Time for an eBay spring clean

Get help selling those unwanted items with an eBay expert!

How it works


Sign up to post your task online and let people know what you need help with.


Check back for offers and look out for great profiles, Reviews and Badges - then pick!


Sort out the finer details and get your items listed!

What is Airtasker?

Airtasker is where people who want work done can find people who want to work - we're a community marketplace built on trust. You want your furniture assembled, your house cleaned or a logo designed? Airtasker is the place to turn to.

Tell us what you need done by posting a task and you’ll receive offers from Taskers. Then simply choose your person for the task by checking out their offer, profile and asking any questions you might need answered.

Once you accept an offer, the payment is securely held with Airtasker Pay and you only release it to the Tasker when the task is complete.

Why use eBay?

With 11 million Aussie visitors, powerful selling tools to help you with everything from listing to postage; eBay is the marketplace where your items are more likely to be sold at the best price. With Airtasker, you can find Taskers that are skilled at using eBay to help sell your unwanted items - taking away the hassles and making the most of your time!

How much will it cost me?

When posting a task, suggest a budget for how much you’d be willing to pay (avoid suggesting payment will be based on any kind of result - commission based tasks aren’t allowed on Airtasker and will be taken down). Taskers will make offers and it is up to you to select the Tasker you want to complete the task.

How do I take part?

Just sign up to Airtasker using the “Get help selling” button above and post yourtask!

How do I let the Airtasker know what I need to sell?

When posting your task, you'll need to tell the community all about what you need sold. Please tell us in as much detail as you can (and be accurate!) so that you get the best and fairest offers from Taskers.

How do I pick the best Tasker to help me?

Once you start getting offers and comments, keep an eye out for Airtaskers with great eBay selling ratings, great reviews on Airtasker, high Completion Rates and Badges like Digital ID, CommBank Identified and Police Check. These are good indications of great Airtaskers!

What should I do once I’ve accepted an offer?

Once you choose the best Airtasker for your task and accept their offer, you can then swap any other personal details and advice on selling price.