How much does clock repair cost?

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How much does clock repair cost?

Has your clock stopped working? It would be a waste to store it or put it away when it stops functioning properly. Grandfather clocks and similar clocks can be valuable and expensive, so maybe it is time to have them repaired instead!

Most of the “broken” clocks brought to clock shops have stopped working due to old lubricating oil in the pivot holes. It may be degraded into jelly or thickened due to dust. Without this lubrication, the pivot holes wear oval. This prevents wheel rotation and is subject to a specific repair and cleaning process. Some clocks also require a routine overhaul every seven to 10 years.

Several factors affect clock repair prices, including the type of clock, repairs needed, and spare parts to be replaced. It will also entail additional restoration costs if you want to restore the clock to its former glory. Clock repair costs can range from $25 to as high as $2500. Most clock specialists provide a guarantee that can last up to three years. The service warranty can cover parts and labour, too. So feel free to ask your specialist about this to save costs in the future.

What are the factors that affect clock repair prices?

To get an idea of how much it costs to repair a grandfather clock or any clock type, check out the factors below and see if you can determine the issues your clock has, whether it’s a bad clock spring or a broken barrel.

Type of clock

There are various types of clocks as it is a kind of piece that’s been used for a long time. Some clocks are even considered a family heirloom, inherited from one generation to the next. What type of clock do you have at home?

Mantel clocks are the simplest. You can have a single train, which means it has one winding hole and just tells the time, or a two-train, which has two winding holes and strikes on the hour/half hour. Chiming mantel clocks, on the other hand, are three train clocks, or three winding holes to play chimes such as Westminster or other chimes on the quarter time.

To repair carriage clocks with a single train (again, just tells the time) or two train carriage clocks, as well as repeater alarm carriage clocks, costs can go between $250 to $400 to have it repaired. To have the case polished and lacquered, you will need an additional $75 and up. 

Depending on the range of trains, grandfather clock repair costs $550 to $2500, while the cost to repair a cuckoo clock ranges between $200 to $400, depending on the number of weights.

Complexity of repair

Simple oiling and adjusting start at $100, but most clock repair work requires an overhaul unless the expert deems it as a simple repair job. A complete overhaul starts at $250 and up. Cleaning alone will not address the problems brought about by wear. An old, dusty clock needs a total overhaul to function well. 

First, the specialist will examine the clock movement to diagnose obvious issues and any bushings required. Then, the movement will be taken entirely apart. This begins the total disassembly, including removing springs from the barrels if applicable. 

Then comes the extensive cleaning. Since a clock mechanism is intricate, the specialist will use an ultrasonic cleaner. He will also conduct pivot hole cleaning, as well as cleaning old grease off the mainsprings. Brand-new bushings will be installed to correct worn-out pivot holes. Then pivots and pallets will be polished, as well as the plates. 

The process also includes hook tightening ups, click rivet tightening ups, correcting the alignment of bent teeth, lubrication, oil application using quality clock oil, reassembling and finally, re-testing (which will usually last about a week to ensure best results).  

Spare parts

The cost of the spare part needed to repair the clock will depend on its availability in the market. Some harder to find parts for older clock units may cost more. For example, clock spring repair costs may differ from minute hand repair costs. You can also factor in the shipping if the specialist will have it shipped.

Clock repair price list

Below are price estimates for clock repairs and restorations:

Type of clock

Estimated price

Time only clock

$180 to $300

Clock with an hour strike

$320 to $400

Clock with an hour strike and tune 

$380 to $500

Anniversary clocks

$145 to $200

Cuckoo clock overhaul, depending upon the number of weights

$150 to $400


$10 to $30 each

Pivot replacement

$65 to $110 per pivot

Eliminating the excessive amount of oil 

$30 to $50

Clean, re-assemble and control grandfather clock, depending upon weights and type

$150 to $850

Grandfather clock setup

$60 to $150

Home call

$55 to $100 for first 25 miles 

$1 to $2 per extra mile

Spring replacement

$10 to $30 per spring

Fixing damaged teeth

$10 to $30 per tooth

Developing a brand-new gear

$50 to $250 per equipment

Wooden work clocks

$300 to $400

Fusee clocks

$250 to $450

Ships bell clocks

$200 to $350

Carriage clocks

$250 to $400

Set up brand-new mechanical movements 

$150 to $350 + the cost of a brand-new movement

Grandfather clock overhaul

$550 to $2,500, depending on the range of trains

Additional factors that affect clock repair prices

Additional factors such as restoration services may also cost additional fees, especially if the clock is vintage or worn out.

  • Polishing and lacquering - as part of the restoration process, the bezels, pendulums and weights may need polishing and lacquering.

  • Dial Resilvering - Silver engraved dials tend to lose some or all their silver finish. In this case, they can be resilvered using traditional methods. Numerals that have lost their black shellac wax can also be fixed and restored. Cost depends if the dials are engraved or printed, since the latter may require a different method.

  • Priority repair - if you need to have the clock repaired in a set time, perhaps in time for a special occasion or the holidays, asking the specialist to prioritize it can also add to the overall cost.

  • House calls - Clock shops also offer home services. It can start at $55 to $100 for the first 25 miles and will vary according to the distance they need to travel. Usually $1 to $2 additional per extra mile.

  • Shipping - Specialists also offer to pack the clock carefully using special packages so that they can be transported and delivered if you need to relocate. Shipping and insurance coverage applies. The bigger the clock, the more expensive it is going to be.

Save time and make sure that your well-loved vintage clock - something your grandparents loved so much they turned it into a family heirloom - is in good hands. Taskers can also help you with a wide range of other projects, including repairing other tools around the house. Put up a task now to connect with a nearby Tasker and get an accurate quote in minutes!

Price guide

$30 - $2,500







Low, median and high bar chart distribuiton

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Can I do the cleaning and repair by myself?

Some clock issues are very simple, so you can look it up online to see if you can do it yourself. However, if the clock has been stocked for a while, if it is valuable, and it has sentimental value, perhaps it is a wiser choice to have it cleaned, overhauled and repaired by professionals. You can inquire and get a quote often for free. The wealth of experience that a long time clock specialist has will ensure that your clock is in good hands.

Is there anything I should know before calling a clock repair specialist?

Most clock specialists will have an initial idea of the issues of your clock as long as you try to describe it to them in detail. Some offer an initial quotation via call as well.

How long should I wait for my clock to be repaired and restored?

Expert clock repair services typically have a long queue and backlog. If you want to have your clock back in time for a special occasion, one of the first questions you should ask is how long would it take for them to finish the project. Do not be surprised if you are told that it can take as long as three months.

Is my clock worth fixing?

This usually depends on the reasons why you want to have your clock fixed. Old clocks often have sentimental value, such as being a family heirloom or a memorable gift. If it was a prized possession of your great grandmother, then maybe the clock’s ticking or chiming is worth hearing again.

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