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What does a washing machine repair include?

From faulty wiring to mechanical issues, a washing machine repairer will be able to help you get your machine back in working order. Depending on your needs, your service may include:

Washing machine assessment

If there’s something wrong with your washing machine, it’s important to switch it off immediately and call in an expert. An experienced technician will check over your machine to diagnose and repair any faults. They’ll look at details like whether your washing machine is stopping mid-cycle, whether it’s draining properly, and whether it’s spinning normally. Then they’ll recommend the best course of action to repair your machine.

Washing machine repairs

Washing machine repairs vary depending on the problems identified in your assessment. Some common repairs include washing machine levelling (if the machine grows legs during a spin cycle), unclogging a blockage, electrical issues, door replacement, seal replacement, filter replacement, new hoses, and even smell issues. Your technician will use their tools to pull apart the machine, replace the parts needed, and put it back together. They’ll run a short cycle to check that everything’s working properly before they finish up the job.

Washing machine installation

If your washing machine repairs work out to be too complex or costly, your technician will recommend a new machine. You can ask your technician to help you install your washing machine properly. They’ll hook up the drain and supply lines, take care of the wiring, level your machine, and make sure it’s working. 

Washing machine maintenance

Keep your washing machine is perfect running order, increase its lifespan, and maintain optimal hygiene with regular maintenance. You can catch potential issues early if you get a professional in every year or so to service your appliance. Washing machine maintenance can include things like replacing water hoses, washing machine levelling, detail cleaning the machine, and checking it’s being used correctly. 

Recent Washing Machine Repairs & Installation tasks in Walthamstow

Washing machine pipe blockage


Central Parade, Greater London

13th Jul 2022

Hi my washing machine pipe i think is blocked it switches on but when it come to spin it wont work..the pipe cant collect water - Due date: Needs to be done on Friday, 15 July 2022

Washing machine pipe blocked


Central Parade, Greater London

18th Jun 2022

Washing machine dosent pump out water..something wrong with the pipe - Due date: Needs to be done on Monday, 20 June 2022

Washing machine repair


Central Parade, Greater London

5th Jan 2022

Washing machine Siemens (IQ100 I think) Has stopped working simply flashes warning lights, I made an attempt to assess the problem but thought I'd better fid an expert - Due date: Before Monday, 10th Jan 2022

Washing machine tripping electricity


Central Parade, Greater London

1st Mar 2020

The washing machine keeps on tripping electricity when turning it on. Have tested and replace fuse on plug but it still trips the electricity.

Remove coin from washing machine drum


Central Parade, Greater London

12th Oct 2019

Coin has fallen into the the drum of a front-loader washer-drier. It makes a rubbing sound as it spins. It is an AEG L8WEC166R.

Washing Machine Service + Full Clean


Central Parade, Greater London

25th Mar 2019

I am looking for someone who knows how to dissemble a washing machine and remove debris from around the drum, in the water extraction pipes and in the filters. Coarse door mat hairs have blocked some of the pipes and although the machine works, the drainage is poor. I have cleaned the easy to remove filter part, but the drum and pipes need to be accessed too. Can someone please provide a quote for this? Thanks, Paul