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A clean office attracts more customers and helps employees focus. Whether you’re currently swamped with work deadlines or just want to maintain the cleanliness in your workspace, hiring a cleaner can make your home much better. But how much does commercial cleaning cost?

Commercial building cleaning prices range from $25 to $50 per hour. This could still go up depending on the size of the commercial space, the number of windows, bathroom, and kitchen in the office, frequency of cleaning, and level of cleaning needed.

All these factors can feel overwhelming especially if it’s your first-time booking service. With our price guide, you can find out exactly commercial cleaning prices by the square foot and make an informed choice for your own office.

Top factors that affect how much commercial cleaning cost

Numerous factors affect how much commercial cleaners charge per hour. To help you make an informed decision for your business space, we’ve listed the important factors to consider below.

Size of commercial space

The bigger the space, the longer it will take for the cleaners to finish the job. Aside from size, quantity is another factor. The more rooms that need cleaning, the higher the cost.

Number of rooms

Each space is different. Bathrooms and kitchens usually take longer to clean than other room types. Aside from these rooms, cleaning big windows also take time and can be risky especially if your commercial space is floors above the ground.

If you have more bathrooms, kitchens, or big windows in your office that need cleaning, the longer and more complex the job will be, the more expensive the cost is. 

Frequency of cleaning

When booking a commercial cleaner, you can decide to hire a one-off service by the hour or a regular service – daily, weekly, or monthly. Commercial cleaner prices are usually cheaper if you opt for a continued service compared to one-off cleaning. The average cost of hiring a commercial cleaner weekly ranges from $100 to $300 for a small commercial space.

Type of commercial space

Corporate office, medical office, or restaurant? The type and condition of the commercial space will also affect the final costs. If you work in a buffet restaurant that just finished catering for a wedding or a New Year’s Eve party, costs might increase as it will take more time to clean spills and fix decorations.

If you work for a medical office and would need some deep cleaning, costs might increase since the job might involve handling harmful wastes or dangerous items. The additional fee is charged to cover equipment and safety handling.


The location will also affect how much cleaners charge in the US. If you live in New York or San Francisco, the cost to hire a commercial cleaner is higher due to the higher cost of living.

Level of cleaning

Aside from the factors mentioned above, commercial cleaning prices would differ depending on the level of cleaning needed. If more deep cleaning is required, costs can increase as more advanced cleaning equipment will be used to ensure the whole space is cleaned well.

While regular clean already covers the basics of tidying up an office, deep cleaning is more thorough, covering hidden and tight spaces like behind and under appliances, cleaning the ceiling, and removing limescale in the bathroom.

Different types of commercial cleaning services and costs

There are different tasks involved in cleaning a commercial space. The hourly cost of a commercial cleaner would depend on the tasks and scale of cleaning needed. To help plan your budget and avoid surprise spending, we’ve listed the estimated cost per task per hour.


Estimated cost

Commercial cleaning

$25 to $100 per hour

Window cleaning

$100 to $200 per hour

Floor cleaning

$0.12 - $0.21 per square foot

Floor stripping and waxing

$0.3 - $0.5 per square foot

Floor buffing

$0.04 - $0.12 per square foot


$10 to $40 per appliance

Post-construction cleaning

$500 to $800


Average cost per contract

Commercial cleaning – small office


Commercial cleaning – medium office


Commercial cleaning – large office


Benefits of hiring a commercial cleaner

 There are many benefits in hiring a commercial cleaner:

  • Helps save money – Regular cleaning keeps your office in its best shape, preventing costly repairs in the long run.

  • Saves you time and energy – Hiring a cleaner saves you the time and energy that can be allotted in growing your business.

  • Keeps your commercial space safe and secured – An expert cleaner has extensive knowledge on stain, dirt, and dust removal, keeping your space a safe, germ-free space to work in, and keeping customers comfortable and at ease

Cleaning checklist

With the range of activities involved in commercial cleaning, monitoring each task and each room can be a pain. Use the checklist below to help you stay on top of the cleaning services done in your office and to make the most out of your budget:

Office, meeting room, lobby

  • Empty all trash and replace liners

  • Dust all surfaces – tables, chairs, windowsills. Be careful in dusting the monitors, keyboards, telephones printers, and other gadgets

  • Wipe tables with a gentle cleaning product to remove spills and potential dirt build-up

  • Clean water coolers

  • Sweep floors to remove dust then mop to remove spills and other dirt

  • Vacuum the carpets

  • Wipe glass doors, handles, and fingerprint scanners


  • Empty all trash and replace liners

  • Dust all mirrors, frames, horizontal surfaces, and partitions

  • Wipe clean mirrors

  • Wipe and sanitize restroom surfaces and basins

  • Install new tissues, soap, alcohol, and towels

  • Clean and disinfect toilets, toilet seats, and urinals

  • Mop floors and disinfect

  • Spray room freshener

Kitchen or breakroom

  • Empty all trash

  • Dust all horizontal surfaces

  • Dust the exteriors, specifically high surfaces of appliances and cabinets – microwave, toasters, fridge, shelves

  • If there is food in the cabinet or refrigerator, sort through and discard expired items

  • Clean the interior of appliances – microwave, toasters, fridge, shelves

  • Clean coffee machines and remove old grinds

  • Clean dishware and utensils. Once dry, organize inside cabinets

  • Clean water coolers

  • Wipe tables and chairs

  • Sweep floors to remove dust then mop to remove spills and other dirt

  • Vacuum the carpets

  • Sanitize sink

  • Spot clean walls especially near trash and sink

  • Disinfect all sides of the trash and replace liners

  • Inspect the area and spot clean if there are remaining dirt

Feel like freshening up your commercial space? Whether you want to have your whole office disinfected or just want to know commercial carpet cleaning prices in your area, get a personalized quote in minutes when you put up a task on Airtasker.

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When looking for a cleaner, you can either use the services of an agency or book an independent cleaner. Booking through an agency can be more secure since it is being managed by a company. You also have the flexibility in scheduling and booking as they often have multiple slots. However, you will be subject to agency fees. If you book through an independent cleaner, you’ll be able to save up on fees while having a more customizable cleaning system. This means you can share how you like things done and can easily avail of repeat service in the coming weeks. However, they might not have the equipment and security offered by agencies.

Generally, commercial cleaners bring their own cleaning products and equipment. Although some agencies customize their cleaning products, cleaners usually bring generic cleaning items. If you want to use more environmentally friendly products or provide the products to be used for cleaning, these can also be discussed with your cleaner.

Putting an exact number of hours is difficult since it depends on the condition of your office and your daily activities. Often, many offices hire a cleaner on a daily basis, with occasional deep clean to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Daily regular cleaning usually takes around one to two hours while deep cleaning takes around two to three hours.

The average cost for commercial window cleaning is $100 to $200 per hour. However, this still differs depending on the size, height, and condition of the area to be cleaned. If more equipment is needed like scaffolding or crates, costs can still go up.

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