases a beautiful blue sky.

Creamy tones

As a sunroom can get quite bright on a sunny day, cream colours can help soften the look of your room. Cream means that you are still keeping things nice and light without it being too stark.

A pop of pink

Pop of pink for a sunroomIf you want everything in the space to stand out, choose bright colours like pink! Add a pop of pink to your sunroom with a hot pink sofa that screams attention.

Sunroom themes

Magic by the moonlight

Putting fairy lights all around your sunroom can create a beautifully twinkling look. These can go well if you have a glass ceiling, making the entire area look more magical during the night. 

Laidback vibes

Alfresco style sunroom

An alfresco dining sunroom can give lots of laid-back vibes. From the rustic furniture and the natural woven pendant lamp to the lanterns and bunting, it's a space full of cosy charm.

Boho sunroom

This one is for those who love the Boho style. Add rugs and tablecloths in different patterns and colours. Place container plants on every corner to give your sunroom that natural feel. Use bright patterned cushions to match your sofa. All these can make your sunroom showcase that Boho style. 

So there we have 22 sunroom ideas to inspire you in styling your existing sunroom, having a complete renovation, or building an entirely new space with the help of contractors. If there are areas needed to be repaired, you can book an experienced handyman for your sunroom repair. Get those tools out, plan your space, and give your sunroom the upgrade it deserves!

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FAQs on Sunrooms

Yes! A sunroom is not only a great way to add more living space but also helps in increasing the value of your home. You'll find many home buyers willing to pay extra for having an additional functional room, so renovating or building a new sunroom will provide you with ROI in the long run.

Building a sunroom may cost you around $900 to $1,800 per square metre. The overall costs may range from $5,000 to $30,000, depending on the type of structure, materials, location, and labour involved.

Yes! You can install weatherstripping, add insulated drapes or blinds, or tint your windows. You can also insulate the floors to keep your space warm during the cold months.

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