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Moving into a new place is a significant milestone — and it can be both exciting and overwhelming. But packing can be a pain. If not done right, you can lose or break valuable things. That’s why hiring a pro to do the packing for you is the way to go for a worry-free moving experience. 

For a professional packers cost estimate, they charge roughly £175 or more for a 1-bedroom flat or home. If you need more packers to support your 2-3 bedroom move, prepare to pay more or less £450. 

Read on to know more about how much house packers cost and the advantages of hiring one. man packing for a house move

What factors affect the average cost of moving packers?

Below are some considerations to help you estimate how much professional packers cost to prepare you for the move. 

Your location

House removals and packing company cost services in small towns are significantly less than the packing rates in urban areas. Moreover, some moving services charge a travel fee for the packing services if the location is beyond their service coverage. 

Item quantity 

The quantity of items you have plays a key role in your move, as it will dictate the number of packers you’ll need and the number of packing materials. If you’re moving your entire apartment, you might need more people to help pack and move items like appliances and furniture pieces. 

House size

Packing services can charge per number of rooms and packers. For example, two people packing a 3-4 bedroom house can set you back more or less £550. The size of your home will also determine how much packers will charge for your local or long-distance move, especially if you also book them for the unpacking service. 

Extra services

If you think you’ll require more help to tackle other tedious moving and packing tasks, you may request extra services like the following: 

packing an indoor plant

What are the benefits of hiring a packer?

Getting professional packers lets you actually enjoy the move. Here are the advantages of hiring expert packers. 

Use quality packing materials and moving equipment

Working with the pros gives you access to the right materials and equipment to get the job done faster and safer. Professional packers use heavy-duty cardboards in various sizes, bubble wrap, tape rolls, trolleys, lifting straps and more. 

Save time and energy

Packing is time-consuming, especially if you’re packing a home with multiple rooms. It can take hours or days, sometimes weeks, to get all your things sorted out. Expert packers have an efficient system to ensure they properly pack your stuff in the shortest amount of time possible.

Keep items safe during packing 

Professional packers are equipped and experienced enough to pack for a house move. You can be confident that your valuable items are transported safely from one place to another.

Reminders before booking a Tasker

Now that you’ve got the basics covered, you can start looking for a professional to help you pack. Here are a few reminders before you book professional moving packers:

Set a budget 

Prices can be negotiable but put a cap on how much you’re willing to spend to be safe. This way, you won’t go beyond your budget and only get the services you’ll need. 

Review the offers

Discuss your needs and get a quote from different Taskers to choose the best possible offer that meets your needs and budget. 

When creating a task request on our platform, make sure to include other necessary details like your schedule, location, and packing size. Then, wait for quotes to come pouring in. 

Do background research

Read reviews from their previous clients to help you make an informed decision. Once things are in order, you can start hiring experienced packers and movers for a stress-free relocation.  

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Packing typically takes 2 to 5 hours for two professional packers to go through a small 1-bedroom flat or house, while it can take a whole day (roughly 8 to 12 hours) for three packers to sort out a 3-4 bedroom house. 

Unpacking is not usually included in the cost estimate of packing services. You might have to request an additional service for this job as well as for other tasks you’ll need, like reassembling furniture pieces. 

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