53 garden decor ideas to spruce up your space

Take your garden to the next level with these decor ideas.

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Are you tired of having a plain-looking garden with only a few lawn chairs sprawled about? If you love entertaining friends, having outdoor movie nights, and lounging by the pool, you’re probably wondering what you can do to take your backyard to the next level. Should you go for a romantic-style garden? Or an all-white garden to cater to your favourite colour? 

Whatever style floats your boat, we have over 50 garden decor ideas to inspire you to create your unique haven—from stylish tropical ideas to rustic garden decor! 

Romantic garden ideas


Imagine sitting in a romantic garden just like the one in your favourite movie. While green spaces are often for families, a garden should also be a relaxing space for you and your partner. Wondering how to decorate your house garden and turn it into a magical space? Keep reading.

1. A ton of roses


Roses are known to symbolise love and beauty, so there’s no other perfect flower to add to your romantic garden. Whether you add red roses or lavender roses, this garden accessory idea will add a soft pop of colour to your yard.

2. Intricate arches 

There’s a reason arches are often used in weddings; It frames the couple under them. An arch in the entryway of your garden will make you and your significant other feel like you’re entering your own little world.

3. Soft colour palette

soft-coloured-flowers-in-backyardWhen choosing plants to place in your garden, go for flowers or blooms in soft pinks, mauves, and purples. They exude luxury and romance while looking inviting to whoever visits your home.

4. Dark bushes 

Deep green shrubs and pine trees in your garden will emphasise the soft colour scheme you’ve already put together.

Tropical garden decor ideas

If you wish you could always be on vacation, having a tropical garden could do the trick to satisfy your wanderlust.

5. Tropical plants grouped together


If you have jasmine, calla lilies, caladiums, Monsteras and other tropical plants, group them to create a fun, exotic sanctuary within your garden. It’s best to place these in a sheltered area, away from strong winds, to prevent shredding. 

6. Bright colours

The sun and clear, azure waters first come to mind when thinking of a tropical place. You can emulate the same vibe by adding brightly-coloured pillows, chairs, and mats in your garden to liven up your new oasis.

7. Potted palms


Palm trees are famous in tropical countries. While they’re too big to place in your garden, you can always opt for potted palms to recreate your favourite hangout spot.

Black and white garden decor ideas

For a contemporary garden, it can’t get any more chic than black and white. This colour combination adds a modern twist to your space while looking ultra-gorgeous against your plants’ greenery and vivid blooms.

8. Black and white chairs and pillows


Any green area you want to emphasise? You can always add black and white tables, chairs, pillows, and mats to brighten up the space and transform it into the modern garden you’ve always dreamed of.

9. Black deck

The centrepiece, or mood-setter, of your garden. It stands out without being tacky, plus it adds an element of duality, with the darkness of the hue contrasted against the natural elegance of your shrubs and bushes.

Elegant garden decor ideas

If you imagine a country club garden, that’s what an elegant garden looks like. Filled with pastel or white flowers, clean-cut shrubs, bushes, trees, and localised spots designed with stripes and gingham!

10. Parasol


Do you wish your garden had more shade, especially during hot days? Add a parasol over your table and chairs to shade you and your guests when hanging out in the morning or afternoon. 

11. Stripe details

Stripes will make a pretty addition to your sophisticated garden for their retro charm.

12. Pastel blooms


From roses to hydrangeas and to pompons, pastel-coloured flowers will make your elegant garden come alive.

All-white garden decor ideas

If a black-and-white garden isn’t for you, maybe an all-white garden is more your style. The one shade will blend your foliage and furniture into a beautiful sanctuary.

13. Create texture


Because your garden will most likely be a blend of white and green, you must use a variety of blooms and foliage to prevent it from looking plain. But repetition is also key to mastering texture in your all-white garden. Say you love the look of white roses and white peonies, make sure they reappear throughout your garden to create a look of harmony.

14. Choose a dark backdrop

White can only stand out when it’s beside or in front of something dark. Choose dark trees, shrubs, vines, and bushes for your garden to help your white flowers and decor stick out.

