How to move safely: 6 Lifting safety tips for your big move

Read this guide for safety tips on heavy lifting during your move.

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When you move houses, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Injuries and damage to property are common because many heavy objects are going in, out, and every which way. Safety should be a top priority, especially if you’re doing things yourself.

The best way to prevent a disaster is to learn moving safety tips. Read this guide for practical advice, from lifting with proper form to planning an easy and safe move.

1. Use the appropriate moving equipment 

While using your hands to lift furniture is alright, plenty of other equipment can make lifting easy and safe. 

Dollies and carts are perfect for moving. Pushing heavy objects, like furniture and appliances, on wheels is much easier than lifting them. These tools are best for large furniture and moving heavy boxes. You can also use furniture sliders, making pushing your furniture easier (while protecting your floor!).

If you decide to lift things yourself, wear comfortable shoes and a thick pair of gloves. This will make lifting heavy objects and furniture with sharp corners much more comfortable.

2. Pack your belongings properly

woman sealing her moving boxes properly

Wrapping the furniture you’ll move protects it from any dings and prevents any dents to the property you’re moving out of. It also saves you from injuring yourself with any stray splinters and sharp objects. Bubble wrap, plastic wrap, blankets and cardboard are excellent at putting onto corners and furniture legs for protection.

For your items in boxes, wrap sharp objects like knives and scissors to prevent them from poking out of the boxes. Don’t overpack the boxes because you could make them too heavy to lift. Double-tape them shut to prevent them from opening due to the weight of the objects.

3. Plan your move

moving truck filled with boxes and furniture

A successful move starts with a good set-up. To have a safe move, get furniture and boxes out of the way to clear the path towards your vehicle. You want to move your stuff as quickly as possible to reduce strain on your body as you lift.

Another way to plan is to know how you’ll fit things into the moving truck. This means lifting the big pieces and boxes out first so they’re on the truck’s floor, then putting lighter and smaller things on them to maximise space.

4. Be in the best condition to lift

One of the most underrated lifting safety tips is conditioning your body. Moving is a workout—and you need to stretch before every workout. Warm up your legs, arms, and back. A great exercise is to do squats since you’ll use your legs a lot.

5. Practice safe lifting techniques

woman lifting heavy boxes with the proper posture

If you need to know how to lift heavy objects off the ground without hurting your back, you must learn safe lifting and carrying techniques. There’s a proper way to lift hefty things off the ground. 

Ergonomic lifting is all about posture: Keep your back straight as you lift, which means bending down using your knees to carry items off the ground instead of bending your back. Hold the object close to your body to maintain balance, and if you need to turn, turn using your feet and not your hips.

6. Ask for help

two people carrying a heavy box together

One way to reduce the stress and strain of moving and lifting is by enlisting help. Ask your friends, family and neighbours for any spare time they have, and let them help you move your things to your moving truck. Go through these moving furniture safety tips with them to make sure no one gets hurt.

If you don’t have anyone to help you, you can always call professionals. There are many removalists that can fit your budget. With the right amount of help, you’ll finish packing before you know it.

Dos and don’ts of moving

Take the move step-by-step, take your time to plan it out and learn how to lift correctly to avoid injury, property damage and delay while moving to your new home.

Moving can still be daunting even with all the safety knowledge, so call a professional to do the work if necessary! The Airtasker platform has many experienced removalists who know the best way to get your furniture and belongings to your new home safely. Post a task today!

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FAQs on lifting and moving safety

There are a lot of safety issues you can encounter when lifting for your move. You might end up hurting and injuring yourself with the wrong lifting techniques. If you don’t prepare correctly and use the right equipment, you can damage your things and surroundings.

The answer is simple: To prevent injury! Always keep your back straight, as bending can cause severe spinal injuries. It’s also worth noting that your legs should do much of the heavy lifting, especially when lifting off the ground. Don’t forget to stretch before lifting; this is a strenuous physical activity.

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