How much does a gutter repair cost?

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When you notice ugly cracks or warping in your gutters, it may be tempting to dismiss them as eyesores that you'll eventually fix. However, putting off a gutter repair can exacerbate the problem. Water may spill or leak, mould may grow, and the foundation may shift.

To address the damage, make sure to hire a roofer to fix the issues right away. The average leaking gutter repair cost is £215, depending on the gutter material and style. This guide will break down the costs and help you prepare your wallet as you plan your gutter repair project. 

Average cost of gutter repair based on material

The type of gutter material impacts how much it costs to repair a gutter. Here are the most common material types and their average gutter repair cost per metre:


Average costs per metre









Cast iron




Aluminium gutters can be repaired for an average cost of £25 to £30 per metre. Know that aluminium is prone to bending, drooping, and loosening. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to do if it needs to be fixed, reattached, or replaced.


Repairing a copper gutter costs about £16 to £40 per metre. Despite being relatively simple to deal with, copper costs more as a base material than aluminium and other materials. General repairs typically cost less, but specialised work, such as removing the characteristic patina of worn copper, is more expensive because it requires more time and labour.


Depending on the problem, repairing a steel gutter typically costs £20 to £30 per metre. Galvanised steel is a sturdy, long-lasting material that is also reasonably priced. But because it requires more time and labour to fix due to the weight and material, the repair cost is higher.


A uPVC gutter repair typically costs £5 to £30 per metre. This material has a cheap base cost, is simple to work with, and has minimal labour costs. However, it is the least durable guttering material though. It cracks and warps easily and deteriorates over time with UV exposure.

Cast iron

Cast iron is one of the most expensive guttering materials at around £60 to £70 per metre, but its strength, resilience, and overall build make it a very appealing option for homeowners.

Factors that affect gutter repair cost

Type of repair

A leak at the joint will cost between £60 and £90 to repair, as will bracket damage or reconnection of a rainwater pipe. On the other hand, a single gutter length replacement normally starts from £120 and should not cost more than £150 in most cases.

Home type or size

The cost to repair gutters on a large, detached house will be much more expensive than gutter repairs on a bungalow or small, semi-detached house. With larger homes having more guttering, the time it takes to repair the gutters will increase, dictating and raising labour costs. The number of storeys will also affect the total costs because a taller house will require scaffoldings.

Roof design

Roof gutter repair costs can be higher if they are designed differently from the surrounding surfaces, such as exterior buildings and your roof. Navigating obstacles requires more time, effort, and probably labour.

Condition of existing gutters

A professional gutter expert may charge extra to clean your current gutters if they are dirty and in bad condition before repairing them.

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The average labour costs for roofers vary greatly across the UK. If you live in or near London or the Southeast of England, you will most likely pay more than those in the North.

When to repair your gutter

You could experience different gutter problems, so it’s a good idea to know the best course of action for each. Sometimes, fixing your gutter rather than getting a new one can save you money. Generally, gutters can still be repaired if:

  • Any damage is limited to one or two gutter sections. Instead of replacing your entire guttering system, simply replace the damaged sections.
  • You only need to repair a few holes or cracks. A good sealant can be used to repair leaking gutter joints or cover up small openings after cleaning them with alcohol. Larger holes or cracks may require adding a small piece of metal flashing, which can be glued or riveted in place before sealing.
  • One seam or joint is leaking. The issue will most likely be resolved by ensuring the guttering elbow joints are firmly fastened, though you might also need some sealant for this job.
  • There are some loose hangers. Screwing in the hangers (or drilling a new hole in the gutter and/or fascia) is simple if you have a drill. If the existing hangers are bent, you may need to replace them.
  • You have minor repairs on cast iron gutters. Since cast iron is so expensive, you’re usually better off repairing them before deciding to replace them.

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a-contractor-checking-a-house's-gutter-systemHow to save on gutter repair costs

Although gutter repair might be expensive, there are a few ways to cut costs:

  • Installing a gutter guard prevents debris from getting into your gutters, minimising potential damage, and ultimately saving you money from gutter cleaning and repair costs.

  • Hiring a professional to install a downpipe can help keep water out of the gutters. Your home gets quick and simple water drainage because it directs the flow and ensures it goes into the right storm drains.

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Hiring a professional roof and gutter contractor who knows how to fix your gutters quickly will save you money by ensuring the job is done right the first time!

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FAQs about gutter repair

Moisture seeping through your house is usually caused by leaking or damaged gutters. Moisture can promote the growth of mould and mildew and cause wood to rot, weakening the foundation of your home and jeopardising its overall safety.

Gutters leaks happen due to a leak in the gutter sealer or because the gutter is punctured and damaged. Some leaks can be repaired by adding more gutter sealant, but this is usually only a short-term solution. Your gutters may need to be replaced.

Gutter overflow is not normal. When your gutters overflow, rainwater runs down your walls and around the base of your building. This can cause the pointing on your walls to deteriorate over time, allowing water to penetrate the brickwork. Worse, it can seep into the foundations of your home and cause serious structural issues. 

Gutters should be designed and installed to handle any rain that falls from your roof, even if it is heavy. As soon as you notice your gutters overflowing, contact a professional contractor.

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