15. Add romantic statues and benches

There’s something romantic about an all-white garden. White statues, benches, swings, tables, and chairs will add visual interest to your outdoor space. You can also add touches of silver that reflect light to your furniture. This can ease the transition from each plant.

16. Play with height

Just as texture in your all-white garden is vital, so is height. Varying sizes of foliage and blooms will create movement in your one-colour garden. To add an air of grandeur to your yard, add tall white flowers for a vertical flow or rounder flowers for a horizontal flow.

Hanging garden decor ideas

A hanging garden, also known as a vertical garden, will help you save space in your home. Plus, they’re also practical! So if you want to DIY your hanging garden, take note of these ideas.

17. Old clothing rods


Planning on redoing your closet? Don’t throw the old clothing rod away, and use it to hang your plants in your home. It’s a great DIY hanging garden decoration if you ask us! It’s practical and will help you save some quid. 

Use S-hooks or macramé plant holders to display your hanging garden with style.

18. Japanese moss balls

Easily hang Japanese moss balls from your ceiling or wall by tying fishing twine or string around each one. You can grow your hanging garden from the seed up with Japanese moss balls, as the balls contain soil. To water them, take the moss balls down and let them soak in a basin with water for 10 to 25 minutes.

19. Living “curtains”


Have trouble finding curtains for one sunny window? That’s no problem with your hanging garden! You can hang your plants on the curtain rod; Make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold several plants. This way, you can get a little shade while exposing your plant babies to some much-needed sunlight. 

Extra tip: Make sure the window you’re hanging your garden in isn’t too cold, especially in winter, as these conditions can kill your plants.

Vintage garden ideas

If you’re constantly asking yourself, “How can I decorate my garden?” the answer could be with things you already have. Vintage gardens are popular as it gives a feeling of nostalgia to anyone who’ll visit your home.

20. Wooden boxes


There’s no need to throw your old wooden boxes; They’ll make the perfect addition to your garden. Just give them a fresh coat of paint, or not if that’s your style. You can opt to put some plants and flowers in them and place them in your garden. Easy, right? 

21. Vintage drawer

Don’t know what to do with that old drawer granny gave you? Turn it into a planter! Just take the shelves out and plant some soil, decorative garden stones, and plants for a fun DIY garden project.

22. Repurposed furniture


Instead of getting rid of old buckets, jars, and bedframes, you can always use them as pots or planters for your new garden. Its rough look will beautifully contrast the blooms from your plants once you’ve transferred them there.

23. Enamel bowls

A farmhouse-style planter can be yours if you already have old ceramic or enamel bowls. This garden decorative idea will add a touch of vintage chicness to your yard once you’ve added some succulents, grey pebbles, and small flowers.

Rustic garden decor ideas

Rustic gardens are full of charm and are perfect for laidback get-togethers. When it comes to the look, the emphasis is on natural-looking decor. Slightly weathered or aged furniture is ideal for this type of garden, so if you’ve always wondered how to decorate your house garden without having to buy a ton of new items, you’ll love this style.

24. Floral displays


The slightly messy or natural look of plants and flowers is best with rustic-looking gardens. To create more impact, place them in large woven baskets and cluster them at a specific part of your garden to create an atmosphere of brightness and charm.

25. Aged stoneware pots

If a certain part of your rustic garden looks a bit lacklustre, placing aged stoneware pots with different kinds of shrubs spilling over it will instantly liven it up. Stoneware celebrates the beauty of its natural look, and these items can last for decades since they look better with age.

26. Fairy lights


No garden should be dark during nighttime. Fairy lights, or string lights, will make your garden more inviting and cosy while allowing you and your guests to hang out there any time during the night.

27. Quirky signs

Nothing shows off the spirit of a rustic garden like a few quirky signs. Choose your favourite phrases and place them on wooden planks across different garden areas to give your visitors a nice surprise.

Rock garden decor ideas

A popular garden decorative idea, rock gardens can easily add dimension and texture to a flat space. The rugged appearance of decorative garden stones allows you to define a certain area, cover a spot where no foliage will grow, and highlight different walkways and beds.

