How much does Gutter cleaning cost?

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£40 - £250







Gutter cleaning can be awkward. But storm debris, seasonal changes, and birds looking for comfy nesting spots means regular gutter cleaning is essential. If you don’t like cleaning them yourself,  it’s worth looking into local gutter cleaning costs. 

The average cost of gutter cleaning in Australia ranges from $90-$200, but some cleaners might charge more or less. Prices vary depending on the type of property, how many metres of gutter need cleaning, the amount of debris, and whether specialist equipment is needed.

Based on our data from over a thousand gutter cleaners and completed gutter cleaning tasks, this guide breaks down everything you need to know about gutter cleaning services in Australia. By the end, you’ll have a clear idea of the price you can expect to pay and pick up some tips on hiring the right person.

Gutter cleaning prices are extremely variable. Removing debris from a low-set, single storey house costs significantly less compared to the same task on a two storey home. To help, we’ve reviewed the most common gutter cleaning tasks posted in the marketplace to give you an approximate price.

Gutter cleaning task

Price guide

Bird nest removal


Gutter cleaning single storey house/building


Gutter cleaning 2 storey house


Install gutter guards and clean


Gutter repair and replacement


Gutter cleaning cost per metre 

Setting a cost based on whether the property is single or multiple storey keeps things simple. But calculating gutter cleaning prices based on lineal metres is another popular method. This is useful if you don’t need all your gutters cleaned - just the really mucky parts. 

So work out the number of metres you want cleaned and ask your gutter cleaner their rate per metre.     

Should I get my gutters professionally cleaned?

Not everyone needs help with gutter cleaning. But you might choose to hire a professional because:

  • You don’t have the right equipment

  • You don’t like ladders or heights

  • Gutters, downpipes, and roof tiles need repairing

  • Ridding your home of built-up gutter clutter will take too long on your own 

For many, professional cleaning offers peace of mind because you can be confident that your home’s guttering is in good condition and functioning correctly. So when you put it like that, regular gutter cleaning is something that’s worth investing in. 

What happens if you don’t clean your gutters?

Clear gutters and downpipes channel water and rain away from your home. Blocked gutters and downpipes stop this happening, which can lead to serious problems. 

When blocked, water and debris collects, causing mould. Overflowing water may also lead to damp, resulting in more serious (and expensive) structural damage to your home. 

How often should gutters be cleaned?

Ideally, your gutters should be cleared at least twice a year - in spring and autumn. That said, storms and nearby trees dropping leaves or needles may mean you need extra cleans. 

Of course, the reverse is also true. If your home isn’t next to any tall trees you can probably get away with cleaning gutters just once a year. 

Other tasks you can give to your gutter cleaner

Besides removing debris, people who offer gutter cleaning services may also be able to help with:

  • Downpipe installation and repair

  • Gutter guard installation and repair

  • Roof repair

  • Roof tile repair

  • Whirlybird installation and repair

Some of those might be better suited to a whirlybird installer or professional roofer for roof repairs. But if you’d like one person to take care of it all, you can always specify this when you post your task. 

How to create your first gutter cleaning task

Ready to hire a gutter cleaner and create your first task? It’s simple! Write and post your listing, review your offers, choose someone, and they’ll arrange a time and date. For more guidance, read how it works.

To get the best response, you might want to include:

  • An ideal date and budget

  • Location

  • Number of storeys, property style, or metres to be cleaned

  • Type of debris to be removed (photos are good)

  • Any repair work needed 

  • Any issues with access

  • Whether ladders and hardnesses are required or provided

  • Whether you require them to have personal/liability insurance

  • How long you think the job will take

More detail makes finding the right cleaner at a fair price, easier. Plus, they’ll have all the info needed when they arrive to complete the task.

Example gutter cleaning listing from Airtasker 

Need some listing inspiration? Here are some examples of tasks our members have posted (and successfully completed).

Clean gutters

Part single and part double storey home. Gutters only to two sides of house and two sides of garage. 

Will need very long ladders or be happy doing from roof.

Circa 100 lineal metres of guttering to check / clear, not all full just patches.

Must clear up before they leave and dispose of mess made during the clear out process.

Remove debris from two gutters this week 

Remove debris in two gutters, put into plastic bags and dispose of the debris. See pic. Single storey house gutters are not pitched or high up. Probably about a 30-40min job. Need own ladders


- Old stiff hand brush

- Own ladder preferred. I could organise one if needed.

- Gloves

Gutter cleaning and leaks sealed

I need my gutters cleaned around my house professionally, any pipes to be unclogged and any leaks to be sealed.

I am expecting:

- the gutters to be inspected before commencement

- fasteners to be tightened

- any outlets and end caps to be resealed

- care to be taken not to damage my property

- have all the necessary equipment to complete the task as expected

- any debris to be cleaned up and disposed of

- any leaks to be resealed

- ensure all pipes are unclogged

- 'before and after' photos of the gutters

FAQs about gutter cleaning prices

What’s a fair price for gutter cleaning?

On average, gutter cleaning costs between $90-$200. The size of the house, amount of debris, and ease of access are all factors that can impact the final price.

How are gutters and downpipes cleaned?

Cleaning up leaves and twigs can be done by hand. Tougher grime, like bird muck, mould, or decayed leaves clogging your pipes and gutters means a pressure washer, brush, and garden trowel might be needed.

How much does it cost to clean the gutters of a 3 or 4-bedroom home?

Gutter cleaning prices are usually calculated based on the number of storeys or lineal metres, rather than number of bedrooms. Gutter cleaning on a single-level house can be as low as $40-$60. Larger two-storey properties are around $200.

What’s the best time of year to clean gutters?

Gutter cleaning costs can stack up. Being sensible about when you get your gutters cleaned will help keep costs down. Aim for late autumn if you only plan on it being an annual event. If you can afford more, get them done twice: once in autumn and again in spring.

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