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What does a window repair service include?

Your window repair person can help with a range of different window types and repair services, including glass window repairs, aluminium window frame repairs, and even car window repairs. They’ll advise you on the best solution (whether repair or replacement) and use their tools to get the job done. Here’s what you can expect from some of the most common window repair services:

Glass window repairs

Your handyman will start by assessing the damage. If the extent of the damage is beyond repair, they’ll recommend a window replacement. But if your window glass only has a small crack, hole, or scratch, they’ll be able to repair it - at least temporarily - to seal your room and prevent the damage from getting worse.  They’ll wear heavy-duty gloves before handling any broken glass. Next, they’ll use clear nail polish to patch up any small holes and scratches, building it up in layers, to discretely repair the glass. If there’s a crack but the window still feels sturdy, your repairer may apply a piece of clear tape over the surface to stop the crack from spreading further. For more advanced repairs, you’ll need to hire a glazier or organise a glass replacement.

Window frame repairs

The most common window frame repairs involve repairing rotten wood frames (since aluminium windows are less prone to damage). Your repairer will start by chipping away most of the rotten wood before covering it with a few layers of liquid epoxy to soak in. Once dry, they’ll mix epoxy filler and use this to fill the gap in your wooden window frame, shaping it to blend in with the rest of the frame. Once this filler is dry, they’ll sand the area smooth. At this point, the repairs are ready for priming and painting.

Window replacement

When your glass windows are beyond repair, they’ll need replacing. Your handyman will start by using the broken window pane. They’ll put on heavy-duty gloves and safety glasses before scraping away at the putty or loosening the seal around the broken window pane so they can loosen and remove the old glass (including any shards). They’ll dispose of the old glass and then smooth out the edges of the frame so remove any remaining sealants. Your window replacement technician will measure the window to determine the size of the new glass, leaving a small 3.2mm gap around the edges to allow for expansion. Most of the time, they’ll get the glass cut to size at a local hardware store or glass company. Depending on the type of window frame and how the glass is sealed in, your handyman will then apply putty to the edges of the window, rolling it in their hands to make a long rope, and then sticking it onto the frame. They’ll gently push the new glass into the frame, allowing it to stick to the putty. Your window replacement professional will then apply more putty around the edges on both sides of the glass before gently removing any excess putty and smoothing it over.

Car window repairs

If your car window has a minor hole or crack, your window repair person may be able to fix it without needing a total replacement. They’ll clean the area to remove debris and use a glass repair kit to seal the broken area with epoxy. The epoxy is applied using a syringe which forces resin into any cracks for a stronger seal. 

Get in touch with window repair experts such as Jimmy G, Marco O, and Jason S today to get a wide variety of Window Repair jobs done. From Kitchen Sink Installation, Chandelier Installation, and Blind Repairs; you can get all types of Window Repair done usually between £125-£280, with the median price of Window Repair in Bow being £160.
Don't live in Bow? We also have window repair experts available in East London and Clapham Common available today.

Recent Window Repair tasks in Bow

My sash windows have dropped and won’t lock properly


Hitchin Square, Greater London

16th Feb 2023

Sash windows have moved so won’t lock properly - Due date: Before Friday, 3 March 2023

Mould Removal on Wall/Windows


Alameda Place, Greater London

21st Nov 2022

Black mould growing around the windows and on walls. Needs to be removed and hopefully treated for preventing re-growth. - Due date: Needs to be done on Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Very responsive and attentive. Removed black mould from windows and walls, painted and sealed the area. Fantastic work.

Replacing and fixing a window handle


Bromley, Greater London

21st Sep 2022

I need help fixing or replacing the handle my window. - Due date: Needs to be done on Thursday, 22 September 2022

Water tight a window from a converted warehouse in E3


Alameda Place, Greater London

14th Sep 2022

We would need to water tight a window 150x215. - Due date: Before Saturday, 15 October 2022

Window Sealing


Old Ford, Greater London

28th May 2022

Our windows are not air tight. At winter they tend to lose a lot of heats. I think this is because the seal needs to be updated and replaced. Looking for somebody to with experience of enhancing the energy efficiency of windows/doors to fix the window. There’s are 6 windows and 1 glass door which require some attention. I’ve attached photos. Let me know if you have any questions!

Window handle has snapped and not connected to locking mechanism.


Old Ford, Greater London

24th Mar 2022

Window repair handle snapped and no longer connected to lock mechanism - Due date: Flexible

Fitting an extract fan on the bathroom window


Bow, Greater London

24th Oct 2021

we bought a window fan to be fitted on the bathroom window and the qualified electrician easily made the wiring ready but he is not experienced in cutting a hole in the double gazed window thus, recommended to engage a glazier or a building who is skilled with the right tools to cut a hole on the double glazed window then simply connect the wires already in place. Many thanks for your attention and looking forward to hearing from you. - Due date: Flexible

Repair wooden windows


Alameda Place, Greater London

31st Jan 2021

The wooden window frames in a curved bay have become affected with rot and some of the wood require replacement They are also very drafty and large amounts of condense accumulate as they are single glazed.

Fantastic service and great work!!

UPVC window handle has came off


Alameda Place, Greater London

2nd Dec 2019

Hi there, My uPVC window handle has came off and I am unable to put it back as it is loose. Please can some one able to tell from the picture if this is an easy fix or do I need to get the entire window glazing out? What are the materials that I need to purchase? Thanks.

Window not closing


Mile End, Greater London, E3

25th Oct 2019

Check why the window is not closing and fix the issue. Small job.