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Looking to spruce up your home? Sometimes, it takes cleaning a certain area more than investing in a total home makeover to make this happen. In this case, we take a look at cleaning your roof. Roof cleaning does not only consist of spraying the area with water. You go through several processes to get that spot spick and span, and we explore that here.

While the exact roof cleaning and coating cost will ultimately depend on the quotation handed over to you, the average cost of roof cleaning in the US is $374 to $606. With these in mind, we have created this price guide for you to refer to. 

What are the different types of roofs and their costs?

Before you get started on the cleaning methods, you must know the type of roof you have in your home. This will significantly help you estimate exactly how much it costs to have your roof cleaned and greatly assist your budgeting.

To measure the area of your roof, take the length and the width and multiply the collected values. You can then refer to the ballpark figures in the chart below to get a sense of how much it is to clean your roof:

Roof type

Average Cost

Asphalt shingles    


Ceramic tile    


Clay tile    






What areas of the roof need cleaning?

When cleaning the roof, it’s important to pay attention to its essential areas, like the following:

The gutter

The gutter is a trough located below the edge of the roof. Its primary purpose is to catch rainwater and ensure it flows down to the ground instead of leaking in parts where water does not belong. But like all parts, roof gutters have to be cleaned too.

Experts share that you should clean gutters at least every two years. But if you live near areas with trees, foliage can get caught in the gutter ways often. A quick sweep-through can be done every three months for good maintenance. If you want an expert’s eye, you can contact someone specializing in gutter cleaning nearest your area. While prices vary, roof gutter cleaning costs $100 to $300 on average.

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The roof cavity

The roof cavity is the space between your roof and the ceiling. But like the other parts of the house, it can also be host to several environmental elements that invite dirt, dust, and eventual damage.

Since the roof cavity is an internal part of the roof, opening and sealing the roof afterward should be considered part of the cost. Roof cavity cleaning costs (including sealing) can range from $150-$200. 

Roof cavities don’t have a specific timeframe for when they need to be cleaned because this already calls for automatic replacement. It is best to have an expert look at the roof and assess if you need to have your roof replaced. 

The roof tiles

Tiles primarily protect your roof from elements of nature. Like all roofing parts, they need extra care. The best way to clean your roof tiles is by scraping them with a trowel. This helps in having moss removed from the gaps in between them. Experts do not have a specific timeframe for maintenance, but regular cleaning is essential as they are the most exposed part of the roof.

What are the kinds of cleaning methods available? 

Now that you have a sense of gutter and roof cleaning costs, you must assess which cleaning method is best, depending on the type of roof you have and the kind of results you want. Before you kick off your roof cleaning project, read up on the top five most common methods used by professional roof cleaners:

Cleaning method


Average cost

Chemical wash    

This method utilizes cleaning using chemicals like sodium hypochlorite, sodium percarbonate, or sodium hydroxide

$0.20 – $0.30 per square foot

High-pressure wash

A high-pressure hose is used to wash the roof thoroughly; it can damage the roof if not done properly

$0.20 – $0.70 per square foot

Low-pressure wash    

Uses gentle chemicals to kill moss and other living growth, and is less intense than high-pressure wash

$0.30 – $0.70 per square foot

Soft wash    

Uses an even gentler stream of water and specialized chemical mixtures

$0.30 – $0.75 per square foot

Keep in mind that the average roof cleaning cost in the US begins at $374, but the final roof cleaning price will still vary depending on the kind of roof and the space it takes up in your home. 

When should you have your roof cleaned? 

Before anything else, there must always be a purpose for why you are having your roof cleaned. For your budget books to make sense and to pencil in this task, you have to identify when to ring up the experts. 

Generally, experts share that it is good to have your roof cleaned at least once a year. But if you cannot wait that long or if you have waited beyond that recommended period, here are three reasons why you need to get started.

Roof shingle protection

Roof shingles are a covering your roof has that is made up of overlapping parts. Extra protection is mainly required for shingles made of asphalt. Asphalt shingles, in particular, are prone to quickly attracting mildew and moss.

Mildew and moss, especially when they multiply in number, can negatively affect the quality of your shingles and can then affect the whole roof. So if you notice that your shingles are slowing down in terms of their purpose, it is time to give roof cleaning experts a call. 

Save on your electricity bills

A clean roof is not only a manifestation of good home maintenance but also can help you cut back on your utility expenses. Aside from protecting the house from outside elements, roofs help regulate temperatures within the house or flat. Terrible quality roofs provide less regulation and will therefore raise the heat level.

While this serves a better purpose for winters, heat waves are as much of a bother, and you may find yourself switching on the air conditioning more often. So if you feel like your roof needs a clean break, by all means, get on it. 

Improve the overall quality of your home

There are two schools of thought that come with a clean roof. First, the visual aesthetics of your place will shoot up by a mile because who doesn’t love a well-organized exterior? Second, insects and dirt will most likely stay away from a clean roof, mainly because you have maintained it so well.

Should you have your roof cleaned or replaced? 

While we have been discussing why and how important it is to clean a roof in the US, there is a huge difference when the stains no longer come off. What’s worse, the roof is nearly falling apart, almost dilapidated, and scrubbing or jet washing cannot save it from further damage.

According to experts, different materials elicit different time frames. Here are just some of the common roof materials and their life expectancies:

Roof type

Average Cost

Asphalt shingles    

20-28 years

Ceramic tile    

50 to 100 years

Clay tile    

50 to 100 years


125-200 years


40-70 years

While these are the average lifespans of roofs, several environmental and aesthetic factors come into play and may either lengthen or shorten it. So how do you know whether you need to replace your roof? Here are three signs. 

It’s in the age

Sometimes, the roofs don’t have to fall apart to show their age. While it may seem like more of a relief at first, non-evident roofs may catch you off guard. You wouldn’t want things to fall apart spontaneously, right? So before the roof falls on your head, ring up a professional to install a new roof right away.  

Damaged shingles

While there is still a way to save your shingles, you do have to remember that damaged shingles can bring about so many negative things to your place. Not only will it affect proper temperature regulation within your home, but it will also invite a lot of moss and dirt—two things that will bring further damage. Avoid shelling out extra funds and have an expert repair your roof as soon as possible.

Granule damage

If you look at it this way, we are combatting only one enemy, and that is moss. Moss can present multiple forms of damage, and granules are one of them. Granules are your weather shield and help your roof withstand the elements of nature. So if your granules are damaged or loosened, whether from age or moss, it is time to hit up a specialist.

Whether manual scrubbing or soft wash roof cleaning, costs vary depending on the type of roof you have and the cleaning method used. Avoid shelling out more than what you need by hiring a professional to get the job done. Simply put up a task on Airtasker, indicate your needs and budget, then receive offers from roof cleaners in your area in minutes!

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Roof cleaning FAQs

While using a pressure washer is indeed a quick way to get rid of dirt, the slightest mishap by a beginner or someone with little expertise could cause further damage to your roof. It is still best to consult an expert to assess which cleaning method is best for your circumstances.

While we encourage you to be hands-on with the roof cleaning processes, it is still best to have an expert to help you determine how best to handle your situation. Not only will it cost you less in the long term, but you also do not have to expend extra time from your schedule to learn how to do it.

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