How much does Ring doorbell installation cost?

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Doorbells have been a valuable part of home security systems. It's wise to install the best security system possible. From cameras to locks and doorbells, a good security system is essential. No matter the time of day, you can't know who'll knock at your front door. So why not invest in a security device with a doorbell and camera?

Imagine having the ability to see the person knocking at your door and speak to them even if you’re at home or not. This is possible with your smartphone, which has access to the Ring doorbell through an app. The doorbell has a Wi-Fi connection for real-time updates. Whenever it rings, your smartphone notifies you that you have a visitor and lets you speak to them.

Ring doorbells cost £89. Moreover, a ring doorbell subscription costs £2.5 monthly. On average, Ring doorbell installation requires £160 to £350, covering the device itself and the labour. 

Price list for Ring doorbell installation

Here's a table comparing the installation costs of Ring and standard doorbells:


Unit price

Labour cost

Total cost


£10 to £60

£80 to £200

£90 to £260

Ring Video

£59.99 to £349.99

£120 to £200

£179.99 to £549.99

Nest Hello (Google)


£120 to £200

£320 to £400

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Meanwhile, the table below shows different Ring doorbells and their installation costs:



Unit price

Labour cost

Total cost

Video Doorbell Wired

Slim, convenient, and affordable


£120 to £200

£159 to £239

Video Doorbell Pro 2

Has cutting-edge features, like non-stop power for extra protection


£120 to £200

£339 to £419

Video Doorbell Pro

With a plug-in adapter and around-the-clock protection


£120 to £200

£279 to£359

Video Doorbell Elite

A professional-grade and Ethernet-powered device to protect your front door 


£120 to £200

£469 to £549

Video Doorbell 4

An apgraded battery doorbell with pre-roll features


£120 to £200

£299 to £379

Video Doorbell 3

The most popular choice


£120 to £200

£279 to £359

Video Doorbell (2nd gen)

Affordable and easy to install


£120 to £200

£209 to £289

Door View Cam

For front doors with peepholes


£120 to £200

£239 to £319

What factors affect the cost of Ring doorbell installation?

Many things determine the costs to install a Ring doorbell. Here are some of them:

Doorbell type

The market has various Ring doorbells. Some units have wires, while others are battery-operated. The power requirements of a specific device will determine if you need a new wire setup for it. You can ask your professional installer or electrician about this to be sure.

Labour costs

An electrician or a professional installer is the best option. They can personally check the condition of your existing wiring. If there are no issues, they can connect your new Ring doorbell and conduct tests to ensure it functions correctly. For labour, expect to pay £89 and up. The cost is close to standard doorbell installation, so don't worry.

For extra security, consider installing a CCTV camera around your home - including the entryway. Find out how much CCTV installation costs to set a budget for your home's security.

Why should I get a Ring video doorbell?

Whether or not you are home often these days, a video doorbell is a helpful security device for your front door. Its security camera can deter a potential threat from trespassing into your home. And in case of theft or vandalism, the recorded video can serve as evidence. You can also watch out for packages left on your doorstep. If you're a parent, you can monitor when your children enter or exit your home, wherever you are.

You can also see and record happenings in your yard or the street in front of your house. When visitors ring the bell, you can verify their identity and speak to them without opening the door. Finally, some insurance companies provide discounts to homeowners with security systems.

a delivery guy ringing a residential doorbell

Ring doorbell installation quotes from Taskers

Feel safe at home and save time by asking a Tasker to do the ring doorbell installation. They have the tools and materials to mount brackets, set up the doorbell, and run tests.

Ring doorbell installation starts at £20 to £320 per project. For a more accurate quotation, talk to a Tasker and provide the details of your project. Taskers can also help you with maintaining your property.

Now that you know how much it costs to install a Ring doorbell, you can add a layer of security to your home and have more peace of mind. Post a task now and connect with a reliable Tasker in minutes!

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You can! However, a subscription has many advantages. You can record videos and capture photos to review, save, and share. You can also customise alerts and minimise interruptions. Lastly, a monthly subscription extends the warranty of all your Ring devices at home.

A wireless doorbell can do more, and it is much easier to install. On the other hand, a wired doorbell is practical if you don't want to worry about a dead battery. However, it can be very limiting and is easily replaceable by a more modern system that can connect to your smartphone.

Not necessarily, especially if it has a rechargeable battery. But if your video doorbell needs hardwiring for the power supply, turn off the device first to ensure safety.

You can do it yourself if you have excellent handyman skills. However, if you don't have an existing system to hardwire your Ring doorbell, you might need a professional.

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