How to pack mirrors for moving

Secure that mirror you love by packing it right and tight. Here’s how to do it before your big move.

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Are you preparing for a move? We know how much work is involved in packing all your belongings in boxes. It can be time-consuming and exhausting, especially if you have many fragile items to pack, such as full-length and antique mirrors. 

Mirrors are highly breakable, not to mention they can be oddly shaped and bulky! Spare yourself the hassle, heartbreak (if your mirror has sentimental value), and money (if it’s a rare antique) by learning how to pack mirrors for moving. 

Here are some simple step-by-step instructions. 

1. Make sure to have the right packing materials

Mirrors are highly fragile items. To know how to pack mirrors for moving, you must first know the suitable materials for the task. 

It’s not enough to just round up what materials you can find in your garage or kitchen. They must be good quality packing materials so you can safely pack a full-length mirror or framed artwork, for example.  

Mirror packaging materials, bubble wrap, boxes, tape, scissors

Do it like a pro, and ensure you have the following to provide extra protection, especially for the mirror’s reflective surface. If you don’t, you can buy these materials at home improvement stores in your area.

Ideal materials to use for packing mirrors:

  • Bubble wrap - This helps create an ample barrier for the mirror’s reflective surface and anything that can break it. 
  • Packing paper - When used with bubble wrap, it makes a more secure padding for the mirror inside the mirror box or carton. 
  • Cardboard sheets - Place cardboard sheets as an extra buffer to reduce the risk of breakage. 
  • Moving blankets - These are usually placed on the mirror’s surface like a cushion. You can also use moving blankets for other fragile items you want to keep in storage.
  • Styrofoam/cardboard corner protectors - Keep the frame or mirror corners and edges safe by placing cardboard or foam corners (not packing peanuts since they shift around in the box). This will protect them from bumps and impacts and provide a sturdy grip when moving.

You’ll also need the following: 

  • Painter’s tape 
  • Packing tape or masking tape 
  • Permanent marker 
  • Mirror box or mirror carton
  • Scissors 
  • Box cutter
  • Tape measure or ruler

You may think these are a bit much for just packing mirrors for moving. But trust us when we say you don’t want to deal with costly clean-ups and replacements when a large mirror shatters during transport. 

These packing materials and tools are a good investment since you can use them for other purposes in the future. 

2. Choose a suitable packing area 

Wooden table with cardboard boxes, packing area for mirror

Curious to know how to pack large mirrors for moving? Setting up a packing station ensures you have everything you need in one place for an efficient and safe packing process. 

Do it in empty spaces or less busy areas in your home. It will also help to do it on an elevated surface, like a kitchen table, counter, or island. 

  • Place a thick, soft blanket or a couple of cardboard sheets on the table or counter to prevent scratches, especially if it’s a glass top. 
  • Let the mirror lay flat and level on the surface.  

3. Prep the mirror 

Whether shipping an entire mirror to another country or bringing it a few houses over, it pays to know how to wrap a mirror for moving. But before packing mirrors for moving, make sure it’s been prepped properly. 

Using your painter’s tape, make an ‘X’ (or a grid) on the reflective surface of the glass, starting from the lower right corner to the upper left and then again from the lower left corner to the upper right. This protects the frame and keeps the broken pieces in place if breakage occurs. 

4. Put the corner protectors 

Cardboard carton corner protectors for packing mirror

Now that the reflective surface is protected, it’s time to move on to the edges. 

Get your foam or cardboard corner protectors on all the mirror’s corners to protect them from accidental damage. 

If your mirror is oddly shaped or doesn’t have edges, you can use bubble wrap instead. It’s an essential step on how to move a mirror without breaking it because they protect the frame that supports the pane.

5. Cover the mirror’s surface with cardboard and styrofoam

  • Measure your mirror first to cut the exact measurement on your cardboard using your box cutter. 
  • After which, place the cutout on the mirror’s surface and attach it using packing or masking tape.
  • Do the same thing with your styrofoam for extra protection for your mirror.
  • Secure the entire bundle with bubble wrap and tape. 

It’s the best way to pack mirrors for moving since they have more than enough cushioning on all sides. 

6. Time to put the mirror in the box

You need the right size mirror box to ensure the mirror fits snugly and won’t move around or get grazed during transport. You can be creative by using crumpled packing paper for more padding and to fill in the empty spaces.

Vintage mirror with wooden luxury frame inside moving box

Large mirrors call for large mirror boxes, so you might have to look for a box with your specific dimensions. Sometimes, moving mirrors requires a custom-made box or crate, especially if it’s an oddly shaped, delicate, or heavy mirror. Hiring an expert on how to move mirrors can be more advantageous and practical than doing it yourself. 

Carefully put the mirror inside the box with the reflective surface up, and seal it with masking or packing tape.

How to pack a full-length mirror for moving

Full-length mirrors can be light and minimalist in style or ornate and clunky. Whichever one you have, make sure to put enough padding at the front and back of the mirror using cardboard sheets, styrofoam, and bubble wrap. 

Wrap your mirror tightly before putting it inside the box. If spaces are in the box, put some crumpled packing paper to fill the gaps. 

7. Label your mirror box properly

Moving box with “fragile” sticker

Now that your mirror is safely wrapped and the box sealed, you can now label your mirror box on all sides. Write ‘fragile,’ ‘mirror,’ or ‘do not lay flat’ using your permanent marker. 

Labelling is crucial for a fragile mirror so that movers will take extra care handling it come moving day. 

8. Keep it upright during transport

These tips on how to pack mirrors for moving would be pointless if you don’t take care of them during transport. So instead of placing your mirror flat on its back or front, keep it upright to reduce the risk of shattering because of pressure or something falling on it. 

Prop it between the wall of the lorry and a couch, so it has something soft and sturdy to lean on during transit. 

9. Carefully remove the mirror from the box

Man unboxing a mirror at his new home

Check the condition of the mirror upon delivery ASAP. This way, you can duly report any damage incurred during transport. 

If you don’t know where to put the mirror in your house or office, don’t remove it from the box just yet. Instead, keep it upright and store it somewhere safe, like the closet, bedroom, or garage. 

Should you DIY or hire movers to help you pack? 

Now that you know how to pack mirrors for moving, the chances of breaking that antique mirror you got from grandma or scratching that large industrial-style mirror you just purchased are slim. 

The trick is to provide more padding for extra protection and to use a box that will hold your mirror snugly. 

You can also hire someone in your area to help with your packing and moving. Check out our packing cost guide so you can budget for it accordingly. 

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FAQs on packing mirrors

No moving box? No problem! Just use any sturdy cardboard the same size as your mirror. Using a box cutter, cut the cardboard to size and secure it to the front and back of the mirror. After that, wrap it with packing paper and then finish it off with a tight layer of bubble wrap.

There are excellent alternatives if you don’t have bubble wrap to wrap your mirror with. You can use thick cushion foam or styrofoam to line the front and back of the mirror and then secure it in place with sturdy cardboard. Tape it securely using packing tape.

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