How much does a chimney sweep cost?

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How much does a chimney sweep cost?

There’s nothing like a warm evening hanging out by the fireplace with the family. But before this, it is important to make sure that the fireplace and the chimney are clean and ready. After all, the last thing we would want is to experience challenges like fires and smoke. With this, having your chimney swept is a must.

Chimney sweep costs around £40 to £100. This could get higher or lower depending on the type of chimney you have, your chimney’s current state, and the complexity of the job. If you want to know more about how much a chimney sweep is, we have made a comprehensive price guide to help you prepare for the costs and have your fireplace ready.

What factors affect chimney sweep costs?

When it comes to a chimney sweep near you, prices are greatly affected by a few factors. The type and state of the chimney and the overall complexity of the job are the three main elements that influence chimney sweep costs in the UK. To help you get familiarised with each, we have discussed them below.

Type of chimney

How much a chimney sweep costs would depend on the type of chimney you have in your home. An open fire chimney costs around £40 to £100 while a lined stove chimney is more costly at £80 to £120. An unlined stove chimney is the most expensive ranging from £90 to £150. However, these are less popular in new houses since building regulations dating back to 1965 require homes to have lined chimneys for safety purposes.

Of course, how much a chimney sweep is in the UK would also go higher if you have more than one chimney in your home. Still, the benefits outweigh the costs and having a professional chimney sweep gives you safety and peace of mind while enjoying a relaxing time with your family.

State of chimney

How much it costs to sweep your chimney will also depend on its current state. Before starting the job, the sweeper will inspect the chimney and ask how many times it has been swept in the past year. They will also ask about its frequency of use since the standard sweeping frequency for weekend, or occasional use is at least once a year. Expect costs to go up £10 to £20 if it has not been cleaned in the past two years.

Besides the frequency of cleaning and usage, the type of material used to fire the chimney can also affect its current state, hence, costs. Coal and wood burning leaves a residue that builds up and forms creosote. High amounts of creosote in your chimney are harmful since these can block smoke and air from coming out. This would then lead to an accumulation of toxic gases that may cause poisoning or chimney fires. The Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme (HETAS), a government-approved organization that gives accreditation to chimney sweepers, recommends having wood-burning chimneys swept more than twice a year to prevent this.

Complexity of the job

Aside from the type of chimney and the chimney’s state, the job’s complexity can also influence how much it is to sweep your chimney. Often, challenges such as blockage from birds, their nests, and chemical build-up are experienced during sweeping.

Bird or animal rescue starts at £130 while removal of nest blockage starts at £250. Soot blockage requires an additional £130 while chemical tar removal is around £250. This does not include repairs or material replacement.

Other factors that affect costs

At times, ladder usage and access to lofts can also incur an additional charge of £20. This could go higher depending on the height that needs to be reached.

Aside from this, material replacement, flue collar resealing, and installation of other accessories can also increase the price. Stove replacement for a single door starts at £50 while double doors are at £60. Flue collar resealing is around £25, while additional accessories vary in price. Carbon monoxide alarms cost about £30 while stove pipe thermometers are approximately £10. Other bird guards to help prevent bird and nest blockage start at £160. 

Benefits of a chimney sweep

There are many benefits to chimney sweeping, such as:

  • It helps prevent chimney fires leading to damage to property

  • It helps keep your family safe and healthy by preventing the build-up of harmful toxins and chemicals that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and other health issues

  • It helps make your fireplace create energy-efficient heating through better air circulation

  • It prevents blockage that affects the overall performance of your fireplace

  • Chimney sweeping that is done regularly (once or twice a year) helps keep your chimney in its best shape, preventing costly repairs

Should I DIY or hire a professional?

Although chimney sweeping looks like a simple and straightforward job, it takes a lot of skill to do it correctly. Before starting the job, you must be comfortable and knowledgeable in dealing with different toxins and chemicals to avoid inhalation and leakage in your home, which is dangerous to you and your family.

It is also not for the faint of heart since you will be working with heights and may also encounter animal blockages that might have been there for some time. You must be ready in removing and disposing of these properly. Aside from these, you must have the following materials prepared in your home:

Chimney sweep material


Safety glasses

£1 to £14

Dust mask

£1 to £25


£1 to £45

Duct tape

£3 to £10

Chimney brush

£8 to £15

Poly sheeting

£10 to £14

Drain rod set

£15 to £40

Safety harness

£18 to £230



In total, these would cost more compared to hiring a chimney sweeper, which starts at £40. Having chimney sweepers who are members of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) can give you peace of mind that your chimney is inspected and cleaned to a high standard. They would know how to handle the different toxins in your chimney and dispose of potential blockages. Most importantly, they are experts in after-cleaning, ensuring that your fireplace is ready for warm, homey evenings with the family.

If you are ready to take the next step and want to know more about the price of a chimney sweep near you, Airtasker is here to help! Simply put up a task on our platform, then we will connect you to a host of tradesmen near your area. If you also need to have your chimney repaired, there are plenty of qualified chimney specialists on Airtasker who can get it done. Skip the hassle and risk and leave it to a professional!


Is a chimney sweep certificate required for home insurance?

A certificate is not required, but it will be handy if you need to claim home insurance. If you could not claim a certificate, some insurance agencies also accept receipts as proof that your chimney was regularly cleaned.

How long does it take to sweep and clean a chimney?

Sweeping a chimney often takes around 45 minutes and should not go over an hour. However, this could take longer in case of more complex jobs involving blockages and build-up or nest removal.

What is a chimney lining?

A chimney lining is installed inside your chimney to prevent fires, improve airflow, and help control heat flow inside the chimney. Having a chimney lining offers lots of benefits, including masonry or joint protection and prevention of heat loss. Installation of a new chimney lining ranges from £150 to £250. If you want to know more about chimney lining and chimney sweep prices near you, Airtasker can connect you to a tradesman who can give you a quote on how much chimney sweeps charge in the UK.

How do I know if I need to have my chimney swept?

You need a chimney sweep if it has been more than a year since your last one. Also, take note if the fire in your fireplace is not burning as strong as it used to or if strong and unusual odours and sounds are coming out of your chimney or fireplace.

When is the best time to sweep my chimney?

The best time to have your chimney swept is before the start of the heating season. If you missed this, the second-best time is right after the peak of the heating season, which is around January in the UK. Of course, if the current quality of your chimney is far from the usual, the best time would be now to ensure that it is safe to use and does not pose any health risk.

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