How much does a removalist cost?

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How much does a removalist cost?

If you need to move to a new house or a small office, the thought of piling your belongings into boxes and carrying them to a truck will likely be filling you with dread. This is why so many of us are turning to removalists to help in these situations. How much does house removal cost? It's a question that might be playing in your head from the start.

It’s a good idea to gauge the typical removal cost for different sorts of tasks. That way, you’ll be more comfortable that whoever you hire to help you out will do a decent job for a decent price. Use this house removal price guide to come up with a good offer for your tasker.

Should I hire a removalist?

People are increasingly hiring removalists to help them when moving house or relocating their small business. But that doesn’t mean you should necessarily do so. You should consider hiring a removalist if: 

  1. The thought of lifting heavy and awkward objects over a long period causes stress

  2. You have the means to pay someone else to do a necessary, but often difficult and tedious task

  3. Your time could be better spent elsewhere

  4. You have large and bulky items that would best be transported by experienced operators 

  5. You need to move complicated or easily damaged items - such as a piano

Alternatively, you might consider doing the job yourself and foregoing a removalist if: 

  1. You have a truck or vehicle that can accommodate the load

  2. You don’t mind the thought of a few hours lifting (if that’s all that’s required)

  3. You want to invite your friends along for beer and pizza once they’ve helped you with your moving job 

Mostly, your decision will rest on the size and volume of the items that need moving. And if there’s a fair number of things to be moved, there’s a good chance it’ll be worth it to pay someone else to do the job.


What are the standard inclusions for removalists? 

If you’re hiring removalists to help you move to a new house or apartment, the job is likely to take at least 2-3 hours, and often a fair bit longer. Typical tasks that removalists will do for you include: 

  • Taking your belongings to their truck or van

  • Ensuring your belongings are safely packed inside their vehicle, and separated by protective fabric if appropriate

  • Carrying boxes to the removalist vehicle

  • Transporting your belongings to the new destination

  • Unloading your furniture and boxes 

  • Placing items in the rooms and positions you want them in in your new address 


Extra tasks you can give your removalist

Removalists will typically be happy to take on additional work if you want them to - though, you might have to pay for the extra service. 

Some of the extra tasks you can nominate include: 

  • Packing books into boxes

  • Packing clothes, kitchen items and other household goods into boxes

  • Transporting items to additional locations

  • Unloading and unpacking boxes

  • Arranging kitchenware and other household items in your new property 

  • Placing protecting fabric on surfaces in your old or new properties to prevent wear and tear


What should I not ask a removalist to do? 

Typically, removalists are responsible for moving items from one location to another. They’re not usually hired to clean the place you’re moving from, or organise the location that you’re moving to. For those jobs, it is probably best to hire a cleaner. You’re also probably best off hiring someone else to make all the connections - such as gas, electricity, and internet - at your new place. 


What are some of the things I should be wary of?

The main risk in hiring a removalist is that they may damage your items. It’s best to look for removalists with high approval ratings, as that will indicate that they take a more considerate and careful approach in transporting your possessions. Removalists may also specialise in transporting fragile or delicate goods or possessions. 


Another risk in hiring removalists is that they may cost significantly more than average removals costs. To head off this risk, you should try and calculate the time it might take to transport what you need moving. Don’t underestimate the difficulties that can be experienced trying to move a fridge through a narrow door! One way to mitigate this risk is to hire a removalist for a fixed price, rather than an hourly rate. Not all removalists, however, will work for a fixed price. And there’s also a good chance you’ll be bad at estimating the size of the job - which might leave you paying an inappropriately large amount for a relatively small job. 

It also pays to consider the time of day in which you’ll be moving. Depending on when and where you’re moving, traffic congestion could considerably add to your moving costs, if you’re paying on an hourly basis.


Removalist prices for different types of moving 

How much do removals cost in the UK? The price you’ll end up paying for your moving job is likely to hinge on the items you need moving and where they’ll be moved to. To give you a sense of the likely costs you might face, we’ve had a look at the common prices charged for different types of removal services. 


Removalist Service

Price Guide

Removalist Service

Price Guide

Apartment removal


Piano removal


Bed removal


Packing & unpacking


Appliance removal


Mattress removal


Fragile item removal


Office relocation


Long distance removal


Heavy lifting 



Where will removalists operate? 

In general, removalists will operate wherever you are prepared to pay them to go. But many removalists will not do jobs that require them to travel long distances or multiple hours’ distance from where you’ll live. For that type of work, you’ll probably need to hire a removalist that advertises long-distance moving services. 


How to estimate the cost of a removalist

Two factors are likely to weigh heavily on the cost of a removalist: how much you have to move and where you’re going to. A study attempted to flesh out what people are likely to be up for when thinking about moving homes. The study found that the average total cost of moving a one-bedroom apartment was about £350, rising to £1,000 for moving a four-bedroom house. 

The prices climbed again depending on how far the move was. For a long-distance move, £1,000 was the average for a three-bedroom home. But moving for about 50 miles, the average price was only about £800.


What are the average hourly rates earned by removalists?

Typically, someone employed as a removalist in the UK can expect to earn between £50 and £60 per hour (if they work for removal firms, their employer will be sure to charge you more than that.)  

But removalists can earn more than that basic rate by working overtime. As clients tend to prefer that removalist work takes place on the weekend or after hours, removalists can earn up to around £45 per hour by doing overtime work. And they might also receive tips and bonuses.


Example removalist listings on Airtasker 


Not sure what your removalist task listing should look like? Here’s how some other people have advertised the removalist tasks they’d like help with:  

FAQs about removalist prices

How much does a removalist cost per hour?

The price will always depend on the size of the job, the willingness of the removalists to offer different prices, and the number of movers you’ll be hiring. But a typical price is about £50 to £60 per hour for two removalists. If you’re hiring three removalists, expect to pay closer to £150 per hour.

Does it cost more for someone to pack and unpack?

The cost of packing and unpacking a house or office should be the same as the standard price quoted by removalists. You just need to know that you’ll be paying people to do a job that you might think you can do yourself. Often you’ll be very glad to have done so!

What’s a fair price for a removalist?

Ultimately this is for you and your removalist to determine. A fair price is unlikely to be too much less than the quoted price, however.

What is the average cost of moving a 3-bedroom house?

The cost will depend on where you’re moving to. But for a 3-bedroom house, you would probably not expect to pay much less than £800. Often you might have to pay a fair bit more, particularly if you’re moving for more than 50 miles away.

How much does it cost to have someone pack your house?

It might take about 4-5 hours for experienced removalists to pack up the average 3-bedroom house. If you're moving a 3-bedroom house, you’ll be looking at about £250 for the job.

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