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Roofs protect you from external elements. But it's one of those house features that homeowners take for granted until signs of damage start showing. While roof repair can be costly, it is less expensive than roof replacement, so it is best to address roof issues as soon as possible. 

Minor roof repair costs can be as low as £150, and major ones can be up to £1,100. The cost will depend on many factors like the roof material, features, pitch and design. This guide can help you set your budget when considering the average cost of roof repair in the UK. 

Average roof repair cost per roof type

There are three categories of roof repairs: minor, major, and replacement. It’s best to determine which type your roof needs before shelling out for the repair. 

Roof repair type

Average roof repair cost

Minor roof repair


Major roof repair


Roof replacement


a man doing roof repair

Types of roof repairs

Minor roof repairs

You can spend between £40 to £100 on small repairs. These repairs mostly require basic equipment and supplies, and neither specific skills nor expertise is needed to complete them. Hiring a professional for this task is still advised because if you overlook an important detail or carry it out improperly, a minor roof repair could quickly turn into a major one. Typical minor fixes include:

  • Washing and repairing gutters

  • Repairing minor roof leaks

  • Replacing shingles that are damaged or missing

  • Patching a hole or puncture

  • Removing stagnant water

  • Flashing (small holes, corroded spots, resealing)

Major roof repairs

Major repairs can cost between £100 and £1,100 because they need specialised equipment, materials and labour. These repairs require significant electrical, plumbing, HVAC, or engineering work. Depending on where you live, they might also need permits and inspections throughout the repair process. 

Any changes to your roof or home's structure - repairs for structural failures (both anticipated and actual) and the steps are taken to address safety issues classify as major repairs. Other significant repair jobs include: 

  • Fixing faulty electrical wiring

  • Fixing major water damage

  • Addressing problems created by the environment (mould, gas, etc.)

  • Fixing roof slumping or roof shrinkage

  • Repairing chimneys

  • Flashing (total replacement)

Roof replacement

A roof that is in good condition can last for more than 30 years. But if yours is older than 20 and has sustained significant or recurring damage, you may need to look at full roof repair costs or consider replacing it entirely. This can cost you more than £1,100.

To save money on roof repairs in the future, ensure you perform regular roof maintenance to identify or prevent more significant roof issues. 

Factors that affect roof repair cost

Roof material

The cost of roof repairs will also depend on the roof material, such as metal or shingle. The cost increases based on how expensive and challenging the material is to install. For instance, slate roof repair costs and flat roof repairs are often more costly than wood or asphalt shingles and flat roof repair prices.

Roof features

Some components on your roof have the potential to leak, rust, corrode, or require other repairs. Depending on the size and location of the damage, roof leak repair costs and other charges can vary. The typical price ranges for a few common feature repairs are as follows:

Roof features

Average roof repair costs

Chimney flashing






Pitch and design

Roof pitch, or the slope of your roof, and design will also impact the total cost. While flat roofs are simpler and less expensive to repair, steep roofs require more work and are, therefore, more costly. That's because traditional roofs have intricate ridges, valleys, and verges, whereas flat roofs don't. 

Simply put, a roof with many levels and features—especially one many stories up—will cost the most to fix. 

Time of year

Winter roof repair in a snowy, icy environment is challenging and often hazardous. The roofers must take extra caution and tools to prevent sliding if the shingles are icy or the roof is covered in snow. 

The cost of an emergency roof repair during a snowfall may double. It tends to wane in the fall or regions with warmer winters. If the roofer is less busy, you may be able to schedule a roof repair for significantly less than usual. 

a contractor doing roof repair work


Labour rates and roofing material prices can differ depending on the cost of living in your area. Your overall roof repair cost may be greater if you reside in a major city like London than it would be elsewhere in the country.

Additional costs and considerations

Roof inspection

If you don't know where the roof damage is or what's causing it, you can do a roof inspection first. Checking around any roof fixtures, roof lining, as well as inspecting fascia, gutters, and shingles are all part of this process. A roofer may inspect the attic to see if the wood and insulation have rotted due to severe damage.


Emergencies on your roof, such as damage due to a storm, might cause disturbance and possibly endanger your family. You should get in touch with an emergency roofer to fix the problem. Check your policy first, as your homeowner's insurance may cover the cost of emergency storm-related repairs.

Post a task for roof repair

Now that you know the variables influencing roof repair costs, you are now prepared to create your Airtasker listing for roof repair! You should be specific about your requirements and what you believe the job requires. Include the following information to get the best offers:

  • Your budget

  • Your preferred time window 

  • Your location and whether you anticipate any problems or difficulties brought on by it

  • The roof material, features, pitch, and design

The more information you provide, the faster it is for a roofer to make a precise offer. Remember that most will use your listing as a guideline when they arrive to do the task, so be accurate and transparent. Then, all that is left to do is wait for the offers and compare to choose a trusted roof repair professional for the job. 

Building or repairing a roof to last for years requires skill and expertise. If you need a roof repair and want it done right the first time to save money, energy, and time, a reliable roofer can help. So, post a task to find an expert now!

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There is no need to invest in a new roof when damage is contained to a limited area and can be patched up. However, if the damage covers more than a quarter of your roof, it is advisable to replace it.

Water might trickle down the wall behind the drywall due to a small leak. Any water will cause more damage and increase the cost of repairs the longer it sits and hits specific locations. The framing can warp if too much moisture is present, putting the home's structural integrity at risk. 

Roof leaks will eventually result in interior damage that will be considerably more expensive to repair if you don't fix them early on. 

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