How much does it cost to move a fridge?

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Moving into a new living space is not an easy task. You can ask professional removalists to help you pack and move your things. Maybe even have extra hands help out when moving some appliances. Among these items, your refrigerator needs special attention.

The refrigerator plays a vital role in your kitchen, so it should be transported properly and safely. The cost of moving a fridge ranges from £80 to £350, depending on the removalist you hire. This guide will help you set a budget for moving your fridge.

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Factors affecting fridge transportation costs

The cost of moving your fridge depends on several factors. Consider them when calculating the expenses of your relocation. 


Removalists charge an average of £23 per hour and per crew member. These are usually added to a fixed price for the services. 

Size of the refrigerator

Fridges come in a variety of sizes, from mini freezers to French door fridges. Just like any appliance, you can expect to pay more when the appliance is bigger and heavier. This is because of the labour of transporting your fridge.


Distance of the move

Moving your fridge to the next room will cost less than moving it to another house. The transfer to another location requires the use of a dolly and a truck, making it cost more. 

Preparing for refrigerator moving

A lot of planning is involved when transporting your fridge. It shouldn’t have food or leftovers, so plan days or weeks ahead and store your perishables in a different place. You can also use this opportunity to clean the inside of your fridge and prevent foul smells after the move. 

Also, before you have removalists take your fridge, make sure that these things are ready in the new location: 

Electrical outlets 

A fridge needs to be plugged in. It’s important to have an available socket near its new location. It might be dangerous to rely on extension cords for power. Fortunately, you can hire a professional to install a new socket or rewire some electrical cables if necessary. This can cost £50 - £200.



Certain fridges have built-in ice makers and water dispensers, which need to be attached to a water line. You can have a new water line installed for your fridge to make the moving process easier. 

two men moving a refrigerator

Fridge disposal in the UK

In the process of moving, it is normal to want to get rid of certain items. You can hire furniture removalists to properly dispose of whatever you won’t take with you. This can be the same for your fridge.

It costs an average of £15 - £65 for collection companies to collect and dispose of your fridge responsibly. This also depends on the size and weight of your fridge. You can expect to pay around £35 for a single-door fridge, while the disposal of double-door fridges can cost up to £75. 

You can consult your local councils because they might offer free fridge disposal. It might take longer, but it does help you save money. Remember that not all local councils offer free services, and you need to set a collection date with them. 

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The oil from your fridge might not drain from the cooling tubes completely. When this happens, the refrigerator won’t cool properly once you start it back up again. Thus, transporting it in an upright position is ideal. This keeps the cooling refrigerant and compressor oil in place during the move.

If you transported your fridge in an upright position, you can wait 2 - 3 hours before plugging it in. This allows the compressor oil to settle. However, if your fridge was moved on its side, you need to wait up to 24 hours.

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