28. Grey stones and pebbles


As the main focus of a rock garden, it’s best to invest in the right type of decorative stones. Do you like stone pebbles for gardens? Water-born limestone? Your choice of garden stones will depend on the look you’re trying to achieve: sophisticated, rugged, or natural. Whichever one you choose, we recommend using stones to highlight fountains, bushes and walkways, or arches. You can even use stones to create a nice pebble garden border. 

29. Succulents

These hardy plants will add depth to your rock garden and are pretty easy to maintain as long as your garden stays frost-free all year round. Since succulents hold on to water, like aloe plants, make sure you improve the drainage by adding plenty of grit and gravel so your plants won’t drown and die.

30. Water element


Whether you add a fountain or a pond, placing an element of water in your rock garden will encourage wildlife and new types of foliage to grow.

Meditation garden decor ideas

Need an escape from your busy work and home lives? A meditation garden is what you might need. This outdoor space will make the perfect retreat so you can restore your well-being without having to travel far.

31. Winding path


If you have a large yard, consider adding a winding path that can give you respite when you need to think over a few things while walking.

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32. Walls and a door

A meditation garden is like a sanctuary. It’s only fitting to add walls and a door to separate it from your neighbours and the rest of the world. Adding this feature will make your garden feel tranquil and allow you to relax and unwind away from prying eyes.

33. Lavender and chamomile plants


Meditation gardens thrive on having a neutral colour palette and not much variety in foliage, so your mind isn’t overwhelmed and can easily relax. A few bushes of lavender and chamomile plants, which are known for helping calm and soothe the mind, will help complete your sensory experience.

34. A statue 

While most meditation gardens include a Japanese statue to give a nod to traditional Asian meditation practices, feel free to place a figure that symbolises something important to you in the centre of your space. Its solitary presence will encourage quiet contemplation and reflection to help you escape from the noise of everyday life.

Cottage garden decor ideas

Like the cottagecore aesthetic that celebrates farm life, a cottage garden carries its own “simple life” charm. It can work on any yard as this style creates an intimate space where you can come to hang out or escape. 

35. Unstructured foliage and blooms


The beauty of a cottage garden is its nature aspects that look perfectly imperfect. No rule dictates how you should arrange your bushes and flowers, as this style is all about your personal preferences. So play around with your shrubs and let your imagination run wild.

36. Pink and mauve colour palette

The placement of your plants may not be necessary for this garden decorative idea, but the colours of the blooms are. Beautiful soft pinks, mauves, and a hint of purple for some drama will bring your cottage garden to life. If you want to add a vintage touch, include some cream blooms to tie the whole thing together.

City garden decor ideas

As the name suggests, a city garden is for city-dwellers who don’t have the luxury of a full front garden or backyard. But just because you only have a few square metres for your urban jungle doesn’t mean you can’t create a beautiful nature escape.

37. Potted plants


You won’t find much fertile ground if you live in an apartment building. If you can’t plant your own bushes, you can always go for potted plants. They can instantly turn your balcony or rooftop into a mini garden when grouped together. 

Tip: Make sure you place saucers underneath your pots, so the water doesn’t leak out when you water your plants.

38. Wooden table and chairs

If you love hosting dinner parties and other celebrations, a wooden table and a set of wooden chairs will provide a new venue to entertain guests. This way, you won’t have to be cramped together inside your home, and you’ll be able to enjoy the fresh air.

39. Hammock


If space permits, you have to install a hammock in your city garden! When you need a break from your hectic work life or family responsibilities, you can simply lay in your hammock to unwind. 

40. Shoe organiser

A vertical garden is a great idea when planning your city garden; It saves you space and money. Once you’ve planted your herbs and shrubs in each shoe hole, you can hang the organiser from your balcony or patio for an efficient, sustainable garden.

Mediterranean garden decor ideas

If you live in a climate where grey skies are common, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re looking to create a Mediterranean garden in your backyard. It creates a bright area reminiscent of tropical climates and fresh outdoor dining. Wondering how to decorate your house garden? Check out these great ideas. 

