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The essential moving house checklist

By Marla Ricafrente

Updated: June 24th, 2022

Make moving (slightly) less manic.

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There’s no denying that moving home can be one of the most stressful times of your life. This moving house checklist includes all the essential steps to help ease this maddening process!

  1. Start by getting yourself a “moving journal,” which you use to document everything related to your move.
  2. Organise yourselves by making a timeline of when you want everything done.
  3. Start the purge process early. As much as six weeks before your move date, start clearing out the ‘undesirable’ items.
  4. Spend some time researching your new area so that you’re all set to start living there once the packing and unpacking frenzy is over. 
  5. Schools and related facilities are likely to be your top priority if you have children. But even just finding out where your local Boots and the closest gym can play a part in helping you feel more at home.
  6. Get your packing materials together (check with the moving services company whether they can provide any).
  7. Start your packing at least a month before the move. Start with the rooms you use least and work your way up.
  8. Check out these handy packing hacks and take advantage of everyday household materials like linen, garbage bags, and even socks!
  9. Make sure you colour code those labels for proper organisation.
  10. Appoint a team of house movers to ease your pain come moving day. Check which services they offer to ensure they have everything you need.
  11. Work out the travel route to your new home. Then, organise parking for the removals vans at both addresses.
  12. Find storage facilities if needed. Your moving services company may be able to recommend some if required.
  13. Defrost your fridge and freezer, and get waste disposal help to get rid of any perishables.
  14. Arrange a deep end of tenancy clean for your home.
  15. Give your new address to your post office to redirect your mail.
  16. Notify friends, family, banks, and any other services and utility companies of your change of address.
  17. Make sure your insurance is sorted for your new home.
  18. Cancel any local services that you’ll no longer be able to use.
  19. Record your utility meter readings. Just take a photo of the meters on your phone.
  20. Arrange babysitting or pet sitting if needed for moving day. It makes things a little less stressful if they’re comfortably situated elsewhere.
  21. Pack an overnight bag for you and your family with all the essentials needed for your first night in your new home. Make sure this contains any medication you’d need easy access to.
  22. Organise all your important documents and store them somewhere safe and accessible.
  23. Have a toolkit handy. You’ll need this at the other end while unboxing and assembling.
  24. Before leaving, make sure to switch everything off and secure the house.
  25. Don’t forget to clear out any outside spaces.
  26. Do one final check (and farewell) of your old home. Take your time to make sure nothing is left behind!
  27. Leave all the house keys where discussed with the new owners/tenants.
  28. Once you get to your new home, make sure you (or another member of the household) are at hand to answer any of the moving services team’s questions.
  29. Read the utility meters in your new home and take a picture to record them.
  30. Take a deep breath, put the kettle on, and fix yourself some tea.
  31. Don’t attempt to start the unpacking now, but make the beds nice and comfy! You deserve a good night’s sleep after the day you’ve had.

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Marla Ricafrente

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