How much does a gardener cost?

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How much does a gardener cost?

Gardening is a trend that bloomed during the lockdown. But maintaining a garden can take time, money and a specific set of skills. So before you hire a gardener to get the greenery under control, it’s time to ask: how much does it cost to keep your garden growing? How much is a gardener?

The average cost of hiring a gardener for maintenance is £100 - £200. However, prices will often vary depending on size, location and how complicated your garden is.

Costs are calculated to include:

  • A minimum call-out fee (usually equivalent to 2 hours)

  • An hourly rate: £15 - £45

This might sound like a lot, but when you factor in specialist equipment, labour and materials, it is easy to see where the costs add up. Read on for the factors that impact cost and our top tips to save money when hiring a gardener.

What factors affect the overall cost of gardening?

Your garden is as unique as you are, and your exact cost will be too. But this makes it tricky to say how much upkeep and gardening will cost. Curious about gardener costs? We’ve researched for you. Below are the four key variables that impact how much gardening will cost:

Maintenance vs manicure

Your gardening costs will vary depending on the type of work you need. For example, garden maintenance prices include mowing lawns and trimming hedges, keeping it tidy and under control. But if you want more detailed work, like planting or looking after a flower bed, you will need a manicure for your garden. 

The types of jobs that need to be done

Some gardens are a simple patch of lawn that needs an occasional mow. Others have endless rows of flowers bursting and blooming year-round, water features and even greenhouses. The costs of gardening can vary a lot, and simply put, the more jobs you need to do to maintain your garden, the more it will cost. But, whether it’s a trimturf or tidy up, you can find someone up for the job on Airtasker. 

Garden size and style

The more extensive the garden, the more expensive the costs. Larger gardens take more time, meaning higher labour costs. They will also usually need more materials – like soil, mulch, and fertiliser – which add up. If you have a lot of trees and delicate plants, this will also add extra costs.


The cost of a gardener varies depending on where you live. In London, expect to pay between £3 - £10 more per hour than in the north. Access to the property can also impact costs, especially if it is difficult to get heavy equipment like lawnmowers to the property.

What to expect: gardening service prices

How much do gardeners charge? You can expect to pay £100 - £200 per day, depending on the gardener’s hourly rate, experience and other factors mentioned above. Also, remember that an experienced gardener is likely able to do tasks more quickly. This saves you money in the long run, even if it costs more per hour.

Do all gardeners charge by the hour?

A lot of gardeners charge by the hour, and they often have a minimum call-out charge too. Usually, this is about two hours of work. The hourly rate averages £15 - £45, depending on experience. Landscapers charge by the day or by the project, not by the hour.


Time period



Per day

£100 - £200

Per hour

£15 - £45


Per day

£180 - £280

Per project

£250 - £2,500

Do any gardeners charge a fixed price?

If you only need a gardener for a small job, they might offer a fixed price. This will depend on the circumstances and details of the job. These set prices aren’t per hour but reflect how complicated the job is and what equipment and skills are needed. You will have to consult a gardener to get a quote. Examples of these jobs include:

  • Lawn mowing

  • Weed removal

  • Hedge trimming

  • Planting

  • Pruning

  • Applying fertilisers and pesticides

  • Tidying or end-of-lease clearance

Extra costs to keep in mind

The best way to avoid hidden or unforeseen costs is to talk to your gardener. Let them know what you’ll need in detail, and you should be able to avoid any unexpected charges. If you’re unsure how much to turf a garden or install a specific patio, it’s best to go straight to the source. Some things that might end up costing extra include:



Garden waste removal

£100 - £200

Staining fences

£100 - £200

Installing patio

£800 - £2000

Installing decking

£800 - £2000

Laying turf

£8 to £12 per square metre 


What’s the difference between gardening and landscaping?

There can be a little confusion when it comes to who’s pruning your plants. Many people use the terms “gardener” and "landscaper" interchangeably, but these are two different jobs doing very different things.

A gardener is someone who helps with the everyday planting and maintenance of a garden. They are the ones who help seed and maintain a crisp green lawn and who lay out flower beds ready to bloom come springtime. If you need to tidy a garden, get rid of weeds or get it cleaned for the end of a lease, a gardener is the one to call.

A landscaper is a garden designer who helps with more wide-scale jobs. Think of them as someone who can help redecorate your outdoor space and design your dream garden. This might include laying a new deck, installing a gazebo or figuring out what will suit your space. Maybe you want a pond system or more of a cottage-style garden? A landscaper can help make your vision a reality. How much does a garden designer cost? Find a garden designer through Airtasker and get a personalised quote.  

Helpful gardening tips to save time and money

There are a lot of things to think about when hiring a gardener. But if you want to get the most bang for your buck, here are some things you can do.

Mow your lawn

If you can afford to buy and store a lawnmower, you can save time when you ask the gardener around. This is the most labour-intensive part of gardening. If you handle it yourself, you will save your gardener time (and yourself some money). Some gardening stores also let you rent a mower for an hour or two.

Get the timing right

Your garden needs work at the right time to get the right results. So, to see your garden flourish, you’ll need some forward-planning. For example, you can’t plant some things during winter, and gardens often need extra water and attention in the summer months. Timing is everything, so make sure you know the best time for your local area and your plants.

Make maintenance simple

Ask your gardener to set up your garden with maintenance in mind. Simple things like mulching the borders mean less weeding or a low-maintenance variety of lawn. There are a lot of small things that save big on time. If they make it easy to maintain your garden, you’ll need less help to keep it in check. 

Do a little each day

If you pull a few weeds each time you are in your garden, you might be surprised at how much maintenance you get done over time. Whether it is trimming back a few branches or pulling a few annoying weeds, a little each day is better than a whole bunch at once.

Have a regular gardener

Get a gardener regularly, not just when things are totally out of control. Find nearby gardeners for garden cleaning, garden planting, pruning, weeding or regular garden maintenance. They might offer you a better price, and it will make maintaining the garden more manageable and economical in the long run. 

Whether you need edging, seeding or a whole redesign, Airtasker is the ideal place to find gardeners near you with prices that fit your needs and budget.

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In general, winter is the best time for gardening. For maintenance, any time of year is good. However, it’s important to keep in mind that things grow faster over summer and spring, including weeds, so things might get out of control around this time of year. You will also need to decide on frequency: do you need a big tidy once a year or a more regular service to keep things in check? If you want to plant your dream garden with veggie patches, trees or flower beds, you will need to plan ahead. While most plants bloom in the spring, they should be sown in the winter to give them time to germinate. February is a great month to hire a gardener for most of the UK. This is when you can prepare seed beds for future planting. And by March, things can start to speed up – this is when you will want to mulch, sow seeds and repot. Make sure you talk to a gardener in your local area to figure out the best time for you and your garden’s needs.
Elderly, vulnerable, or disabled people can request gardening help from their local council. However, this option is only available if you’re physically weak and don’t have family or friends to assist you.

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