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The ultimate spring cleaning checklist

Tidy up your home with this spring cleaning checklist. And if you encounter something challenging to clean, don’t worry. You can always reach out to a Tasker.

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Last updated on August 21, 2023

Cleaning your house from top to bottom (and all corners and crevices in between) can be an overwhelming task. But here’s a plot twist: contrary to the time-old tradition of spring cleaning as a painful and time-consuming chore, it can actually be more enjoyable! 

Follow this spring cleaning checklist according to your preferred schedule, and choose only the spring cleaning tips that suit your home’s condition. It’s up to you if you want to clean your whole house in one day or just one room per day. Go ahead and start tidying up in a way that feels right for you. But first off, what exactly is spring cleaning?

What is spring cleaning?spring cleaning supplies

Spring cleaning is the thorough cleaning of a house during springtime. It involves cleaning those areas you don’t usually touch during regular cleaning, especially the hard-to-reach and time-consuming areas.

Because of its popularity, spring cleaning has become a norm for many. It could be fun, too, what with all the cleaning hacks and aesthetic home photos that trend on social media during springtime.

Spring cleaning checklist

Spring cleaning supplies list

The first step to springtime cleaning is preparing your supplies. Your supplies list depends heavily on the appliances, furniture, and other things that you have, but here are some of the essentials:

☐ Feather duster

☐ Microfiber cloths

☐ Dish soap

☐ Baking soda

☐ White vinegar

☐ Lemons

☐ Spray bottle

☐ Sponge

☐ Cleaning brush

☐ Vacuum cleaner (upright one for your floors, handheld for your shelves and cabinets)

General areas spring cleaning checklist

Dust ceilings and ceiling fans

Dust lighting fixtures

Dust blinds and curtain rods

Wipe walls, wall decors, and baseboards

Clean windows and window screens

Clean window sills and window tracks

Test and change empty batteries in smoke detectors

Check and replace expired fire extinguishers

Shampoo carpets and rugs

Remove mould build-ups

Clean floors

Disinfect high-touch areas (door knobs, handles, light switches, remote controls, etc.)

Bonus tip:  Before wiping your walls, test out on a small out-of-sight area first. This will help ensure that your choice of cleaning product won’t ruin your walls. Also, don’t forget to dry your walls after cleaning to avoid water stains.

deep cleaning a mattress

Bedroom spring cleaning checklist

Strip your bed and deep clean the mattress

Move the bed and clean underneath

Air out pillows

Change beddings, pillow cases, and blankets

Organise closets and drawers

Put away clothes you’re ready to donate, sell, or throw away

Bonus tip: If you find it hard to choose which pieces of clothing to get rid of, try hanging all of your hangers in a direction opposite to how you usually hang them. In a few weeks, you’ll see which hangers remained in the opposite direction and which clothes you don’t use – these are the same items you should consider donating or selling. 

Kitchen spring cleaning checklist

☐ Remove expired and questionable items from your fridge and pantry

☐ Remove and wash fridge shelves and drawers

☐ Clean your refrigerator (inside and out, including the coils at the back)

☐ Wash out cupboards

☐ Clean stovetop

☐ Degrease walls near the stove

☐ Degrease cookwares

☐ Descale kettle

☐ Clean crumbs out of toaster

☐ Clean the outside of toaster

☐ Clean microwave, coffee maker

☐ Deep clean dishwasher

☐ Clean water stains on kitchen sink

☐ Degrease kitchen drain

☐ Disinfect cutting boards

☐ Wash and polish wooden dinnerware with coconut oil

☐ Disinfect kitchen rags, sponges, and brushes 

The kitchen is one of the toughest areas to spring clean, but you don’t have to do everything alone. Check which kitchen appliances need deep cleaning, and hire a professional to deep clean your fridge, dishwasher, or any other high-value item that’s too risky to DIY.

cleaning the bathroom mirror

Bathroom spring cleaning checklist

☐ Empty vanity units and clean all surfaces

☐ Throw away expired personal care products

☐ Wash makeup brushes and sponges

☐ Clean mirrors

☐ Clean the toilet, bathtub, showerhead, faucets, and drains

☐ Scrub the tiles and remove grout

☐ Wash shower curtains

☐ Clean air vents

Bonus tip: You can easily clean off limescale build-up with a lemon juice solution. Squeeze a few teaspoons of lemon juice into a spray bottle, mix with some warm water, spray on offending areas, then leave for a few minutes. The acidity of the lemon juice will allow for an easy wipe away with either a wet cloth or a toothbrush. 

