How much does garden maintenance cost?

Average Price

£50 - £300







We all delight in a beautifully kept garden filled with flowers and manicured lawns. Whether it's an extravagant residential acreage, commercial landscaping, or the backyard next door, gardening is a laborious, dirty, and time-consuming chore. As we bring the outdoors in to boost our living quarters, the need for gardening services and gardening maintenance is greater than ever. 


Unlike landscaping, gardening is simply tidying up or improving your current garden. Garden maintenance duties are labour intensive and often require specialist tools. There are also the special touches to improve our gardens along with the clippings and waste removal. As landscaped gardens add value to our properties, a gardener becomes an underestimated though excellent investment. 


The average garden maintenance prices vary on the task and area size of your garden. A self-employed gardener's hourly rate may also differ from one working with a team. With so many services and the specialist tools they require – the better the tool, the more efficient the gardener - costs can be between £14 to £45 per hour. 


Hiring a gardener is a lifestyle necessity when we lack the time, energy, equipment, and skills for the job. From seasonal landscaping maintenance to one-off jobs for bond cleans or regular lawn care service, it is not at all difficult to understand why gardeners charge what they do. The value they bring to our peace of mind, family and property is beyond measure.


How much do gardeners charge? Use the information on this price guide for your estimation.


Common inclusions in gardening


Your Gardener is likely to include some or all of the following services


Lawn mowing


Mowing lawns may also include edging and clippings removal. The price varies on the size of the lawn and how overgrown the grass might be for the type of mower needed or the pile of clippings to be removed.




While a simple service covering weed removal from garden beds and lawns, prices can vary depending upon how deep-rooted the weeds are, if weed spray is needed, and the type of weed spray required.


Pruning & hedging


Regular maintenance to prune and trim trees, plants, shrubbery, hedges, topiary, and bushes help keep their shape. Removing dying or diseased foliage and branches stimulates new shoots and growth. Prices can vary depending on the number or length of hedges, their size, and the complexity of their trimming and pruning.


Lawn care service


Services can include lawn mowing, watering, edging, leaf blowing, whipper snipping, hoeing, and clippings removal. The price varies on the size of the lawn, whether it’s hilly or not, and how much debris has been collected, and the type of mower and tools required to efficiently complete the task.


General garden clean & maintenance 


From one-off big cleans due to a change in season to the stormy aftermath of Mother Nature, services can include watering, pruning, trimming, weeding, fertilising, mulching, slashing, and clearing of garden rubbish. Regular maintenance can also include seeding. The price varies on the area, whether it’s overgrown, how much debris was collected, and the tools required – from wheelbarrows to specialist power planters – to efficiently complete the task.


Garden improvements


For those extra special touches and installations to elevate our outdoor areas, services can include planting, garden seat and planter box installations, seeding, turf laying, and turf repair. As these require more technical skills and time, the price depends upon the complexity of the job and the specialist tools required to efficiently complete the task.


Different gardeners include different services within their package, and prices may vary accordingly. Travel and setup costs may also be a factor. Depending on which services are included in the package you purchase, the frequency you require their service (one-off to regular maintenance), the terrain, and the tools needed to perform the job, you might pay more or less than average.


Factors that affect gardeners’ prices


Aside from service packages, other factors also affect the costs of gardeners.


Area size & terrain


Extensive hilly gardens that are difficult to access will typically cost more than smaller spaces with flat terrains. Smaller jobs still have to factor in costs for travel and setup. How long jobs take largely dictates what gardeners charge. 


Conditions & collected debris


If a great deal of debris has gathered and required tools for removal, charges will typically cost more than an area that is fairly clear or well maintained. This may be due to the equipment required, as well as the labour and time involved with the amount of clippings and waste for removal.


Types of plants 


Exotic and flowering plants may require more fertilising, weeding, and pruning attention as opposed to deciduous or native shrubs which are sturdier and require less care. On the other hand, native plants during autumn may cause more detritus and waste while topiary during winter allows for less litter. Costs can vary according to any of these factors.


Equipment & material 


Extra special jobs and installations requiring design, technical skills, and hard labour will vary in costs. Generally, gardeners’ rates include the labour and use of equipment to complete the job. But if an expensive weed spray, mulch, or materials to build garden beds and seats are required, these may incur additional costs as they are unlikely to be included in the standard rates. 


Difficulty & number of tasks


How many services and how labour intensive they are will influence costs. Removing weeds will not be as expensive as pruning a topiary or a package of services such as lawn care that requires specialists services.


Change in seasons 


The upkeep and care for gardens, shrubs, and plants may vary according to season. During winter, gardens are less likely to require any attention, while a wet summer may encourage more foliage growth and demands upon gardeners with less availability to perform jobs.


Change of state 


Services differ from state to state. This is due to the varied climates, standards of living, expanse in areas to maintain, and demand around the country. The cost of gardening services in London will vary greatly to other areas.


Example pricing by gardening services


Gardening services prices are generally similar to other services within the trade industry, but gardening services may be more in demand than a plumber or electrician. This is simply because a well-maintained garden requires more care and attention than a faucet or circuit. And rightfully so, when it’s just as much - if not more – a financial investment.


Now that you are aware of the available gardening services and which factors impact the pricing for these services, let’s look at average gardening prices in the UK, broken down by service.


Lawn Mowing. As a singular service, lawn mowing can vary between £10 and £40.

Weeding. Another singular service, the average cost of weeding is between £50 and £80.

Pruning & Trimming. Also considered a fairly singular service that requires more time and labour, pruning and trimming hedges, shrubs, and trees can cost between £100 and £350.

Lawn Care. Lawn care generally involves a package of services requiring more time, effort, care, and tools with costs ranging from £30 to £80.

General Garden Clean & Maintenance. Also a package of services, general garden cleaning and maintenance costs between £30 and £50.

Garden Planting. As a skilled service, garden planting costs from £50 to £100.

Garden Improvements. Labour-intensive services and installations requiring more technical skills and a variety of garden improvements, such as turf laying, can start from £100. 


Gardeners’ prices on Airtasker can vary by location. Here are different gardener rates per hour based on location in the UK:



Hourly Rate












Airtasker can connect you with a host of gardeners. Simply post your task, suggest a fair budget, and select a top-rated gardener to start. You can view candidates’ profiles before selecting, and your payment doesn’t get released until the job is complete and you’re satisfied.


Gardeners offer convenience, as well as more personalised, one-on-one attention to your gardening needs. Airtasker can connect you with some of the best gardeners near you. Ready to get started?

Garden Maintenance FAQs

Is there a minimum call out?

Yes. Gardeners charge a minimum by the hour. An appointment can take anywhere from one hour to a few weeks, but this is quoted to and accepted by you so you are aware of how long it takes, charges for materials and what the final costs are.

What is classed as an overgrown garden?

If your grass is too high for a lawn mower to go over, hasn’t been maintained in over 6 months or has a large number of weeds to be removed, your garden is overgrown.

What if it’s raining?

Weather shouldn’t be a factor – maintenance can be carried out even if the weather is bad - though not storming with lighting and thunder. If there are extreme weather conditions, your gardener should contact you to discuss moving the job to another time and date that best suits you.

Do I need to be present for the time my gardener is there?

As long as your garden is accessible, the gardener can complete the job. We are proud to say our gardeners are trustworthy with a rating system that indicates their ethics.

Should my gardener bring his own tools?

Yes. Gardeners should be fully equipped with their own tools including fuel, though they may ask to use your electricity. If there are specific tools required, bring it up with your gardener. If you invite the Gardener to use your own tools, they will not be responsible for any damage.

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