How much does a gutter repair cost?

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Cracks and warps on gutters shouldn’t be ignored. What seemingly minor issues can grow into something serious if left unfixed. Gaps may widen, water may spill or leak, mold may grow, and the foundation may shift. That’s why it’s crucial to maintain your gutters to stop worrying about leaks and clogs. 

Make sure you hire a roofer to fix your gutter problems immediately. The average roof and gutter repair cost is around $383, depending on factors like the gutter material and style. Check this guide as it breaks down the costs to help you prepare your wallet as you plan your gutter repair project. 

Average cost of gutter repair based on material

The type of gutter material impacts how much a gutter repair will cost you. While high-end materials can cost $350 or more to repair, more affordable materials can be fixed for as low as $75. Here are the most common material types and their average gutter repair cost per foot:


Average costs per foot















Aluminum gutters can be repaired for an average cost of $5 to $8 per foot. Know that aluminum is prone to bending, drooping, and loosening. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to do if it needs to be fixed, reattached, or replaced.


Repairing a copper gutter costs about $30 per foot. Despite being relatively simple to deal with, copper costs more as a base material than aluminum and other materials. General repairs typically cost less, but specialized work, such as removing the characteristic patina of worn copper, is much more expensive because it requires more time and labor.


Depending on the problem, repairing a steel gutter typically costs $12 to $17 per foot. Galvanized steel is a sturdy, long-lasting material that is also reasonably priced. But the repair cost is higher because it requires more time and labor to fix due to the weight and material.


A vinyl gutter repair typically costs $5 to $7 per foot. This material has a cheap base cost, is simple to work with, and has minimal labor costs. However, it is the least durable guttering material though. It cracks and warps easily and deteriorates over time with UV exposure.


Wood is more expensive to repair because the material is heavy and comes from natural sources. Repairing wood gutters starts at $35 per foot.


For zinc gutter repairs, set aside around $30 per foot. Cleaning zinc gutters, clearing obstructions, and other straightforward operations continue to be comparable in price to less expensive materials. But because zinc is so strong and resilient, working with it can be difficult. The reason for the increase in repair costs is the rising cost of materials and labor.

Factors that affect gutter repair cost

Gutter style

Box gutter repair costs between $20 and $50 per foot. Box gutters are rare today and are usually found in historic homes where the owner wants to preserve the original features. These are also frequently lined with expensive materials like copper and steel. 

Replacing the gutters can be more cost-effective in the long run if the soffits or cornices are damaged. Relining or patching, which takes a lot of time and frequently requires a lot of material, is the most frequent kind of repair for box gutters.

Meanwhile, half-round guttering repair costs range from $10 to $17 per foot. Half-round gutters are simpler to maintain and easier to clean than other styles because the water runs efficiently down their rounded surfaces instead of pooling in ridges or cracks. They may occasionally need maintenance, as they might droop, separate from the building, or become clogged, much like other gutter kinds.

Finally, repairing K-style gutters can run anywhere from $8 to $15 per linear foot. The cost will vary according to the issue and the content. Because of their large capacity for collecting rainwater and relatively low price, K-style gutters are a good option for angled roofs and are the most popular gutter type in the U.S.

Seamless or seamed

The cost to repair gutter leaks is less expensive for sectional or seamed gutters at $100 to $250. Seamless gutters are popular because there is less likelihood of leaks and less room for debris to accumulate at the joints, but they can be more expensive to fix.

With segmented or seamed gutters, the contractor only needs to remove the damaged portion and install a new one when a section of guttering needs to be replaced. With seamless gutters, the contractor will have to remove and replace the entire seamless length of the gutter, which can cost more in terms of material and labor if a tiny part is damaged beyond repair and cannot simply be patched. This costs around $150 to $300.

Property height

The price to repair your gutters depends on the height of your house. Bungalows or one-story homes requiring basic gutter repairs cost about $170. For two-story homes, the repair fee is roughly $330, while multi-story homes cost $500, on average.

Roof design

Repairing your gutters could cost more if designed differently from the surrounding surfaces, such as exterior buildings and your roof. Navigating obstacles requires more time, effort, and labor.

Condition of existing gutters

A professional gutter expert may charge extra to clean your current gutters if they are dirty and in bad condition before repairing them.

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Usually, the contractor’s fees are changed to reflect current market prices. As a result, cities like New York and Los Angeles, which have higher living costs, have gutters that are more expensive on average than other cities.

When to repair your gutter

You could experience different gutter problems, so it’s a good idea to be aware of the best course of action for each. Sometimes, having your gutter fixed rather than getting a new one can save you money. Generally, gutters can still be repaired if:

  • Any damage is limited to one or two gutter sections. Instead of replacing your entire guttering system, simply replace the damaged sections.

  • You only need to repair a few holes or cracks. A good sealant can be used to cover up small openings after cleaning them with alcohol. Larger holes or cracks may require adding a small piece of metal flashing, which can be glued or riveted in place before sealing.

  • One seam or joint is leaking. The issue will most likely be resolved by ensuring the guttering elbow joints are firmly fastened, though you might also need some sealant for this job.

  • There are some loose hangers. Screwing in the hangers (or drilling a new hole in the gutter and/or fascia) is simple if you have a drill. If the existing hangers are bent, you may need to replace them.

  • You have minor repairs on cast iron gutters. Since cast iron is so expensive, you’re usually better off repairing them before deciding to replace them.

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a-contractor-checking-a-house's-gutter-systemHow to save on gutter repair costs

Although gutter repair might be expensive, there are a few ways to cut costs:

  • Installing a gutter guard prevents debris from getting into your gutters, minimizing potential damage, and ultimately saving you money.

  • Hiring a professional to install a downpipe can help keep water out of the gutters. Your home gets quick and simple water drainage because it directs the flow and ensures it goes into the proper storm drains.

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Getting a professional roof and gutter contractor who can quickly fix your gutters will save you money by ensuring the job is done right the first time!

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FAQs about gutter repair

Clogging is the most common issue with gutters. When gutters become clogged, they cannot drain properly and can overflow during rainstorms. It can cause problems to your foundation if the water cannot pass through correctly.

Use gutter hangers, patches, and sealant to repair drooping and leaky gutters temporarily. But it's still highly recommended to hire a professional because they have the experience and expertise to do it correctly.

Your gutters are bad if they have rust or cracks on the surface. Also, watch out for the appearance of screws and nails, peeling paint, and basement moisture. Even though the downspout is spewing water, if your gutters are overflowing, it is likely because they are too narrow for your house, has an unsuitable slope, or were improperly built.

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