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While a college degree may be necessary for some jobs, it’s not the only way to secure a good-paying position. In fact, the blue-collar job market often values practical experience and expertise just as much. These types of jobs may not always be advertised widely, but they are in high demand and can offer a solid income.

Do you have a particular skill or talent that you’re looking to turn into a source of income? If you’re looking for a new career opportunity, consider these profitable blue-collar jobs.

First off, what are blue-collar jobs? 

Blue collar jobs refer to manual labor or trade occupations that involve hands-on, physical work using machinery or tools. These jobs often include working with one’s hands and may involve working outside or in an industrial setting. Examples of blue-collar jobs include factory workers, construction workers, plumbers, electricians, drivers, and mechanics. These jobs may not require a college degree but may require specialized training or certification.

Best blue-collar jobs that pay well

To help you find the perfect job, let’s take a closer look at the best blue collar jobs. 

1. Carpentry 

female carpenter working on roof section of wooden house skeleton frame

Carpentry is a hands-on trade that involves working with building materials to create and repair structures. 

So long as people need something built, carpentry will always be in demand. Moreover, on-the-job training or vocational programs can provide the necessary skills, making it an accessible option for those interested in construction even without a college education. 

If you enjoy building and working with your hands, carpentry may be a good fit for you!

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2. Painting

painting blue-collar job, man painting chair with brush roller

Painters apply paint, stain, and coatings to different surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, and furniture. This job can either be for functional or aesthetic purposes. If you have experience painting with different tools and in various spaces, consider using your skills to pursue a career in painting. 

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3. Flooring

blue-collar worker joining vinyl floor tiles

This type of work involves placing various types of flooring in commercial and residential buildings. Floorings may include carpeting, tiling, hardwood, and linoleum. If you’re skilled at floor installations, repairs, maintenance, or upgrades, you can start earning money from flooring jobs. 

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4. Roofing

roofer worker installing roof tiles

Roofers inspect, repair, replace, maintain, or install the roofs of residential homes and buildings. These workers use various materials, including shingles, bitumen, cement, clay, and metal. Some roofers may specialize in one or the other, and some specialize in residential or industrial roofing.

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5. Clothing alteration

clothing alteration, seamstress using sewing machine and cutting thread while hemming jeans, closeup hands

Women are often underrepresented in blue-collar jobs, making up only 20% of the workforce in skilled craft jobs like plumbing and carpentry. 

Clothing alteration is a good option for women who want a flexible or part-time job and may have other responsibilities, like child care. As this job involves sitting at a sewing machine or a desk, it is also less physically demanding than other jobs. 

But regardless of gender, clothing alteration is an excellent choice for anyone interested in fashion or sewing and prefers a flexible or part-time job.

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6. Movers

two young delivery men unloading furniture from moving van

Movers manage all kinds of services related to moving, such as packing, transporting, unloading, and unpacking. A mover typically doesn’t need formal education, but they need some training, strength, and stamina to lift heavy items to and from places.

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7. Bricklayer

close-up of bricklayer using spirit level to check new red brick wall

A bricklayer constructs walls and maintains homes and buildings using different materials. This is a physically demanding job, so it’s ideal for those who enjoy or can handle manual labor. Besides being physically fit, you must also have a natural knack for craftsmanship. 

If these qualities describe you, you may enjoy a career as a bricklayer.

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8. Tradesman

tradesperson, woman stonemason carving pillar out of stone in her workshop

Tradespeople are what people often refer to as blue-collar workers or skilled workers. They specialize in a specific type of work that requires plenty of training, which makes them masters of that trade. These jobs include stonemasonry, waterproofers, and roof tilers.

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9. General labor

general labor, janitor in gloves and uniform vacuum cleaning white carpet with professional equipment

You can do general labor if you are a jack of all trades or not sure what specific service you should offer. This will allow you to provide a broad range of services. You don’t need to be highly skilled at everything, but you will need a general knowledge of how things work and what tools are best for the job. 

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10. Home maintenance

plumber repairing chrome siphon under sink

Home maintenance jobs include repairing plumbing systems, equipment, and tools and testing various appliances. It could also involve routine inspections, cleaning, and safety checks throughout a residential building.

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How to get into blue-collar work

If you have not found your skills on this list, don’t worry! Your skill may be specialized, making it perfect for those looking for specific tasks, or it may be broad enough that you can do just about anything. 

No matter your skill set, you can find various blue-collar job opportunities at Airtasker. Don’t wait any longer – sign up as a Tasker now to start earning money with your skills!

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FAQs on blue-collar jobs

Nuclear power reactor operator is one of the highest-paying blue collar jobs, with a median annual salary of $104,260 as of 2022. You’ll need significant training and experience to achieve this pay bracket because the job entails massive consequences if done incorrectly. The same is true with other high-paying blue-collar jobs, such as electrical and electronics repairers of industrial equipment. These jobs often involve working in hazardous environments, thus the higher salaries as compensation for the added risk.

Blue-collar jobs are typically manual labor or trade jobs that involve working with one’s hands. These jobs involve the production, maintenance, or repair of goods. Moreover, these jobs often do not require a college education and can be learned through apprenticeships or on-the-job training. 

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