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£150 - £3,000







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Signage is crucial for businesses. The right design, size, and placement can bring more foot traffic to your shop. Airtasker wants to help make your investment worth it. Aside from connecting you to local signage installers, our team has a price guide for your business. 

Signage costs range from £150 to £3,000, with most designs averaging £1,000. The final price depends on the material or execution. Here's a table showing the average cost of signage to give you a better idea.

Signage price list



Flat-cut letters

£550 - £1,000


£350 - £850

Folded tray shop sign

£600 - £1,800


£1,200 - £2,000

Pencil light illumination

£380 - £500

3D Letters

£900 - £2,000

a cafe employee turning a sign for closing time

However, if you're ready to go all-in for a sign that will catch the attention of everyone passing by, the sky's the limit. Printing and installing billboard signage can cost up to £5,000. Rental costs start at £350 for a 2-week slot and can increase in high-traffic areas. 

For tourist signs, the government advises preparing £8,000 to £40,000, depending on the location. The application process is available in this guide from the government.

Factors affecting signage costs

It's tempting to go with the most economical choice. After all, running a business requires a lot of time and money. Before you pull the trigger and put up a task for three vinyl letters the size of a notebook, consider these things:

Your location

Being in a busy street in London or Manchester means a lot of potential customers seeing your brand name and possibly walking into your shop. Unfortunately, many stores are competing for their attention, including you. 

While flat-panel signs cost way lower than digital ones, prices might not be enough to justify their impact on your marketing and business goals. A bright display can stand out among a sea of posters. Thus, it's a much better investment.

Your operating hours

There's an obvious reason why pubs and gaming centres opt for outdoor luminous signs. Otherwise, no one will see their shop names in the dark. A small neon sign costs as low as £150. 

It can be a nice accent to your decor or an efficient marker for directions inside and outside the facility. Set aside £1,000 for an outdoor sign with your business name. Allocate for wiring expenses and protective installations, such as roof extensions.

Your target market

A grocery store offering a wide array of products along a high-traffic road needs bright and bold signage. Meanwhile, a warehouse storing goods for shipping might only need simple wood or vinyl signage to indicate the company owner and deter trespassers. 

An upscale recording studio that mostly accepts bookings online can opt for a photogenic neon sign to improve the space's aesthetic appeal. Depending on the nature of your business and your target audience, big and bright signage might not always be the best option.

Different types of signage

The standard design for signage is the logo or trade name of the company. Still, there are many possibilities when conceptualising what signage to put up. Here are some ideas:

Service or product lists

After your company name, a display listing your services or products can impact your sales performance. While blackboard menus work for quirky boutiques, taking the plunge and paying for a shop sign can make your space more polished. It also makes your products and services easier to spot and harder to ignore.

Direction guides

Most commercial buildings rent out several units to lots of businesses. Customers might have difficulty finding you right away unless you're in the very front. Worse, people who frequent the building might not even realise that your business is there. Suppose you've received this type of feedback. 

In that case, ask your business consultant and building manager where it's best to put up markers indicating how to go to your store. You can put them on outdoor displays, in the lobby or receiving area, and on the staircase or lift on your floor.

Promotional accents

Cafés, restaurants, and wellness centres receive much attention from word-of-mouth recommendations. The digital equivalent is a photo of your space on social media with a geotag. If you want to encourage your existing customers to post more, consider adding Instagram-worthy signage on a bare wall. 

Your options include your brand tagline or a catchy phrase related to your business. It doesn't have to be complicated because everyone loves a witty saying or sentence they can relate to. Stay true to your brand, and your ideal customers will resonate with it

Contact your business consultant if you're worried about how much lit signs cost. a close-up shot of blank restaurant signage

Posting a task for signage

Aside from knowing how much a sign costs, you also need to allocate for design and installation. Most signage makers already provide comprehensive building sign costs, but read the inclusions and compare quotations to be sure.

This is easy when hiring through Airtasker. All the quotations and Tasker profiles are in one place. To get started, follow these steps:

  • Identify what you need. Do you want a professionally designed sign? Or are you looking for a Tasker who can design, manufacture, install, and even maintain the signage?
  • Post a task on our platform. Include all the essential details to help Taskers know what you need and if they can help.
  • Try to post as soon as possible. For many quotations, you can wait 24 to 48 hours.
  • Check and compare offers. Read through the reviews and ratings of each Tasker to assess whether they’re qualified for the job. Then, pick the one with the most reasonable rate.

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Good signage for your business or property helps you meet your marketing goals. Find signage that fits your strategy and select a Tasker with a proven record for delivering quality. This way, you will get your money’s worth.

Good signage is cohesive in design, high-quality, and weatherproof. Regardless of the type of signage, make sure that it aligns with your brand and is well-manufactured.

It depends on the design you commissioned or made yourself. A font with a standard desktop and print license is okay to use for print. However, if the font requires additional licensing, contact the creator or license holder to purchase the rights. You wouldn’t want to take down your expensive sign because of a licensing complication.

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