How much does weeding cost?

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An immaculate garden with lush green lawns and filled with flowers are one of life’s few joys – traversing one with bindi-eyes when fetching the morning paper is not. Every property deserves to be weed-free but getting to your hands and knees for the time-consuming and dirty job isn’t always our idea of an idyllic lifestyle. The results certainly are, as it leaves you to enjoy your garden more. This calls for regular weeding, gardening services, and maintenance.

Weeding is simply tidying up or improving your garden. However, it’s time-consuming and may often involve debilitating pain for those no longer able to perform the task. It’s an essential aspect of gardening to keep your outdoor area in pristine condition.

A well-kept garden improves the look of your home and adds to your property’s value. When the yard is littered with clutter, dry leaves or unsightly weeds, it’s an eyesore. 

The average gardener hourly rate in the UK may range from £14 to £25. This may also depend on the task and area size of your garden. Weed removal cost is often added to the overall charge for a gardener’s service. 

Hiring a gardener is recommended when you don’t have the time, energy, or equipment to get things done. From seasonal maintenance to one-off jobs or a regular weed removal service, it is easy to understand why gardeners charge what they do. 

Weeding and gardening services

Your gardener is likely to include some or all of the following services: 

  • Weed Removal. Your lawn needs to be weeded for good lawn health, and this is completed when pulling up weeds by hand or using weed removal tools, such as hoes, forks or weed extractors. For garden beds and lawns, weed removal cost can vary depending on how deep-rooted the weeds are, if weed spray is needed, and the type of weed spray required. 

  • Chemical Weed Removal. How much does spraying for weeds cost? Using chemicals requires extreme caution, especially when there are children and animals present. 

  • Lawn Care Service. These can include lawn mowing, watering, edging, leaf blowing, whipper snipping, hoeing, and clippings removal. Rates for these may depend on the size of the lawn, the slope, the amount of debris collected, and the type of mower and tools required to efficiently complete the task. 

  • General Garden Clean & Maintenance. From one-off big cleans to regular upkeep, services can include watering, pruning, trimming, weeding, fertilising, mulching, slashing, and clearing of garden rubbish. Regular garden maintenance can also extend to seeding. Price varies depending on the area, the amount of debris collected, and the tools required – from wheelbarrows to specialist power planters – to efficiently complete the task. 

Different local gardeners include a range of services within their package. Travel and set up costs may also be a factor. Depending on which services are included in the package, how often you require their service, the terrain, and the tools needed to perform the job, you might pay more or less than average for regular maintenance. 

Factors that affect garden weeding rates

Aside from the service package, other factors also affect the cost of weeding.

Area Size & Terrain. Extensive hilly gardens that are difficult to access typically cost more than smaller spaces with flat terrains. However, smaller jobs still have to factor in costs for travel and set up. The length of time needed to complete the job is also a factor in how much a gardener charges for their services.  

Conditions & Collected Debris. If the area is overgrown with weeds, rates will typically be higher. This may be due to the equipment required to remove the debris in your garden, the labour and time spent on the task, and the clippings and waste to be removed. 

Types of Plants. Exotic and flowering plants may require more fertilising, weeding, and pruning than deciduous or native shrubs that are sturdier and require less care. On the other hand, native plants during autumn may cause more detritus and waste while topiary during winter allows for less litter. Costs can vary according to any of these factors. 

Equipment & Material. Special jobs and installations requiring technical skills, hard labour, and chemicals will vary in costs. Generally, gardeners’ rates include the labour and use of equipment. But if an expensive weed spray or mulch is required for weed control, these may incur additional costs outside the standard rates. 

Difficulty & Number of Tasks. The number of services and complexity of the job will influence costs. Removing weeds will not be as expensive as lawn care services, as the latter may require a higher charge. 

Change of Seasons. The upkeep and care for gardens and plants may vary according to season. During winter, gardens are less likely to require any attention, whilst a wet summer may encourage more foliage growth and demands upon gardeners with less availability to perform jobs. 

Location. Services differ from one location to another. This is due to the varied climates, standards of living, expanse in areas to maintain, and demand around the country. For example, the cost of gardening services in London may differ greatly from other areas in the UK. 

Example pricing for weeding services

Gardeners have similar rates with other professionals in the home improvement and handyman industries, but gardening services may be required more regularly than any other tasks. A well-maintained garden requires more care and attention than a leaky faucet or troublesome circuit. 

Now that you are aware of the available gardening services and which factors affect the pricing for these services, let’s look at average gardening prices in the UK based on service and area. 

Lawn Mowing. The average lawn mowing service may cost £20 per hour. 

Weeding. The average cost of weeding services may range from £50 to £80. 

Lawn Care. Lawn care generally involves a range of services requiring more time, effort, care, and tools. The cost for lawn care services may range from £30 to £80. 

General Garden Cleaning & Maintenance. Also offered as a package, general garden cleaning and maintenance costs between £30 to £50. 

Garden Planting. The costs for garden planting may range between £50 to £100. Extensive landscaping may require extra charges. 

Gardeners’ prices on Airtasker can vary by location. Here is a breakdown of average hourly rates for different areas in the UK:

Area Price Range
Aberdeen £25
Bedform £23
Liverpool £30
London £27
Manchester £25
Slough £31

Gardeners offer more convenience, as well as more personalised, one-on-one attention catered to your needs. Ready to get started?

Airtasker can connect you with a host of gardeners for weeding removal services. Simply post your task, suggest a fair budget, and select a top-rated Gardener to start. You can view candidates’ profiles before selecting someone, and your payment doesn’t get released until the job is complete and you’re satisfied.

Weeding cost FAQs

Is there a minimum call out?

Yes. Gardeners charge a minimum by the hour. An appointment can take anywhere from one to a few hours or a package service across a few weeks, but this is quoted to and accepted by you so you are aware of how long it takes, charges for materials and what the final costs are.

What is classified as an overgrown garden?

If your grass is too high for a lawn mower to go over, hasn’t been maintained in over 6 months or has a large number of weeds to be removed, your garden is overgrown.

What if it’s raining?

Weather shouldn’t be a factor – maintenance can be carried out even if the weather is bad - though not storming with lighting and thunder. If there are extreme weather conditions, your gardener should contact you to discuss moving the job to another time and date that best suits you.

Do I need to be present for the time my gardener is there?

As long as your garden is accessible, the gardener can complete the job. We are proud to say our gardeners are trustworthy with a rating system that indicates their ethics.

Should my gardener bring his own tools?

Yes. Gardeners should be fully equipped with their own tools. If there are specific tools required, bring it up with your gardener. If you invite the Gardener to use your own tools, they will not be responsible for any damage.

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