41. Vibrant-coloured walls, fences, tables, and chairs


While pastel furniture looks chic and elegant, it can look muted and bland if the weather is gloomy. Vibrant blues, oranges, purples, and the like will transport you to the sunny shores of the Mediterranean. However, don’t overdo it. Make sure your plants are still the focal point by using hues that will complement the blooms and pots.

42. Citrus fruits and trees

Small lemon and orange trees are a great addition to your Mediterranean garden. Their vibrant colours look beautiful in the summer, and you can add them to any recipe once they’re ripe enough. Remember: It’s best to move these plants indoors during the winter to protect them.

Woodland garden decor ideas

A woodland garden not only contains plants and trees but wildlife too. It provides you (and other small creatures) with a soothing sanctuary.

43. Birdhouseswooden-birdhouse-in-garden

Whether store-bought or homemade, a woodland garden provides shelter and food to birds and insects. If you want more small creatures to visit (and maybe live here), add birdhouses, nesting boxes, and bushes with berries, so they have enough food and shelter to stay.

44. Natural pathways

If other garden styles hinge on stone or wooden paths, a woodland garden is about letting nature be. You can create pathways with simple borders like small wood or logs to define the route. Plan on putting some flowers in your garden? Make sure the ones with flowers line up the path so you (and your guests) can admire them whenever you take a walk.

Meadow garden decor ideas

A meadow garden consists of flowers and native grasses blended together to look like a wild meadow. What’s great about this garden style is the design is relatively low maintenance, plus it encourages and supports wildlife like butterflies and bees.

45. Rainbow-coloured variety of flowers


The world is your oyster when it comes to designing a meadow garden. There’s no colour palette to adhere to or plants to repeat. With a meadow garden, you can plant as many different flowers, like purple lupine or yellow yarrow, and place them wherever you desire for an unpolished look.

46. Butterfly weeds

If you want some fluttering creatures to be present in your meadow, add some butterfly weeds to your garden. Aside from having an eye-catching orange hue, it can survive droughts, is a pollinator, and is a major butterfly magnet.

47. Centre path


Whether your meadow garden is large or small, we recommend a centre path filled with gravel and stone so you can admire your plants whenever you go for a stroll. 

Desert garden decor ideas

Love the look of the California desert? You can achieve a slice of that in your backyard by creating a desert garden that emanates a serene-like quality.

48. Cacti and succulents


A cactus may be a succulent, but not all succulents are cacti. That being said, both make great additions to a desert-style garden for being low maintenance—they store water in their stems and leaves, so they don’t need to be watered every day.

49. Agave plants

Agave may be more known as tequila’s main ingredient, but it looks beautiful in a desert garden. Its dramatic size, chunky leaves, and blue or silver colour immediately catch the eye.

50. Warm colour palette


A desert garden may not be the greenest-looking garden, but with some coral plants, which put out bright red blooms, gold poppies, and desert mallows, you can transform your garden into a warm, heavenly refuge.

Renaissance garden decor ideas

Wish your garden looked like the ones in an Italian villa or the one at the Palace of Versailles? Just add these details in your garden to be transported to a different period in time.

51. Sharply-shaped bushes


Renaissance garden styles are about controlled shapes that create a gorgeous yet tranquil environment. Make sure your bushes are cut into geometric shapes, like a square or rectangle, and frequently trimmed to look neat and clean.

52. Angel statues

What’s a Renaissance garden without a statue? While some homeowners use different gods and goddesses, a classic addition is baby angels, which add an air of luxury while helping cut through the beautiful sea of green.

53. Large stone archesstone-arch-garden

Classic Renaissance gardens usually have strong stone structures to mark the garden’s centre or the entrance or exit. If you have enough space, include one between your cleanly cut shrubs to emphasise sharp lines and structure – a famous signature of a Renaissance garden.

Achieve your dream garden with any of these ideas. 

With over 50 garden decor ideas, we hope these will inspire you to take your lawn to the next level. You don’t even have to stick to one style. The beauty of having your own garden is you can mix and match ideas, shapes, and sizes to find one that truly speaks to your personality. 

To get your dream garden, find a garden designer who’ll be well-equipped to help you plan and build the perfect outdoor space.

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