Living room spring cleaning checklist

☐ Vacuum sofas, chairs, and throw pillow

☐ Wash sofa cases and throw pillow cases

☐ Unplug and dust electrical items (gaming consoles, TV, etc.)

☐ Clean the centre table

☐ Clean bookshelves, CD/DVD racks

☐ Wash kids’ toys

☐ Clean living room decors

☐ Clean fireplace

Springtime is one of the best times to clean your fireplace, especially if you've used it frequently during winter. And while you can take care of simple dusting, it’s best to hire a fireplace cleaning service to take care of the deep cleaning.

a woman cleaning workstation equipment

Home office spring cleaning checklist

☐ Gather old documents for shredding (documents with a blank side can be reused as note/memo pads)

☐ Organise desk drawers

☐ Throw away old electronics, dead pens, and empty markers

☐ Dust workstation equipment, accessories, and decor

Bonus tip: After cleaning your work area, light your favourite scented candle or spray some fragrance to give your home office a work-inspiring vibe. 

Laundry room spring cleaning checklist

☐ Clean the washing machine

☐ Detach and scrub the removable parts of washing machine (detergent drawer, dryer lint trap, etc.)

☐ Wipe and disinfect the washer & dryer buttons and knobs

☐ Check for and clean off moulds on the walls and floor 

Outdoor spring cleaning checklist

☐ Dust and remove cobwebs from exterior walls

☐ Sweep front porch and verandah

☐ Clean outdoor furniture

☐ Pressure wash your driveway and patios

☐ Disinfect garbage bins

☐ Remove winter mulch from garden

☐ Prune plants and pull weeds

Best spring cleaning hacks

Now that your supplies are ready, you shouldn’t just jump into cleaning without a plan – especially if you intend to deep-clean the whole house. Spring clean like a pro with these hacks:

Personalise your spring cleaning schedule

To avoid overstretching yourself, plan your days and commit only to what’s realistic for you – even if that means cleaning a corner of a room for a couple of days. If you’re spring cleaning with a partner or other family members, plan how you’ll share the tasks and your cleaning supplies.

Work from top to bottom

When you clean the high areas in your home, dust will fall off the surfaces below. So, to avoid re-cleaning everything under your ceiling, start from the top and work your way down.

Wear protective clothing

You wouldn’t want allergies and skin irritations to prolong your spring cleaning. Prevent these issues by wearing the necessary gear: face mask, gloves, and any other gear you use during regular cleaning.

Tackle spring cleaning with a smile

Spring cleaning can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be. With a checklist and a little planning, you can break the job down into smaller, more manageable tasks. But if you find that this is just too much work for you, hire professional cleaners. They can help you get your home clean and sparkling in no time!

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FAQs on spring cleaning

Spring cleaning includes removing unnecessary items in your home and deep cleaning your rooms, furniture, appliances, and room decors. Depending on your preference, you may also include tidying up your home’s exteriors, garage, and garden.

You can start spring cleaning anytime that you want. But, it could be more motivating for you to start at the same time most people do: the beginning of springtime in September.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here, but most people prefer keeping it to one day to seven days. If you wish to finish spring cleaning as soon as possible, consider hiring a professional cleaner for items and areas that need intense cleaning, like your washing machine, dishwasher, ceilings with mould build-up, or even your driveway.

Spring cleaning once a year is enough for some areas of your home, like your fireplace, chimney, gutters, and deck. However, you should also schedule daily and weekly clean-ups to keep your space livable and free from harmful dust and germ build-up.

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