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Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of turning a dirty, greasy, or dusty space into one that looks and smells great. Cleaning jobs can be lucrative, too! After all, everyone needs something cleaned on the regular. 

Here are some tips on how to get more cleaning jobs to maximise your income. 

Tip 1: Promote your cleaning services online. 

An online presence will make it easier for potential customers to find you, be it individual clients or companies. Plus, social media is an easy and affordable way to promote your cleaning services! 

You can list the cleaning services you offer on your online page, including specialised services like carpet cleaning and Airbnb cleaning. Also, list down your work experience, rates, and cleaning process. What’s more, show off those before-and-after photos of your cleaning work. 

Tip 2: Find local cleaning jobs near you. 

Ask for referrals.

Satisfied customers can be your best marketers. After completing a cleaning job, ask your customer to tell friends and family about your services. Word of mouth can go a long way in getting more cleaning jobs.  

Browse cleaning jobs on Airtasker. 

You can find residential cleaning jobs near you on Airtasker. Our platform lets you find all sorts of cleaning tasks, including carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, and end of lease cleaning. Find a job that matches your skills and location. Your next customer could be right in your neighbourhood or a short drive away! 

Tip 3: Establish your credibility and cleaning skills. 

Earn trust badges for your online profile. 

Marketplace platforms let you earn trust badges to attract customers. For example, verifying your identity will make your profile more trustworthy. ID badges can include mobile phone number verification, Facebook account verification, and Business Verification.  

Such badges help you build trust with potential clients, especially if you want to get cleaning jobs but have no prior experience. What’s more, these badges will help your offer stand out so you can get cleaning jobs. 

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Ask clients to leave reviews. 

Want to know how to get commercial cleaning jobs in the UK? Get clients to give you a review or testimonial on your online profile. You can also share these customer reviews on your website. Testimonials establish your credibility and increase your chances of getting hired for cleaning jobs. 

Showcase photos of your cleaning work. 

The great thing about working in the cleaning industry is you can show tangible results from your cleaning jobs. Take some photos before and after you clean a space. These photos will demonstrate your excellent cleaning skills. Share these photos on your website so people can see how their house can look if they hire your services. 

Get cleaning certification. 

While some cleaning jobs such as cleaning a fridge and mopping floors don’t require special certificates, certain types of cleaning services may require training and certification. The British Cleaning Certificate Course and the Level 2 Certificate in Cleaning are some examples of courses that can improve your knowledge and boost your credibility. 

Tip 4: Set yourself apart from the competition. 

Offer competitive but reasonable cleaning rates. 

Service rates can make or break a customer’s decision to hire you. This is why it’s vital that you price your services in a way that’s competitive enough but ensures you get paid  for your work. 

Communicate clearly and promptly when making an offer.  

Your clients will likely be busy people who would appreciate someone who can clearly specify rates and service inclusions. Clients will also want to avoid miscommunications on scheduling and working times. 

Here are some specific tips to get cleaning jobs on Airtasker: 

  • After making an offer, leave a comment for the Poster (i.e., potential customer) and tell them why you’re the right person for the job.
  • When giving a quote, specify the total amount you’re willing to do the task to leave no room for uncertainty – thus encouraging a customer to hire you.

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FAQs on how to get cleaning jobs

You generally don’t need formal qualifications to do cleaning jobs. But relevant experience or apprenticeship can help you get cleaning jobs and specialised cleaning work (e.g., cleaning in hospitals and care homes). You can also take courses like COSHH Training for Cleaners and the British Cleaning Certificate course. If you’re starting a cleaning business, you will need to comply with certain UK government requirements, including business registration and insurance. 

With enough hard work, you can make a career out of cleaning in the UK. Currently, 1 in 3 households outsources their cleaning, making the demand quite high. Airtasker lets you easily find cleaning jobs so you can make a career out of cleaning – whether you’re just starting out or have a full-fledged cleaning business. 

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