How much does mulch cost?

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How much does mulch cost?

Basic mulch costs between £20 to £40 per cubic metre, while premium mulch, such as dyed or specialty blends, can cost between £80 to £90 per cubic metre or more. Some suppliers may offer bulk purchase discounts or delivery fees, adding to the overall cost. The cost of mulch depends on the type of mulch, the quantity needed, and the location of purchase.

Different kinds of mulch and their costs

Type of organic mulch



Red mulch

£100 to £110

Bulk bag

Bark mulch

£80 to £90

Bulk bag

Brown mulch

£2 to £4

Per m²

Pine bark

£150 to £160

Per m³

Woodland mulch

£30 to £90

Per m³

Shredded hardwood mulch


Per m²


£80 to £180

Bulk bag

Wood chips


Bulk bag

Straw or hay

£20 to £23

Bulk bag


Type of inorganic mulch



Tiger mulch

£40 to £95

Per m²

Rocks and gravel

£100 to £180

Bulk bag


Rubber mulch is more expensive, around £40 to £95 per square metre. One of the most challenging mulch choices to find in the UK is hemlock mulch. Prices are better asked from your contractors as they may know someone that provides access.

You can purchase mulch in bulk bags per cubic metre or square metre. A bulk bag is around 1,000 litres. If you want to know more about how much you will be spending to mulch your area, we have prepared a price list. You will learn more about the different types of mulch, their prices, and labour cost per yard of mulch.

What factors affect the cost of mulch?

a garden cart full of mulch

Depending on the type you want, different types of mulch have unique costs. You should also consider the size of the area you want to cover, the delivery and installation, as this affects local mulch prices.

Mulch type

There are two kinds of mulch: organic mulch and inorganic mulch. Organic mulch is made of plant materials, compost, leaves or grass clippings. On the other hand, inorganic mulches are rocks, gravel, plastic sheeting, and rubber. It is usually artificial and can last much longer. 

However, organic mulch can be a better weed barrier than the other and can contribute a lot to the quality of your soil.

Garden size

The amount you will be paying will depend on the area you want to be covered. Buying bulk mulch can be done per square metre, cubic metre or bulk bag. The bigger your area is, the more mulch you will need. The recommended depth of mulch is 3 inches deep.

Delivery and installation

Bulk delivery charges for mulch are usually included in your mulch price as long as you reach their minimum limit.

You can decide to hire a landscape contractor to help you with your mulch installation. Doing this without a pro to help is possible but difficult as it will require too much work on your part, including lots of heavy lifting. Labour costs for gardeners or landscapers will cost you around £10 to £20 per hour.

How to choose the right kind of mulch

You want to use mulch in your garden to keep your soil’s moisture, thereby keeping the plants healthy, enriching your soil, and keeping the weeds at bay. It is still best to consult landscape designers to know what mulch to use. Here are a few things you should know about organic and inorganic mulch:

Bark and wood chips

Cedar bark, shredded wood, wood chips, and all hardwood and softwood chips are often waste products of paper and furniture. This is an eco-friendly choice and an excellent one for trees and shrubs. 

Watch out for pine in your mulch, as although this takes longer to disintegrate, it may harm flowers and vegetables due to its acidic content. Wood chips are also great for windy or rainy climates, as it is a heavier mulch.

Leaves and yard waste

Grass clippings and anything that shreds in the garden can be free mulch. It is good to use for flowers and vegetable beds. Watch out for clippings that were sprayed with pesticides, as this can hinder the growth of your garden, and look out for insects that might affect the growth of flowers.


This is considered one of the best ones to enrich the soil and lock in its moisture as it decomposes - all that is necessary for growth. It provides nutrients, especially during the flowering season. It suppresses weeds but does not prevent them. 

Straw or hay

This comes from wheat, barley and oat. This is mainly used for preparing your garden for the planting season, and it also works well in protecting your plants during winter. This is best used for a vegetable garden.

Tiger mulch

You will often find this inorganic mulch around children’s playgrounds or landscaped gardens. It prevents insects and fungus from growing in your area. It keeps weed from growing but is a bit on the expensive side.

Rock and gravel mulch

This is primarily used in landscaping. It retains heat and moisture, allowing water and air to reach the roots. It is good at preventing weed growth as well. You might pay additional costs when transporting rocks and gravel due to their weight.

How is mulch installed?

a tree nourished by mulch

There are many things you can do in your garden when you decide to have it landscaped. You can hire someone to hedge your bushes or trees or level your garden to make room and stabilise the placement of your plants. Of course, you may also hire someone to do the labour for your mulch.

Professionals use mulch blowing for a quick instalment. Mulch blowing can cut the time in half compared to mulch instalment by hand. It will also take only two people to install it. 

If you have finally decided on the type of mulch you want to use, you can go to Airtasker and look for someone to help you with its instalment. Our taskers will give you a quote within your budget, so you do not have to worry about how much a cubic yard of mulch costs!

How to book a mulching service on Airtasker

Getting a quote from Airtasker? Here are some details to include when posting a task:

  • Location - Provide your complete address so we can find the nearest service to you.
  • Garden size - Make sure you get the proper measurement of your yard to estimate how much mulch per square metre is needed.
  • Time - Let us know if this project is urgent.
  • Additional services - Extra services might cost you more. But don’t worry! List anything else you need so our taskers can give you the right quote.

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There is no specific season to install mulch. However, installing mulch after rain is an excellent idea, as it will preserve the moisture on your soil.

For every 12 cubic metre, 3 inches deep, you will need 6 bags of mulch.

Yes. Old mulch might develop fungi, yeast, or bacteria that can be harmful to your plants.

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