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What does a washing machine repair include?

From faulty wiring to mechanical issues, a washing machine repairer will be able to help you get your machine back in working order. Depending on your needs, your service may include:

Washing machine assessment

If there’s something wrong with your washing machine, it’s important to switch it off immediately and call in an expert. An experienced technician will check over your machine to diagnose and repair any faults. They’ll look at details like whether your washing machine is stopping mid-cycle, whether it’s draining properly, and whether it’s spinning normally. Then they’ll recommend the best course of action to repair your machine.

Washing machine repairs

Washing machine repairs vary depending on the problems identified in your assessment. Some common repairs include washing machine levelling (if the machine grows legs during a spin cycle), unclogging a blockage, electrical issues, door replacement, seal replacement, filter replacement, new hoses, and even smell issues. Your technician will use their tools to pull apart the machine, replace the parts needed, and put it back together. They’ll run a short cycle to check that everything’s working properly before they finish up the job.

Washing machine installation

If your washing machine repairs work out to be too complex or costly, your technician will recommend a new machine. You can ask your technician to help you install your washing machine properly. They’ll hook up the drain and supply lines, take care of the wiring, level your machine, and make sure it’s working. 

Washing machine maintenance

Keep your washing machine is perfect running order, increase its lifespan, and maintain optimal hygiene with regular maintenance. You can catch potential issues early if you get a professional in every year or so to service your appliance. Washing machine maintenance can include things like replacing water hoses, washing machine levelling, detail cleaning the machine, and checking it’s being used correctly. 

From Dishwasher Repair, Appliance Installation, and Appliance Repair; you can get all types of Washing Machine Repairs & Installation done usually between £50-£100, with the median price of Washing Machine Repairs & Installation in Leamouth being £50.
Don't live in Leamouth? We also have Washing Machine technicians available in Temple Fortune and Central London available today.

Recent Washing Machine Repairs & Installation tasks in Leamouth

My washing machine isn’t working I need someone to fix it


Blackwall, Greater London

22nd Jan 2023

My washing machine stopped working and I need it fixed asap - Due date: Needs to be done on Monday, 23 January 2023

I need an integrated washing machine dryer and dishwasher installed


Docklands, Greater London

10th Nov 2022

Hi I need: 1. removal of an old washing machine/dryer and dishwasher; and 2. installation of an Ikea washing machine/dryer and dishwasher. Ideally would want this done on the same day. - Due date: Needs to be done on Saturday, 19 November 2022

Help repair my washing machine and dishwasher


Docklands, Greater London

19th Jun 2022

The washing machine door release button has been broken and will need replacing. The model of the appliance is a Whirlpool Awg 345/4 washer dryer. For the dishwasher it seems that the rinse program works. However, for the main wash programs I can't hear any water flowing through the rotating jets. The model for this appliance is a Whirlpool ADG550. - Due date: Flexible

Washing machine dryer repair


Blackwall, Greater London

14th May 2022

My washing machine dryer isn’t functioning properly. Even after 2 hours of drying time the clothes are moist. Brand - whirlpool - Due date: Before Monday, 16 May 2022

Washing machine instalation


Docklands, Greater London

8th Apr 2022

Washing machine needs installing - Due date: Flexible

We need someone for the washing machine


Blackwall, Greater London

2nd Mar 2022

We need someone for the washing machine as the door is locked and not opening and it says pump error. - Due date: Before Thursday, 3rd Mar 2022

Indesit Washing machine repair not spinning


Blackwall, Greater London

28th Jun 2021

Washing machine not spinning and filling only little bit water. It suddenly stops after spin air blow sound. Last we used it for washing doormats and it stopped suddenly after 30 mins out of 45 mins washing cycle. We did clean bottom front right side filter and drained out water. But still problem persists. So need help in fixing this issue.

Washing machine Repair


Blackwall, Greater London

27th Jun 2021

We turned on washing machine, it's taking little bit of water and trying to fill drum filled with cloth. But after 1 min it stops with air noise neither filling with water nor spinning

Washing Machine Repair HotPoint


Blackwall, Greater London

8th Apr 2021

F13 error - this needs fixing

Open my washing machine pump filter


Docklands, Greater London

13th Oct 2020

My washing machine is currently not draining well. I have tried opening the pump filter but it seems tightly closed and I just can not open it. The handles on the filter are also broken. I however do have a replacement filter. The machine is a "Beko" brand. I therefore would like to have a plumber with a tool that would open. The job will probably take under 10 or 5 mins to complete. Thank you

Fitting of new washing machine


Docklands, Greater London

27th Jun 2020

New washing machine to be fitted

Install washing machine


Docklands, Greater London

12th Feb 2020

I need a washing machine installed in my place. Having some issues connecting the drain pipe, can send pictures for reference if needed.

Washing Machine - Repair


Blackwall, Greater London

19th May 2019

I have a faulty washing machine in need of repair. I have a cleaning drain pump warning on the machine. I have drained the pump but the warning is persistent. The washing machine is a Siemens Wash&Dry model.

I need washing machine repair & installation


Blackwall, Greater London

12th Mar 2019

Hotpoint washer dryer with error code 12. Model WDPG 8640

Replace washing machine seal


Docklands, Greater London

5th Mar 2019

We have a 10 year old hotpoint washing machine and want to replace the rubber seal.

Tafil replaced a rubber seal for the door of our 12 year old washing machine. He was right on time, professional and very efficient. On assessing the task, he quickly found a way and completed the job without any fuss. We would definitely hire his services again.

Replace rubber seal on washing machine


Docklands, Greater London

2nd Mar 2019

We would like to have the rubber seal on our hot point machine replaced. The machine is already out of its position and opened.