How much does a new roof cost?

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£4,500 - £7,000







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How much does a new roof cost?

Roofs are essential to our basic human need for shelter. Anyone who has ever listened to the rain lashing down from above and the wind howling through the trees will understand how important a roof is. Most people will also have had the experience of frantically digging out pots and pans to catch drips from a leaking roof during a storm. 

Bearing that in mind, roof repairs and whole roof replacements are among the most important works you’ll ever have done for any building. According to consumer group Which?, a new tiled roof for an average three-bedroom house in the UK falls within the price range of £4,500 to £7,000. However, the cost of a new roof will naturally vary widely, based primarily on the size of the roof and the materials involved.

When considering new roof costs or roof repair costs, many other factors will affect the price. Besides the size of the roof and the materials, factors include the shape and style of the roof, types of material, style of the house as a whole and whether more intensive structural work is required.

Different roof types and their average cost

Flat roof

When considering the costs of a flat roof replacement, the good news is that these areas are generally cheaper than more complex roof shapes. It would be unusual for a house to feature a mainly flat roof, but sections such as garages, sheds and extensions often do. Even ‘flat’ roofs will present a slight pitch to allow water to run off, along with a waterproof coating like bitumen based felt, asphalt or synthetic rubber.

Gable roof

Gable roofs are a common style in the UK and are based around two panels set on an angle to form a triangular shape. However, the complexity of a gable roof can vary widely, as can the costs associated with replacing the roof. For example, a simple pitched roof with a side gable roof design made up of two equally sized panels is likely to be much cheaper to replace than a more complex arrangement with cross gables where multiple triangular gable sections meet. This is especially true of cross gables which involve variation in pitch, height or length.

Hip roof

Another type of pitched roof, a basic hip roof is defined by four panels all sloping inwards. As with gable roofs, however, the shape of the house may not allow for the simplest design, and two or more hip roof sections may come together on a cross hipped roof, forming a valley where the sections meet. A half-hipped roof is another possibility, where two sides are shortened to create eaves.

The larger the roof and the more complex its style, the more the cost is likely to increase to reflect the time it will take and the complexity of the work involved. So perhaps the most straightforward method of establishing a price point is to consider the type of roof, the material and the cost range per square meter.

How much does a new roof cost?

Roof type


Cost per square meter



£35 - £45


EPDM rubber

£25 - £70


Natural slate

£94 - £102


Artificial slate

£55 - £65


Clay tile

£30 - £55

Is it time to replace my roof?

A leaking roof and rainwater dripping into the house are the most obvious signs that your roof needs attention. The question is whether this is likely to be a relatively small task involving the replacement of a handful of tiles or whether a replacement roof is the better option to fully address any deeper problems. Fortunately, there are several indications when it is time to start consulting with experts on a complete roof replacement even before leaks appear. 

Age and upkeep history

Where a roof hasn’t been replaced or repaired for more than 20 years, natural wear and tear from exposure to the elements is likely an issue. While extensive repair or replacement may not be required depending on the longevity of the materials involved, it is wise to arrange an inspection to assess the roof’s condition. Taking action at this point could avoid unexpected and more stressful damage during bad weather and save money in the long run.

Interior water damage

Without even looking at the roof itself, signs of staining and water damage on ceilings and interior walls might well indicate that the roof is not sufficiently waterproof. There is a clear issue here with water causing problems to the house structure.

Visible daylight

Still within the house, it may be possible to check the condition of your roof from your attic or loft space. Any shafts of daylight penetrating through the roof is a clear sign of gaps in the structure that need to be addressed.

Condition of shingles or tiles

It may be possible to carry out an initial inspection of your roof from ground level and by using overlooking windows. Missing tiles are an obvious sign of a deteriorating roof, as are misshapen, cracked or otherwise damaged tiles. 

The colour of the roof can also indicate whether it is nearing the end of its life. Discoloured tiles and inconsistent colouring across the roof area may suggest that the material is deteriorating. It is also advisable to pay particular attention to tiles around features where roof sections join, such as ridges, chimneys and valleys.

What factors affect the overall roof replacement cost?

In addition to the size and shape of the roof and the expense of the materials involved, several other considerations can impact the price of a roof replacement.

Roof access 

Working at height can be a significant safety risk, and different house styles present various levels of access difficulty. A terraced house, for instance, will not have the same space around it as a detached or semi-detached property. This might make access more difficult and more costly, while the costs associated with the roof replacement are lower for a smaller area. 

In addition, scaffolding is often required to ensure workers have safe, reliable and practical access to the roof. This may be supplied by the contractor and included in the total price or may need to be hired at additional cost.

Waste disposal

Any old tiles and other roofing materials that are removed will need to be responsibly disposed of. This is likely to involve using a commercial skip for anything beyond a minor repair or replacement job. Again, this factor may be included in the initial estimate or might become an additional cost, especially in cases where the scale of the project grows following the first quote.

Secondary roof work

Now that you have invested in expert roofers, it might be cost-effective to take advantage of the access and waste disposal already in place, including the availability of their knowledge and tools, to undertake some additional household repairs or replacements. This is an excellent time to consider features such as guttering, fascias and soffits and how long they will last in satisfactory condition.

What about re-roofing?

The term ‘re-roofing’ is sometimes used interchangeably with roof replacement. Generally, it refers to a complete removal of the current roof where the age, wear, or damage is too severe to make minor repairs or restoration viable. Although re-roofing can seem to be a large financial outlay, the investment should also be weighed against the cost of repeated piecemeal repair work. 

These involve scaffolding and skip hire, the stress of constantly dealing with new leaks as they develop and adding value to the property overall. It is also worth bearing in mind that modern roofs are commonly more secure than older designs, and re-roofing can reduce the risk of a break-in. 

The best way to ensure value for money and quality of work is to work with an expert and trusted roofing contractor. Put up a task on Airtasker for immediate and convenient access to roofing contractors near you and rely on the peace of mind provided by genuine customer reviews and ratings.


Are there any unexpected costs I should prepare for when replacing my roof?

Where re-roofing involves significant changes to the existing roof in terms of either the structure or the materials used, it is crucial to establish in consultation with your roofing expert whether any planning approvals will be required.

Are there ways to cut roofing costs?

Among the best ways to keep roofing costs as low as possible is to find reliable, trustworthy tradespeople. Their expertise and experience will ensure minimum unexpected costs following the initial assessment and quote for the project. Their connections in the industry will also help ensure that high-quality materials can be obtained at a reasonable price.

How do I maintain my roof?

It is good to carry out the visual checks mentioned above regularly, especially after heavy wind, rain, and snow. Keeping gutters and drains clear of debris and blockages will also keep water flowing as intended to prevent pools and moisture building up on the roof itself and shortening the life of roof materials. Taking advantage of annual roof inspection and cleaning services is also a good option for peace of mind and protecting your investment against avoidable expenses in future.

Does building insurance cover roof repairs?

In limited circumstances, a claim for roof repair may be covered by buildings insurance. It’s highly unlikely that an insurer would pay for roof repairs or replacements that have become necessary due to natural wear and tear over many years. However, roof repairs may be covered where the damage results from extreme weather conditions such as storms and hurricanes, falling trees or other events outside of your control, providing the cause can be proved. Insurance policies will vary as to how much of the cost will be covered. The level of the payout may also depend on the condition of the roof before the incident, such as the value of the old roof rather than the cost of replacement.

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