How much does it cost to clean an apartment?

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£95 - £450







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Cleaning can be a therapeutic task for some people, but it's also a tedious chore, especially for those who work more than eight hours a day. If you’re one of the busy people who wants a clean house but lacks time to do it, you need to hire a cleaning service.

How much does it cost to clean a 2-bedroom apartment? It can go from £120 to as much as £220. This is usually the apartment move-out cleaning cost. You can also pay £9 to £30 per hour for a one-time cleaning task. Regular cleaning will cost you £11 to £16 per hour. 

This guide will help you choose the right cleaning service and show you how much it costs to clean an apartment.

Apartment cleaning price list

Here are various cleaning services you can request, depending on your needs:  two young people cleaning an apartment

Regular cleaning costs

Regular cleaning is considered light work. You can choose this option if you get to clean your apartment lightly from time to time and just want things to be polished. Regular cleaning is usually charged per hour, with a usual minimum of two hours. 

You can also hire a regular cleaner who can come by every week or once every two weeks. This option is usually cheaper than the others, as some cleaning services offer discounts when you choose to be their recurrent customer. 

The following table shows regular cleaning prices based on the number of bedrooms you have. Note that an additional bathroom might be charged an extra £11 to £16.

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End-of-tenancy cleaning costs

End-of-tenancy cleaning is done on an empty apartment, and you have to make sure to do this before you finally move out so you’ll be able to get as much of your deposit. Apartment end of tenancy cleaning prices can be more costly than regular cleaning. If you’re wondering how much it costs to clean a studio apartment, it might be cheaper, as there are no other rooms inside.

See the table below for the price range based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms: 

Number of bedrooms

Number of bathrooms




£95 to £170


£110 to £180


£130 to £250


£180 to £287


£215 to £325


£350 to £450

Deep cleaning costs

Deep cleaning is needed when your apartment needs a thorough cleaning. You can opt to do this after an event or party, before a big event, or if it’s been a while since you last had your house cleaned. The cost to deep clean a 2-bedroom apartment with one bathroom is different from a 2-bedroom with two bathrooms. The difference between the number of bedrooms and bathrooms ranges from £10 to £30.

Deep cleaning an apartment costs more than your standard cleaning. Check out the prices below:

Number of bedrooms

Number of bathrooms


Studio flat


Around £95


£100 to £130


£120 to £145


£160 to £180


£200 to £215


Around £240

Per-hour cleaning rates

Per-hour rates are ideal for smaller apartments. Most cleaning services charge on a per-hour basis, with a minimum of two hours. Rates can go as low as £9 per hour to as much as £30 per hour. This is not the final amount you will pay, as the size, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as service add-ons, can increase the price. Take note that this is a per-hour, per-person service.

Apartment cleaning cost factors

a woman cleaning an apartment window


If you have a furry pet, some cleaners might charge an additional fee. It might include cleaning up the fur and stains from your pets. You can add around £5 to £10 for this.

Cleaning materials

Professional cleaning services usually bring their materials to use for your apartment. If you have preferences or allergies, you might want to make additional requests.  

Task duration

If you want quicker service, cleaning services can add more people to do the job. However, they might cost more, as they might be paid per hour per person.

Your location

Prices depend on your locality. It's better to hire a cleaning service near you because it would be easier to get to your place, especially when you hire a Tasker for regular cleaning.


Besides the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, your final price will also depend on additional housework. Cleaning services call it “add-ons.” These include carpet, upholstery, mattress, oven, window, fridge, floor, and ironing services.

If you are the type who wants everything done in a day, you can opt for these. If you prefer separating the areas for cleaning, you can hire a floor cleaner, upholstery cleaner, or even someone to dust your furniture.



Carpet cleaning

£13 to £29

Upholstery cleaning

£6 to £42

Mattress cleaning

£19 to £30

Oven cleaning

£40 to £60

Window cleaning

£42 to £200

Fridge cleaning

£3 to £15

Ironing services

Around £15

Should you DIY or hire a professional cleaner?

You can opt to DIY your apartment if you have the time and energy. If you are busy juggling your social life, career, and chores, it's better to get a cleaning service. Everybody wants to go home to a clean apartment after a long day. 

Here are the benefits of hiring a professional cleaner:

  1. They take the stress away from you. If you have a demanding lifestyle, an experienced cleaner can do all the dirty jobs.
  2. They can provide a thorough cleaning of your house, even on corners that you might not be able to reach when you do it on your own. 
  3. It’s cost-effective. You might think you’re saving money when you do it yourself. However, you still have to buy cleaning products and materials. Most professional cleaners bring their equipment to your place.
  4. They extend the service life of your items. The quality of most of our household items decreases if it’s not properly taken care of. Your cleaners will know how to handle them with care and extend their lifespan.
  5. Hiring a professional cleaner can help you with your health. You can protect yourself from dust and allergies by having your cleaners do a squeaky clean job in your apartment. A clean and healthy environment contributes to a healthier body.
  6. To make things even easier for you, you can use Airtasker’s services to help you find the right cleaning service. Taskers can match you with a price you can afford, whether you need a house or apartment cleaned.

Overall, give yourself a break. Skip the hassle of asking for referrals from people you know or browsing through listings online. Post a task on Airtasker and let a professional apartment cleaner keep your apartment in its best condition!

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Professional cleaners usually provide the cleaning equipment. However, if you have any special requests, you may contact your Tasker via Airtasker’s messaging platform.

A 3-bedroom apartment, depending on the number of bathrooms and the kind of cleaning service you want, may range from £160 to £287.

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