How much does it cost to install doorknobs?

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Doorknobs can improve your home’s aesthetics, and most importantly, its security. If you're working on a home improvement project, you must be wondering, how much does doorknob installation cost? Or how much does it cost to replace doorknobs if you're renovating your house?

You can find different types of doorknobs. Their prices start at $10 to as much as $80. Labor costs for doorknob installation start at $37 to $190. If you're installing a doorknob, you can include locks, deadbolts, and other hardware for $2 to $320.  

This guide will provide more information on doorknob installation costs.

How much does it cost to install door hardware?

Doorknob prices vary according to style. Buying a doorknob doesn't come with an installation fee. Thus, you have to pay for its labor fee as well. See the table below for details on doorknob installation costs per state:


Average doorknob price

Labor fee

Total cost


$31 to $66

$38 to $118

$69 to $185

New York

$42 to $45

$61 to $190

$103 to $235


$43 to $50

$48 to $155

$91 to $205

Rhode Island

$43 to $67

$45 to $143

$88 to $210

Los Angeles

$43 to $68

$56 to $178

$99 to $246


$43 to $68

$56 to $178

$99 to $246


$43 to $56

$56 to $180

$99 to $236


$42 to $67

$47 to $151

$89 to $218

a handyman repairing a doorknob

Factors affecting the cost of doorknob installation

Different things affect doorknob installation. Prices will also vary according to the type of doorknob, your location, and additional hardware like double locks.

Doorknob type

  • Keyed entrance

This doorknob is typically part of home exteriors and bedrooms. You can lock it without a key, but you need one when opening the doorknob from the outside. Be careful when installing it, especially if you're a little forgetful. Be sure to have a spare key.

  • Privacy

Most of the time, privacy doorknobs are for bedrooms and bathrooms. They have a lock control mechanism and offer complete privacy. You can easily open them from inside a room, usually with just a turn of the knob. Privacy doorknobs have a generic key for opening the door from the outside, just in case children accidentally lock themselves in.

  • Passage

Passage doorknobs don't have any locking mechanism and are usually for doors leading to kitchens or laundry rooms. You can open them inside and outside a room, so they don't offer much security.

  • Dummy

Dummy knobs are completely stationary, so you can't rotate them. You only use them to open doors. You can find them on kitchen and bathroom cabinets where you quickly access your stuff.


Your location plays an important role when installing doorknobs. The farther you are, the more you will pay for the labor, as this will include your installer's transportation fee. Urban homes are easier to access than those in the countryside.

Additional locks

Installing double locks will cost you more. However, they're a good investment, especially if you attach them to your main door for added security.

Smart lock systems

These are becoming popular among households these days. Perhaps it's because you don't need to worry about forgetting your keys inside your home anymore. However, smart lock systems come with a hefty price. Expect to pay $250 to $400 if you want to buy one.

Planning to install a new door? Read our guide on the costs of installing a door to get a reference for your door installation project. 

What other things do I need when installing door hardware?

If this is a new house, you need to hire someone to install your door first. Are you renovating your home? Airtasker also provides door repair services. You might want to add the following things when booking a doorknob installation service:


Average cost


$120 to $220


$2 to $30

Bell buttons

$20 to $30

Handle sets

$160 to $320

a handyman fixing a door handle

Can I install door hardware by myself?

Yes, you can, as some stores offer DIY kits for doorknob installation. However, doorknob installation requires proper measurements of different parts, so it's better to leave it in the hands of an expert. Inexperience can lead to security issues. 

How do I find someone to install my doorknob?

Doorknob installation in households doesn't require any license or permit. However, inform your tradesman about the minimum building security standards for mechanical locksets if you're a business owner. You can ask your friends and family for recommendations. However, if you dislike the hassle, Airtasker offers services for installing doorknobs.

How to book a doorknob installer on Airtasker

Posting a task on Airtasker is easy! Remember that the more details you provide, the easier it is to receive offers. Here's a list of what to include:

  1. Your desired service
  2. Your location
  3. Your budget
  4. Your available tools or equipment
  5. Your preferred start date
  6. Additional tasks you want to include

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Loose screws are usually the culprits. However, if your doorknob doesn't seem to fit in your door anymore, it might be time to replace it with a new one.

Replacing a doorknob doesn't differ much from installing one, except the labour cost might be lower. For the best offers, talk to your local service provider or specify it when posting a task.

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