How much does shed removal cost?

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How much does shed removal cost?

The cost of removing a shed in cities like London and Manchester can range from £50 to £1,500, depending on the shed size and the work required. Additional charges such as disposal fees, permit costs, and other related expenses can affect the price. Comparing quotes from different shed removal providers is recommended to ensure a fair price.

Price list for old shed removal

How much does it cost to move a shed? It helps to identify the design of the structure first. Here are estimates based on shed type:


Shed Removal Cost

Ordinary shed

£150 - £325


£500 - £1,000

a garden shed with tools

Factors affecting shed disposal costs

Have you ever wondered about shed demolition and removal costs? Here’s a quick rundown of potential factors:

Shed size

Naturally, the bigger the shed, the more time it takes to remove it. However, sheds that are old and in poor condition would be easier to break apart for removal.

Asbestos removal

Older sheds accumulate asbestos on the roof over time. Asbestos removal for sheds typically costs £350 on average, ranging between £300 and £400. If you want to do the math more accurately, asbestos removal in the UK typically costs £50 per square metre.

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Packing requirements

Packing in the UK typically costs between £175 and £450, but organising and storing a shed’s contents is a simple task that should be cheaper. You can expect to pay £12/hour for this service.

Other charges post-removal

Depending on your needs, professionals can complete other tasks related to shed removal once it's done. You will likely need reseeding for the portion of the yard that was vacated. You can ask Taskers to do that for you for an additional fee.

Preparing your shed for removal

Here are a few things you need to remember before having your shed removed.

  1. If you can, empty the shed. You can ask a Tasker to do this for around £70 per hour. This is also a good opportunity for you to organize your shed’s contents like tools before moving them elsewhere.
  2. If you want to demolish or get rid of an unsightly shed, note that some areas have specific waste disposal regulations. If your Tasker can’t complete these requirements, do some research and legwork to secure the necessary documents for shed removal.

two men demolishing a shed

Post a task for shed removal

Demolishing a shed or other removal tasks can be tedious for anyone who doesn't have the necessary skills, expertise, or experience. If you're considering the perks of a DIY project, you're better off seeking help from a professional removalist.

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Are you ready to book a Tasker for your shed removal project? Write and post a task on our platform. Include these details to receive competitive offers matching your needs and preferences:

  • Your shed’s dimensions

  • Potential hazardous materials

  • Whether or not you want the shed to be demolished or moved

  • Whether or not you’ll need Taskers to help you clean and organize the shed’s contents

  • Other particulars you’d like to include for the removal

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If you deem the shed to be in good condition, you can have it repaired instead of demolished. Another alternative is to sell its raw materials after removal.

Taskers can help you repair or replace broken shed components with little to no issue. Booking Taskers whose work is insured might give you more peace of mind during the relocation.

It’s an option, but it can be risky. It’s not only a chore than takes a whole day; you might also be exposed to asbestos. With that in mind, it’s best to leave the task in the hands of professionals.

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