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Pool tables are a staple for game nights, slow afternoons, and socialisation. However, they can be extra challenging to move because of their size, complex design, and weight. 

If you’re wondering how much a pool table weighs, standard ones weigh around 320 to 1,100 pounds, while others range from 1,000 to 2,500 pounds. That’s more than 2x the average weight of a wooden bed frame (200 pounds) or kitchen cabinet (100 pounds)!

Whether you’re relocating to your dream home or selling your pool table, this guide will teach you how to move a pool table.

What do you need to move a pool table?

A pool table has five main components: the pockets, rails, felt, legs, and slate. Prepare the following tools to remove specific parts:

  • Screwdriver

  • Ziplock bags

  • Pentel pen

  • Staple remover

  • Socket wrench

  • Power drill

Once the table has been disassembled, these are the things you’ll need to move the pool table:

  • Measuring tape

  • Moving blankets

  • Dollies, furniture sliders, or moving carts

  • Carpenter’s level

  • Pickup or moving truck

Types of pool tables

Before removing your pool table, it helps to determine its type. Pool tables differ depending on the bed or playing field material. The two most popular materials are MDF and slate.

a man playing pool

MDF pool tables

MDF or medium-density fibreboard pool tables are made from wood composite, which is lightweight and cheaper than slate. MDF pool tables can easily be moved with the help of a strong friend.


Slate bed pool tables

Slate bed pool tables are mined and processed mechanically to flatten their surfaces. They are ideal for those who want to level up their performance and play professionally. Due to the material used, each slate could weigh up to 450 pounds. Hiring a professional is the best way to move a slate bed pool table. If you’re on a budget, four to five friends could help you with the heavy lifting.

Steps in moving a pool table

There are many ways to move a pool table, depending on the distance and accessibility of the new location. If you only plan to move the pool table a short distance and the entryway is enough to fit the table, you might only need furniture sliders. However, if you must move it to an entirely new location, it’s wise to disassemble it first. Below is the standard process of moving a pool table with disassembly.

  1. Unscrew the ball pockets from underneath the table using a screwdriver. Make sure to put the screws in a ziplock bag with the appropriate label.

  2. Once the pockets are out, remove the rails and corners using a socket wrench. 

  3. Use a staple remover and carefully take out each staple from the felt. If it is glued, use a putty knife instead. Be very careful not to damage the felt. 
    a man removing a pool table felt

  4. If your pool has slates, use a power drill to detach them.

  5. It’s time to remove the slates from the main structure. Since they’re very heavy and delicate, you’ll need extra pairs of hands to carry them.

  6. Once you’re done wrapping the slates, it’s time to remove the legs. Ask a friend to hold the other side of the main structure. Remove the legs on your side, then lower the table. Move to the next side, remove the legs, and wrap them in moving blankets. 

  7. With a friend, load the items onto a pickup or moving truck. The biggest part to be moved is the main frame. When moving the pool table, turn it on its side, then carefully load it. 

  8. If you’re moving long-distance, put the slates in a crate. And if there’s additional space, strap the parts to the wall of the truck to prevent shifting during transport. Sudden movements might lead to pool table cracks.

Reassembling and levelling a pool table

a disassembled pool table

Congratulations! You’ve reached your new place, and you now need to reassemble the pool table. At this point, you might want to consider contacting a specialist. If you’re determined to move and reassemble the pool table by yourself, connect the legs to the main structure of the table, add the slates, and then insert the screws. Use a carpenter’s level to keep the bed straight. Finally, put the felt and reattach the railing and pockets.

Moving a pool table without taking it apart

If you’re only moving the pool table a short distance or just across the room and your pool table is small and light, you don’t need to take it apart. You can use dollies and furniture sliders to move it to the new location carefully. If the pool table is too heavy to be moved using dollies, you can also ask a friend’s help to turn it on its side and carry it.

Additional tips for moving a pool table

  • Measure doors, entryways, staircases, and elevators before moving the pool table.

  • Just like shooting a cue ball, know the route and identify craters and bumps on the road.

  • To move a pool table without breaking a slate, wrap the slates in moving blankets to protect them.

  • Prevent scratches or property damage by covering the table’s sharp edges with a soft cloth or foam bumpers.

When to seek professional moving help

DIY pool table moving is cost-effective, but inexperience could cause harm or damage. You need to study the route and know how to assemble and disassemble the table correctly. So if you want to spare yourself from stress, consider hiring a professional removal service. You can relax and finally play pool in your new space with just a few clicks.

Find pool table removal experts, fast

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On average, relocating a pool table costs around £150. However, it could still go higher or lower, depending on the table type and distance to be covered.

It’s unnecessary to change the bed’s cloth when disassembling or assembling the pool table is unnecessary. However, if it has been affecting the performance and quality of the game, it might be time to install a new cloth.

If the pool table is small and lightweight and you’ll move it to a short distance, you could use dollies, furniture sliders, or a pool table lift.

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