How much does an Airbnb cleaning service cost?

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One of the things guests are looking for is Airbnb cleanliness. Can an Airbnb host charge extra for cleaning? Yes! This service fee is helpful if you are a bit lazy (this might be a vacation anyway!) and you keep questioning yourself, “Do I have to clean my Airbnb?”. You can leave it to the hands of the professionals.

There are many Airbnb cleaners in the US to choose from. The cost of Airbnb cleaning usually depends on the size of your property and the per-hour rate of your chosen Airbnb cleaner. The average Airbnb cleaning service cost is $20 per hour.

Average cleaning costs for Airbnbs

Number of rooms

Estimated time to finish

Total amount

1-2 (condo)

1.5 hrs

$30 to $135

2 (home)

2.5 hrs

$50 to $225

3-4 (home)

4.5 hrs

$90 to $405

5 (home)

5 hrs

$100 to $450

a woman cleaning the curtains in an Airbnb

How much does Airbnb cleaning cost? The usual price for cleaning starts at $25 to as much as $200 for luxury houses with four to five bedrooms. If you want to be a superb host, read further to see how much Airbnb cleaning costs.

Factors affecting Airbnb cleaning service costs

Airbnb rental cleaning might be more expensive than regular house cleaning. Airbnbs also require deep cleaning at least once every two weeks, especially after extended visits. 

Airbnb service fees

To decide what cleaning service to avail of, you have to know the service fee charged to guests. While a cleaning service fee is usually a discouragement for guests staying for one to two nights, cleaning fees for Airbnbs are more reasonable for those who opt for long-term stays.

Number of bedrooms

Service fee


$40 to $90


$50 to $130


$70 to $150


$130 to $200

Job duration and complexity

Most cleaning companies charge per hour or at a fixed rate. Per-hour services for regular Airbnb cleaning range from $20 to $90. Deep cleaning is essential, especially when different guests occupy your place. It is advisable to seek this option at least once every two weeks to clean unreachable areas.

Most cleaning services send two to three cleaners for two-bedroom houses. Some cleaning services offer fixed fees, which come in packages with specific checklists. However, you can always send a request if you need extra cleaning services.

Number of rooms

Fixed fee

1-2 (condo)

$120 to $150

2 (home)

$140 to $160

3-4 (home)

$170 to $180

5 (home)

$200 to $230

Airbnb cleaning checklist

It's necessary to provide a checklist for Airbnb cleaning. These checklists help your cleaners go through all the services required. Here's a sample checklist to use as a guide when having your vacation rental cleaned:

  • Check for personal items left behind
  • Check doors and locks


  • Wash the dishes
  • Remove trash and sanitize
  • Clean kitchen area (tables, counters, chairs, sink)
  • Check and clean the refrigerator, making sure it’s available for the next guests
  • Wash and sweep the floor
  • Refill soap dispensers
  • Place the utensils, dishes, and cookware back in their original positions
  • Make sure the kitchen is dry


  • Check for stains on the bedsheets and mattress
  • Change bedsheets and pillowcases
  • Empty trash bin
  • Ensure closets and drawers are empty
  • Dust furniture and windows
  • Vacuum/sweep/mop the floors

Living rooms

  • Unplug game systems and TVs. Check if they're in good condition.
  • Check for stains and change cushion covers if necessary
  • Clean and rearrange pillows, blankets, table covers, etc.
  • Dust windows and tables
  • Vacuum/sweep/mop the floors


  • Clean and scrub the floors, bathtub, and shower area
  • Clean mirrors
  • Sanitise toilets
  • Empty the trash
  • Replenish shampoo, conditioner, and soap bottles and toilet paper (make sure extra rolls are visible)
  • Replace used towels with new ones

You can also make special requests like:

  • Deep clean furniture and carpets
  • Stock inventory
  • Check for property damage
  • Report missing items
  • Wipe and disinfect high-touch areas, like doors and handles, to remove germs and reduce health risks

a woman vacuuming a carpet

Post a task for Airbnb cleaning

You can ask for recommendations from your friends or relatives. Make sure to do a background check before hiring. On Airtasker, you can also search for an Airbnb cleaner for your vacation rental. Follow these steps so that we can help you find one!

  1. Write the necessary information: your location, the size of your property, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  2. Write extra services you want to add (repairs, deep cleaning, sanitizing, etc.)
  3. Your budget
  4. Your preferred date and time

Overall, vacation rental properties are becoming a popular choice for people traveling. Digital nomads are on the rise, and Airbnb is one of their top choices, especially for long-term stays. If you're an Airbnb owner, keeping your property clean will increase your bookings and improve your ratings. We’d love to see you become one of the top Airbnb hosts! Post your task now and let Airtasker take care of your cleaning services!

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Most of the time, your hired Airbnb cleaner will bring their own equipment unless otherwise stated. However, you can always supply them with your cleaning equipment, especially if you prefer certain scents.

Your Airbnb cleaning fees shouldn't be less than what you pay your cleaners. It's better to check your competitors' pages to see how you can set your pricing.

Luxury rental spaces require 5-star cleaning services. Thus, your Airbnb cleaners might have extra fees.

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