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Are you starting a cleaning business and wondering how much to charge for your services? We’ve got you covered. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clearer idea of the rate you should request for common cleaning tasks. You can also use this as a guide on how to bid on office cleaning jobs.

How to charge for cleaning services

There are various tasks involved in cleaning both residential and commercial spaces. To help you start your cleaning business and price your cleaning jobs fairly, we’ve listed the estimated cost of tasks. Quoting a cleaning job can be simpler with this list! 

Commercial cleaning


Estimated Cost

Commercial cleaning (office)

$25-100 per hour

Commercial cleaning - small office

$120 per contract

Commercial cleaning - medium office

$200 per contract

Commercial cleaning - large office 

$500 per contract

Commercial cleaning (medical) 

$40-50 per hour

Commercial cleaning (restaurant)

$20-150 per hour

Restaurant hood cleaning


Window cleaning

$100-200 per hour

Floor cleaning

$0.12-0.21 per square foot

Floor stripping and waxing

$0.3-0.5 per square foot

Floor buffing

$0.04-0.12 per square foot

Carpet cleaning

$0.08-0.25 per square foot

Post-construction cleaning


Appliance cleaning

$10-40 per appliance


$0.15-0.75 per square foot

Waste removal 


HVAC cleaning


House cleaning


Estimated Cost

Apartment cleaning


Deep cleaning

$136 for a 3-bedroom house

Carpet cleaning


Post construction cleaning

$0.10-50 per square foot

Ceiling cleaning


Window cleaning


Wall cleaning


Move-out cleaning


Move-in cleaning


Floor cleaning 




Fridge cleaning


Changing sheets

$10 per bed

Oven cleaning


Range hood cleaning

$135-180 per hour

Spring cleaning


Cleaning window treatments


Tile and grout cleaning


Couch or upholstery cleaning


Roof cleaning


Polishing wooden surfaces 


Baseboard cleaning


Cabinet organization and cleaning


Primary factors when pricing cleaning jobs

How do you price a cleaning job? And what’s a fair rate for commercial cleaning? Here’s what to consider when calculating how much to charge your clients:


Standard industry labor rates

The average house cleaner salary is around $75-120 per hour. This usually covers light dusting, making beds, sweeping floors, and vacuuming. Meanwhile, a typical deep cleaning for a 3-bedroom house is priced at around $136. The rates depend on where you live, your experience as a cleaner, and the services you’ll offer (e.g., residential or office cleaning). However, you can use these figures as baselines for how to price cleaning jobs. 


Space size

The larger the space, the more effort it takes to clean. When checking how to price house or commercial cleaning jobs, ask your client how big the space is or how many rooms you’ll need to work on. A bigger workspace means more materials used and more time spent cleaning. For example, an apartment cleaning task is usually priced at $75-135, while you can charge $2-3 per square meter for an office cleaning task.

Space type

When checking how to price a cleaning job, you’ll also need to know the requirements of each residential or commercial space. Bathrooms and kitchens take longer to clean. High-rise windows will need special equipment for you to reach. If you prefer to charge based on room type, you can start with a rate of $25 per bedroom and $10 per bathroom. 

a man cleaning the windows of a high-rise building

Space condition

The condition of a space can also determine how to price a residential or commercial cleaning job. If a family has several furry pets, expect to do extra vacuuming and carpet cleaning. And if the commercial space you’re bidding for happens to be a popular restaurant, you can charge extra since you’ll have a lot more spills, stains, and greasy areas to cover. 

Cleaning frequency

If you’re offering regular cleaning services (e.g., weekly housekeeping, monthly office carpet cleaning), you’ll need to know how to price them accurately. One-off services are usually more expensive than a “subscription service” model where you come in daily, weekly, or monthly. Learning how to price a regular cleaning job can also help you achieve a steady stream of work for months or even years. 

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Specialized cleaning

If you’re just starting your new cleaning business and don’t know how much to charge for each service you offer, you might also want to look into specialized types of cleaning. These can include deep cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and even cleanup projects for hospitals or restaurants. You could even look into very specific types of cleaning, like post-party cleanup! 

These types of cleaning jobs usually pay higher since they involve special tools. You’ll also want to charge extra for insurance and protective equipment if cleaning involves certain risks, like hazardous waste. If you have the qualifications, try offering these specialized services. Doing so could grow your cleaning business and help you earn more.

Your location

Your location will also affect how much you charge for cleaning jobs. Highly urbanized areas, like New York or San Francisco, usually have a higher demand for commercial cleaners and have a higher cost of living, so you might be able to earn more as a cleaner by servicing these areas.

Bidding on cleaning jobs on Airtasker

Since cleaning jobs are never one-size-fits-all, you’ll need to learn to craft and submit a bid based on the task at hand. This helps potential clients understand your rates. You can easily price a cleaning job in 5 steps: 

1. Ask for an ocular of the area you’ll be cleaning

Schedule a visit so that you can determine the size, condition, and other features of the home or commercial space. This also allows your client to explain any specifics of the task. 

2. Ask for details and photos of the space

In case you aren’t able to visit right away, ask your client to provide you with the square footage of the area, as well as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, fixtures, windows, carpets, and so on. Better yet, ask for photos of the home or commercial space so that you can give a more accurate quote. 

3. Determine the time and supplies you’ll need to do the cleaning job 

Consider as well if your client will ask you to use their own cleaning tools or if you have to bring all the necessary supplies. 

a man cleaning stair railings

4. Account for other operational expenses and your profit margin

These include the employee wages of the team you’re working with (if applicable), travel expenses, and insurance. The last part is crucial for rather high-risk jobs (e.g., having to clean windows in a high-rise building). Lastly, give yourself a profit margin equal to 20% of the total project cost. 

5. Share your bid

On Airtasker, you can start bidding on cleaning jobs as soon as clients’ task posts pop up on your screen. Pick the jobs whose budgets fit your rates, submit your quote, and then wait and see if you’re chosen for the job!  

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Now that you know how to price cleaning jobs for both home and office spaces, you can start getting cleaning jobs. If you want to get the best rates and expand your client base, sign up on Airtasker! Our platform helps you connect with local clients looking for residential and commercial cleaners like you. And since they’re in your area, you can minimize the cost of lugging all your cleaning equipment with you and the time you spend traveling between jobs.

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