36 Quirky plant pot ideas you’ll love

Quirky plant pots can liven things up in your garden.

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Quirky planter ideas can liven things up in your garden. And you can really get creative with your choices, as you’ll find that you can use pretty much anything as a planter.

These containers not only serve as a decorative element but also have a ton of advantages over traditional ‘from the ground’ gardening: 

  • Plant containers help you save water and fertiliser, making them perfect for eco-friendly gardening

  • It’s also easier to prevent pests, and you can move your containers around to a new location whenever you feel like it.

Here are 36 quirky and creative garden planter ideas. Read on, get inspired, and place your planter wherever you see fit – be it your porch, front door, wall, or mailbox! 

What to use as a garden planter?

a woman transplanting a flower seedling

Teacups, old boots, old pitchers, even bags–That’s what! You can make amazing planters with cheap, easy-to-find, or recycled materials and a little bit of creativity. 

Consider how and where you plan to display the planters to choose the most suitable planter design and material. 

1. Pitchers and kettles

Do you have old pitchers or worn-out kettles? Don’t throw them away just yet! They make good, rustic-looking, cost-saving planters that your plants will look nice in! These containers add a homey touch to your garden, too.

2. Teacups

succulent plants in colorful teacups

Make use of your favourite old cuppa by planting little gardens in them. Cute little cacti could work well in teacups too – all you need is some cactus soil and small pebbles.

3. Boots

Dust off those wellies. Whether they’re old combat and Chelsea boots, or colourful rain boots, they can make a perfect home for your next plant. Don’t forget to poke some holes at the bottom for extra drainage.

4. Glass or mason jars

different herbs growing in mason jars

Want to grow your own herbs? Recycle old glass jars from your pasta sauces and canned food. You can also use mason jars.

5. Milk tins

Just upcycle the rusty old tin you have lying at the back of your kitchen cupboard (we all have one).

6. Vibrant tins

purple tin cans repurposed as planters

For a splash of colour in your garden (or for indoor plants), turn to your kitchen cupboard again. Tins and cans are perfectly designed to be planters, and especially easy to plant in if you’re a beginner to this whole gardening thing. Wash out thoroughly after devouring the food it came with. You can also personalise these tins by painting them in your favourite colour!

7. Bags

Yep, even a common eco bag will do the trick. Tote bags are particularly great for growing any fruit and veg, thanks to their sturdy nature. Just don’t forget to provide drainage for your plant to avoid root rot.

8. Buckets

galvanised bucket used as a planter

This is a budget-friendly plant container option that can actually look surprisingly pretty (well, depending on the bucket you choose, obv). You can decorate and paint your planter buckets as you please. Just don’t forget to add that hole at the bottom for drainage.

9. Garden chairs

Got a couple of old chairs lying about? Before chucking away, consider using them as planters. You can attach a net on the seat where your plants can safely and securely be attached.

10. Glass containers

plants in a glass containerTerrariums, our old favourite. Plants that love moisture thrive well in terrariums, so if you have fittonias and other moisture-loving plants, you can put them in glass containers.

11. Birdcages

Birdcages make beautiful vessels for plants and flowers. Get an ornate or vintage one to add a touch of whimsy to your garden.

Patio planter ideas

Decorating your patio with plants is a sure way to make it refreshing and inviting. Check out these planter ideas for your patio.

12. Wall planters

decorative wooden crate as a planter

Get a wooden box or crate you can hang on your wall where you can place your plants.

13. Planters with stands

Use stands under your pots to vary the height of your plants. Adding variety this way enhances the overall look of your garden patio.

Front porch planter ideas

14. Plant rack

wooden shelving unit for indoor plants

Line your porch with multi-layer shelves and racks and decorate them as you please. You can get wooden racks, metal racks, or a stylish combination of both.

15. Textured planters

Have multi-layer shelves and racks already? These textured and coloured planters add a pop of colour and character.

Front door planter ideas

Set up the ambience of your cosy home by sprucing up your front door with a classic plant box, a wooden plant box, and hanging planters.

16. Good ol’ plant box

flowers in a plant box

Highlight your front door by placing two plant boxes on both sides. 

17. Wooden plant box

You can also use wooden plant boxes for a farmhouse touch.

18. Hanging planters

door with hanging plants on each side

Do you have a lot of hanging plants? Hang two of them on both sides of your front door using any kind of hanging planter that matches well with your house facade.

Planter box ideas

From cement to wood to old furniture, here are some planter box ideas to add personality to your garden. You can place them anywhere – by the front door, on the patio, in your garden, and on your porch!

19. Tiled cement planter box

ceramic tile planter box

Do you have a cement planter box? You can attach colourful, patterned ceramic tiles on them to make them unique and eye-catching.

20. Wooden log planter box

If you like the look of wood in general, this wooden log planter box will surely bring out the rustic style you’re going for.

21. Wooden cart planter

old wooden cart with potted flowers

Does your local thrift store happen to sell old, worn-out wooden carts? They make good planters, too!

22. Old suitcase

You don’t have to say goodbye to your old and much-loved suitcase just yet! Repurpose it and use it as a planter for your flower plants. 

23. Old drawer

old drawer used as a planter

If you own an old drawer piece that you no longer want to use, you can use it as a planter for your flowers, just like this teal metal drawer.

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Wall planter ideas

Got a blank wall in your garden? Maximise all that vertical space by hanging plants! Here are some ideas on how you can hang your greenery.

24. Metal rod hanger

A curtain rod and a few S-shaped hanger pieces can easily hang your small pots. 

25. Hanging water cans

old watering cans as colorful pots

Add a dainty touch to your wall by hanging colourful water can planters.

26. Macrame plant hanger

If you’re going for a boho look, you can use a macrame plant hanger like this. It’s also easy to DIY, perfect if you love arts and crafts!

27. Wall frame planter

succulent wall frame planter on tree

Think framed art, but the art is your beautiful plants. Any wall gets a fresh and quick makeover with this hanging planter frame.

28. Hanging decorative pots

Do you like decorative pieces? You can use hanging decorative pots as a home for your small plants, like this triangular hanging pot. 

Succulent planter ideas

Give your adorable succulent plants a new home with these planter ideas.

29. Teacup and mug

succulent plant in a blue mug

Have an old teacup with a nice colour? Use it for your echeveria or similar plants!

30. Ceramic bowl

Complete your homey aesthetic with a ceramic bowl! You can place more than two succulents to make a bouquet-like arrangement.

31. Concrete pots

succulents in concrete potsIf you want an industrial look, you can use concrete pots, which you can purchase at a small cost.

32. Glass terrarium

Use a glass terrarium to create a miniature succulent garden. It’s a whole different garden by itself!

33. Painted terracotta pots

succulent in a painted terracotta pot

Do you have more terracotta pots waiting for their turn to become a plant’s home? Time to jazz them up and paint your favourite patterns on them! 

Mailbox planter ideas

Beautify your mailbox with plants using these mailbox planter ideas.

34. Hanging pot holder for wall-hung mailbox

You can place a hanging pot holder right next to your mailbox if it doesn’t have an extra compartment for plants. 

35. Mailbox as planter

a mailbox used as a planter

Or, if you have an old mailbox, you can use it as an actual planter!

36. Hanging plant

Some mailbox designs provide extra space that allows for additional decor. You can hang your plant by installing a hook.

Enhance the look of your garden now! 

Do you want to add character to your plain-looking garden? Give your plants a new home with these awesome planter ideas. You can hire a garden designer to give your garden a full makeover while saving you the time and effort of doing things yourself. 

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