33 Simple and creative screen door design ideas for your home

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Are you looking to install a new screen door to your home’s entryway, or perhaps seeking ways to give an existing one a fresh take? Tap into your inner handyman and check out some of these great screen door design ideas to make your screen door not only a practical addition to your home, but also a piece that will complement it.

Whether using traditional materials, custom decorative screen doors, or going the DIY route, here are a few things you can try to dress up your screen door.

Traditional screen doors

This would be a great place to start if you’re just considering adding a screen door to your home and deciding what material to use. You might be wanting to purchase a screen door kit that is easy to install and then call it a day—in that case, you can typically select between vinyl and aluminium screen doors that you can personalise later on. If you’re starting from scratch, there are various ideas you can explore, such as using scrap wood or pallets.

1. Plain screen door

plain screen door attached to the front door of a house

A fuss-free, plain screen comes as it is—often, these are readily sold as kits that you can install yourself. Typically, these are made of aluminium or vinyl.

2. Pallet

Pallet screen doors are inexpensive, and give your home a more rustic touch.

3. Scrap wood

This is a good way to utilise any scrap wood you may have. You can come up with a design and purchase the hinges and screen.

Screen doors per type

The overall look of your screen door also depends upon what kind you decide to get. A simple hinged screen door does the job of letting in the fresh air and trapping other elements out, but if you have a larger entryway, you might want to consider retractable or sliding screen doors. There are a few ways to customise these larger door types as well.

4. Traditional

traditional white screen door on a white wall

A traditional screen door is hinged to the exterior door jamb and opens outward. 

5. Retractable

Retractable screen doors are typically installed on the inside of your home. They can be pulled across the entryway or hidden when not in use.

6. Sliding

fancy sliding glass door overlooking a view

Sliding doors are installed on a track. While they come in standard sizes, they can also be used for larger entryways. As such, this is a great screen door idea for French doors.

7. Folding screen doors

These are less common, but their accordion-type set-up adds novelty to a typical screen door installation.

Screen doors per area

Screen doors are commonly placed in your home’s entryway so you can get the best of the outdoors without bugs, dirt, and dust. However, a screen door can make a functional addition to any part of your home—and you can customise it so that it complements your interior or exterior. 

8. Pantry

A screen door can be a functional addition to your pantry area, welcoming circulation and keeping ever-important pantry items visible.

9. Porch

screen door opening to the patio of a home

Adding a screen door is a great way to ventilate your porch while also having the option of putting it away and keeping the area open.

10. Garage

home garage with screen doors

Another good place to add a screen door is your garage, allowing it to be well-lit and well-ventilated.

11. Chicken coop

If you happen to have a chicken coop on your property, a screen door keeps chickens rounded up and protects them from pests.

12. Sunroom or Greenhouse

sunroom with screen doors and wall

Your private greenhouse or backyard sunroom could benefit from a screen door, which deters birds but lets in sunlight and air.

13. Divider

A more unconventional screen door option is to use it as a divider. This works especially if you have older screen doors that you want to reuse.

14. Screen door cabinet

Similar to the pantry idea, screen doors can be used on cabinets and can keep your stored items easily visible.

Themed screen doors

Screen doors can make practical additions to your home, but by no means do you have to stick to a plain one. If your home and decor have a running theme, a great way to make a pretty screen door is to match it.

15. Country cottage

screen door with country cottage design

Looking for country-chic ideas for your front door? Opt for wooden screen doors with country accents.

16. Modern

Screen doors can be valuable additions even to the most modern homes. Consider a vinyl frame or even a full mesh door for your modern residence.

17. Rustic

Go for aged, organic, or distressed finishes for a rustic touch to your screen door.

18. Mediterranean

Mediterranean style screen door

Screen doors are perfect accents to Mediterranean-themed homes, which are big on warm tones and natural lighting.

19. Farmhouse

Up your home’s country flair with a charming screen door for your entryway.

20. Victorian

Victorian-themed screen doors emphasise ornamented corners and sophisticated design.

21. Antique

antique ivory screen door

Evoke old-world craftsmanship with an antique screen door.

22. Industrial

brown industrial screen door

For an industrial touch on your entryway, opt for interesting textures, bare materials, and neutral hues.

23. Zen

Japanese zen sliding screen door

For a refreshing take on screen doors, draw inspiration from Japanese sliding doors with latticework.

24. Vintage

green vintage door with screen

Intricate vintage screen doors make for elegant accents to your home.

Personalised screen doors

Another creative way to design your screen door is to personalise it. By using elements that are unique to you or your home, you can be sure that your screen door is one of a kind.

25. Monogrammed

A letter, emblem, last name, or address can make your screen door all the more unique.

26. Hand-carved

Have a meaningful design custom-carved for an extra special piece to welcome your guests.

Artsy screen doors

Looking for something that could complement or contrast your home’s artistic aesthetic? These options may be well-suited to your liking.

27. Bright white

bright white screen door with wooden roofing

A classic, bright white screen door never goes out of style.

28. Matching colours

Sometimes, matching colours is the simplest way to pack a punch.

29. Pops of colour

Or, you could go the other route—and choose a colour that pops out! While you can choose any colour to paint your screen door, it’s ideal to select one that complements your home. 

30. Chippendale

Incorporate a 1950s twist to your screen door design by using a Chippendale-style pattern.

Screen doors with DIY elements

How do you decorate an old screen door? With the use of easy-to-find DIY elements, the possibilities are endless. To make an existing screen or storm door look nice, you’ll need only minimal handiwork and lots of ingenuity. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

31. Plants/florals

A plant instantly perks up and refreshes any space—and it’s no different on a screen door. Consider a hanging plant or a floral wreath.

32. Signs

Get creative with re-purposed signs. Got an old licence plate? This can be a subtle yet chic way to jazz up your screen door.

33. Pet door

dog looking out the screen door

A functional—and adorable—way to customize your screen door would be to add a little entryway or mini window for your pet.

Practical and stylish

The addition of a screen door to your home’s entryway (or other parts of your home) is a practical way to get the best of the outdoors. You can welcome light and fresh air into your home and keep out the bugs and dust—however, you can also make it a stylish accent to your home’s look and feel.

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FAQs on screen door ideas

While a screen door provides ample protection from bad elements, some people prefer storm doors. Instead of a screen, storm doors have glass panels.

Storm doors and screen doors are similar in that they have the same purpose—to keep out the elements. However, storm doors have a few more components than a screen door, particularly an interchangeable glass panel. This serves as better protection from wind and snow.

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