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Last updated on 22 September 2023

Families, companies, and businesses always want to keep their spaces clean. With the constant need for cleaning services, it’s no wonder many people are venturing into the industry. Are you planning on starting a cleaning business? Read on for some tips to get started. 

Disclaimer: This guide is for general information purposes only and is not intended as legal or tax advice. Please get professional tax advice or speak with a business consultant before making any business decisions. 

Can I start a cleaning business by myself? 

Yes, you can start one all by yourself! If you don’t have the funds to hire staff for your cleaning company, what you need to invest is your time. You’ll need to be a hands-on business owner with every step of starting your business, from planning to advertising. 

Once you’ve established your business and made some money, you can look into hiring more cleaners, getting business partners, or taking on bigger projects. 

How do I start my own cleaning business?

Let’s say you already have a business name in mind and are ready to jump in. Here are some things you’ll need to consider when starting yo business. 

1. Have a clear and defined market.

Doing market research and identifying your niche are essential first steps when starting a cleaning business. Will you be cleaning for homeowners or businesses? Which locations should you provide your services to? Are your prices suitable for your target customers?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you plan the specifics of your business. Once you have a clearer idea, you can choose to specialise in a type of cleaning service, such as: 

2. Hone your cleaning skills and knowledge.

Make sure to have a basic understanding of cleaning equipment and methods. You can practise your cleaning skills by starting with your own home or cleaning for friends and family. For the latter, get feedback, so you can identify skills you still need to work on, which you can do through online courses and certifications. 

3. Consider cleaning equipment costs.

This is where estimated cleaning costs come in. While it’s possible to start a cleaning company with little capital, expect to still spend some money on cleaning equipment and supplies. You may also need to factor in other overhead costs like transportation, insurance, and advertising. 

4. Promote your cleaning business. 

Early on, figure out how to promote your cleaning business. You can do it the traditional way by putting up flyers in restaurants and community centres. Also, set up your business website or social media profile to establish your online presence and reach more customers. Word of mouth, i.e., customer referrals, can also go a long way! Lastly, you can sign up on Airtasker to browse tasks near you and get hired for cleaning jobs. 

5. Prepare your policies and contracts. 

Set your service terms and prepare contracts, especially if you’re starting a commercial cleaning business. This is a way to manage client expectations and ensure both sides are in agreement. In a contract, you can lay out your service rates, materials provided, working time, cleaning schedule, and other terms. It’s best to ask a lawyer to review your business contract and give you legal advice. 

Start your cleaning business today! 

Remember: Establish trust, correctly price your services, and get the necessary licenses. With all your bases covered, it’s only a matter of time until you attract customers and grow your cleaning business. Sign up on Airtasker now to find your first cleaning job. 

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FAQs on cleaning businesses

There are no specific licences for cleaning in the UK, but qualifications can give you an advantage. Some specialised cleaning jobs require certification. Learn more about different cleaning certifications and see which one suits you best. 

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