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Life is much easier with efficient home appliances. But when your trusted machine breaks down with no hope for repair, you’re bound to buy a new one. But how much does it cost to install a new appliance?

Appliance installation costs around £87 on average. This could still go as high as £500 for large appliances and as low as £10 for smaller items. If additional work is needed, prices can also increase. 

Appliance installation can be tricky, especially when dealing with big and bulky stuff. With this guide, get to know the average price for appliance installation costs.

Appliance installation price list 


Average installation costs

Washing machine

£40 to £100


£55 to £150


£50 to £110


£55 to £100


£50 to £100


£70 to £150


£100 to £150

Other appliances with a 13a plug

Starts at £10

a serviceman installing a washing machine

Factors that affect appliance installation costs


Your location will also dictate the overall price. Some companies offer free delivery for nearby areas and discounted installation rates depending on the price of the appliance. However, if your location is far from the place of purchase, expect delivery and installation costs to be higher. Check out the table below to see the average costs of appliance installation per state: 

Average costs

Low range

High range














Number of appliances

The number of appliances you will have installed will affect how much the installation costs. Typically, prices start at £30, but it could go up to £450 for more complex cases. If you have more than one appliance, a fee of £50 is usually charged for each additional appliance. However, some tradespersons offer discounts when you have three or more home appliances installed at once or in one day.

Job complexity

The total appliance installation price also differs depending on the complexity of the job. The installation cost would naturally increase if the installation needed additional work, such as electrical work, new gas lines, or appliance removals.   

For example, putting up an additional gas line costs around £150 to £250. If you plan to have a washer and dryer installed for the first time, costs can reach up to £350 to cover new plumbing lines and a new venting system. 

Additional work makes the appliance installation job more complex and might also need the expertise of a contractor. Hence, the higher the costs.

Type of appliance

Appliance direct installation cost differs per type of appliance. Smaller plug-and-play devices start at £30, while bigger appliances requiring more complex installation could reach £500. If you recently bought a smart appliance, costs can also go higher since these are more complicated to set up than ordinary appliances.

Minimum fee

First, some installers ask for a minimum fee or flat rate before proceeding with the job. This is to factor in the cost of travel and other admin expenses.


If you just moved into a new house and are installing new appliances for the first time, you might need some carpentry and experienced assemblers for your new purchases. Of course, this will also add to total costs.

Different types of appliances and their installation costs

The cost to install appliances includes unpacking, removal and disposal of the old unit, as well as a warranty. However, make sure to clarify this with your installer before proceeding with the job to avoid any surprise expenses.

a man installing a gas hob in a kitchen


The price to install a cooktop ranges from £70 to £150, and it is one of the more expensive appliances to install. Costs can still go up if the countertop needs repair or new venting. Generally, the cost already covers unpacking the item, assembling, and disposing of old packaging.


The cost of dryer installation starts at £55. This price includes unpacking and disposal of used packaging, assembly, connection, and testing.


Fridge installation costs around £50 to £110. This can increase for more advanced refrigerators with ice makers and their own dispensers if you require a water line set up. As with other appliances, the price usually includes unpacking, assembly, and cleaning up old packaging.


The cost to install a TV ranges from £55 to £100, including unpacking the new TV and wall mounting.


Similar to cooktops, installing a stove is on the higher end ranging from £100 to £150. Costs can still increase if repairs and fixes on the kitchen cabinets are needed.

Washing machine

Washing machine installation costs start at £40. This includes the removal of an old appliance, unpacking, and assembly. However, if you need to have some repairs done, expect the final fee to be higher.


Installing a new dishwasher costs around £50 to £100. This includes unpacking, assembling, removing an old appliance, plumbing, and checking if the machine is operational. If the installation of new pipes and cabinet repairs are needed, costs can still go higher.

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It’s natural to think about cutting costs with things like this. However, it takes a certain level of skill and expertise to ensure that your appliance’s installation is done correctly. One mistake might cost damage to your newly bought appliances, which might lead to more expensive repairs.

This is why it’s best to leave this task to the pros. Take the stress out of installing a new appliance by posting a task on our platform and connecting with a reliable appliance installation professional!

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Yes, definitely! Some traders also offer reduced rates for installation jobs with more than three appliances.

Professional installers can help install your appliances. But if more complicated electrical, carpentry, plumbing, and engineering are involved, you can hire a contractor with the right experience and expertise.

The time it takes to install an appliance varies depending on the appliance's size, type, build and location. It could take as quickly as an hour to deliver and install plug-and-play appliances. However, it could reach up to three hours or half a day for more complex installations.

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