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There’s nothing like a warm, cozy winter evening hanging out by the fireplace with the family. Still, it’s essential to ensure that the fireplace and the chimney are clean to get rid of creosote buildup inside your chimney and prevent house fires. 

The average cost of chimney sweep services varies by level of inspection. There are three inspection levels determined by the National Fire Protection Association, and prices can range from $90 to $5,000 based on several factors. 

If you want to know more about chimney sweep costs in the US, this guide will help you set a budget for the service. 

Chimney sweeping price list

Chimney inspection level

Estimated cost

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


a man sweeping a chimney

Chimney inspection levels

A chimney sweeping service often comes with a basic checkup to check the structure and buildup. Chimney sweeping specialists base their prices on the level of inspection. 

  1. Level 1: This inspection level usually comes with the sweeping service.
  2. Level 2: A level-two inspection is for chimneys that need updates, such as relining or changing the fuel type. This is also recommended if you’re putting the house on the market. 
  3. Level 3: For chimneys with serious damage or hazards, a level-three inspection is ideal. It will require special tools and more comprehensive work. 

What factors affect the average cost of chimney sweeping?

Several variables influence the price estimate for chimney sweeping services. Below are the factors determining the fee: 

Fireplace type

How much a chimney sweep costs would also depend on the type of fireplace connected to your chimney. Here’s a guide to help you set your budget for the cleaning:

Fireplace type

Average cost

Standard fireplace


Open fireplace with double flue


Oil-burner chimney


Wood stove or pellet stove 


Of course, chimney sweep prices vary if you have more than one chimney in your home. Having more than one fireplace can also influence the total cost. If you need your fireplace cleaned and inspected separately, you can find a fireplace cleaning specialist to get the job done. 

Job complexity

Task difficulty can also influence the cost of cleaning a chimney. Often, things like roof type, chimney height, and bird nests or chemical buildup make the task more challenging. Chimney repairs and material replacement will also increase costs.

Cleaning level

How much a chimney sweep costs would depend on the level of cleaning it requires. Basic chimney cleaning starts at more or less $150, which typically involves flue sweeping. 

Chimneys that need more intensive cleaning due to heavy soot buildup might require up to $1,000 or more if the job needs special tools, material replacements, and a camera for further inspection. Of course, the price increases if you have more than one chimney in your residence. Still, the benefits outweigh the costs and will give you safety and peace of mind each time you light the fireplace.


Many chimney sweeping professionals offer their service in package deals, including inspection, cleaning, and labor. However, others charge can charge an hourly rate of $70 per hour. The bill can jump higher if you’ll need additional services. Make sure to discuss this with your Tasker before they start the job to avoid surprises.

Reasons to hire a pro for chimney sweeping

Although chimney sweeping looks like a simple job, it takes skills, knowledge, and experience to do it correctly. Here are some of the benefits of professional chimney sweeping:

  1. It helps prevent chimney fires that cause property damage.
  2. It keeps your family safe and healthy by preventing the buildup of harmful toxins and chemicals that lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and other health issues.
  3. It generates energy-efficient heating through better air circulation from your fireplace.
  4. It prevents blockages that affect the overall performance of your fireplace.
  5. Regular chimney sweeping (once or twice a year) helps keep your chimney in its best condition, preventing costly repairs.

a man about to clean a chimney

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Now that you're familiar with chimney cleaning costs, the next step is to hire a professional chimney sweeper. Simply post a task on our platform, then connect with several chimney sweepers near you. Make sure to provide pertinent details for a more accurate quotation. Here are some things Taskers would like to see in your request form: 

  1. Your location
  2. Your budget
  3. Number of chimneys to sweep
  4. Preferred schedule

Once done, wait for offers to pour in and assess which Tasker is the best person for the job. You can skip the hassle of DIY chimney sweeping and leave it to a professional!

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A certificate isn't required, but it will be handy if you need to claim home insurance. If you don’t have a certificate, some insurance agencies also accept receipts as proof that your chimney is regularly cleaned.

Sweeping a chimney often takes around 45 minutes and shouldn't go over an hour. However, this could take longer in case of more complex jobs involving blockages and buildup or nest removal.

A chimney lining is a piece of equipment installed inside your chimney to prevent fires, improve airflow, and help control heat flow. Having a chimney lining offers benefits, like joint protection and heat loss prevention.

You need a chimney sweep if it has been more than a year since your last one. Also, note if the fire in your fireplace isn't burning as strong as it used to or if strong and unusual odours and sounds are coming out of your chimney or fireplace.

The best time to have your chimney swept is in spring or summer. Of course, if the current quality of your chimney is far from usual, it’s best to have it swept as soon as you can to ensure that it is safe to use.

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