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Unexpected costs of moving

Unexpected or “hidden” costs may explain why Brits are overspending, with double rent (34%) – that is, paying old and new rent/mortgage payments at the same time, food delivery costs on moving day (32%) and utility connection fees (30%) listed as key hidden costs.

Whether you’ve purchased a new home or you're moving into a rental, time your move so you don’t have to fork out for double rent as this is a big expense that could add up (even if it’s just for a short amount of time).

Food delivery & takeaway was another unexpected cost on moving day. So if you’re shouting lunch to thank your friends who helped out or you’re paying for a family meal, consider packing lunch ahead of time so you can save on food & delivery bills (especially on the weekend when there might be surcharges).

As for utility connection fees, gas installation could range anywhere from £400 - £1,500 so research the relevant costs and plug these into your budget spreadsheet. Remember to organise your utilities ahead of time to ensure everything is working the moment you walk through the door.

Allison Harvey, mover

Location: East London, Age: 28

“I’m moving into my boyfriend’s place in the next few months, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done before then! I’ve used Airtasker in the past for wallpapering/decorating tasks as well as furniture removal. I’ve had great experiences with helpful Taskers that have gone above and beyond to help me get the job done." 

"The renovations we need doing will include the decoration of two bedrooms and bathroom and hallway reno. Airtasker is my go-to source whenever I need to find a skilled expert in my area, and I plan to use Airtasker to help with my move over the next few months!”

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Published 02 April 2022

With rising living costs in the UK, households are feeling the pinch financially with many Brits feeling uncertain about moving house in the current climate, which is why we’ve launched the 2022 Move Right Report¹ to help you navigate your home move.

We commissioned a national survey of 2,000 adults and asked about their attitudes, habits and behaviours when moving home. We also teamed up with Britain’s influential property expert Phil Spencer to help you prepare for the big day and tackle your to-do list.

Our research showed that budgeting (41%), not knowing where to start (36%) and finding the right professionals to help (32%) are considered the most difficult parts of a home move, so we asked Phil Spencer to share his tips to help you prepare for moving day.

The Moving Joy Index

At Airtasker, we want to know which tasks spark the most joy, so we asked Brits to rank which moving tasks would bring the most joy to get an expert to do. These were the results:

1. Removalist services

2. Appliance installation

3. Packing and unpacking

So whether it’s finding a removalist, getting a new washing machine installed or help packing boxes (or something completely different), Airtasker can help you find the right people with the right skills to get the job done.

Which tasks would bring the most joy to hire a Tasker for?

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Airtasker launches its Move Right 
Report 2022

Moving house? 
We commissioned new research and teamed up with property guru, Phil Spencer, to help you make smart moving decisions.

Phil Spencer's top 5 tips for a smooth move

1. On the move? Nail your checklist (and do it early)

When the sun comes out, Brits like to move with June being their preferred moving month.

June is the popular month to move

Remote work and the pandemic made Brits re-think their living situation. Here are their motivations for moving:

New beginnings

Sparking joy

The moving tasks that bring Brits the most joy to pay an expert to do were removalist services, installing new appliances and packing/unpacking.

On average, Brits spend over £3,480 in moving costs with 56% of Brits exceeding their budget by up to £1,000.

Budgeting blunders

Time off work

Over a third of Brits (39%) take a week off work to move. Londoners are most likely to take a sick day to move.

Here are the most stressful tasks cited by Brits:

The stress factor

Source: 3Gem survey commissioned by Airtasker with 2,000 adults (March 2022)

Taskers who can help

Location: Bracknell, works across London, Age: 36

“I joined Airtasker back in 2018 and began sharing my services in painting, decorating, and carpentry to supplement my full-time sales job. I’ve helped customers move house on Airtasker with tasks like removals, transportation, setting up at new property, and renovations. I’ve also helped with fitting laminate flooring and skirting boards. I always ensure my work is completed with expert care and attention to detail.”

Fais Chaudry, handyman and removalist

Location: East London, Age: 32

“I started using Airtasker as a quick way to earn extra cash and when I was made redundant, the sharing economy became my main source of income. On Airtasker, I’ve helped with numerous house moves which have involved the disassembly and assembly of furniture. I’ve also helped transport these items and handle the whole  moving process to help alleviate my client’s stress.”

Waz Mahmood, furniture assembler

Write yourself a moving checklist and do it early so you can map out your to-do list and timeline for what’s involved with your move. I’d recommend writing your checklist as soon as you've decided you’d like to move or at three months before you move. 

Think methodically when you write your checklist and don’t forget to include any small tasks as these often go a long way to help things run smoothly! I’d always recommend de-cluttering your space, getting rid of any unwanted items (and/or donating to charity) one month before your move so you’re not packing any unnecessary items on moving day. 

Notifying your suppliers and redirecting mail is another one to add to the checklist, and I’d recommend doing this one month before your move date. Notify your bank, utility providers and insurance company of your new address to ensure your mail doesn’t go missing.

2. Recruit expert help for your to-do list

Moving is a big milestone, but it also comes with a pretty big to-do list. Once you’ve got your checklist sorted, consider which tasks you’ll need help with. For instance, you might decide that you can take care of packing, but that you’ll need a tech expert to help with your WiFi set up at your new place. 

Consider using open marketplaces, like Airtasker, to find skilled service providers who can help you tick more off your to-do list. From removalists to cleaners to furniture assemblers, Airtasker can help with a range of moving tasks. Simply post a task, set your price and choose from rated experts who can help straight away!

My number one packing tip is to order your packing boxes in a range of different sizes, and if in doubt, order more boxes that you think you’ll need as you can always re-use them. Don’t forget to also buy packing tape and any proactive wrap for delegate items. 

Start packing in the least-used room, and make sure you label your boxes as you go (you can even take photos of the inside of boxes to help you find your contents quicker). Save time by leaving clothes on hangers and make sure you protect lids of liquids to avoid any spillage in transit.

Keep daily essentials at the top of your boxes for easy access later – things like your phone charger or toothbrush.

3. Order packing boxes in a variety of sizes (you can always re-use them)

4. Ensure the property is child or pet-friendly

Before you move, consider if the property is child or pet-friendly and take any precautions like getting power point protectors, a microwave lock or corner protectors for coffee tables or sharp edges. If you have a furry friend, consider whether you’ll need to get a dog door installed.

5. Do your due diligence on moving day (and change your locks)

Do a walkthrough the property to ensure everything is in order. It’s worth doing your own inventory by taking photos of any damage or concerns which you can raise with the agent. If you haven’t already – ask the agent or landlord where the main stopcock is based and where you can find the gas and electricity metres to take readings. 

Remember to change your locks when you move for peace of mind.

1 Survey commissioned by Airtasker with 3 Gem in March 2022, polling 2,000 general population UK adults nationwide – respondents aged from 18 years plus. 
2 Calculation: Total number of people who moved last year = 11.8% of the total sample surveyed of n=2,000 completes. Total number of UK households = 27,800,000. Total number of households who moved= 11.8% * 27,800,000= 3,280,400. Number of households who moved= 3,280,400. Total amount spent on moving = 3,280,400 * 3480= 11,415,792,000. Overspent on moving = 3,280,400 * 414.76= £1,360,578,704

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Moving home is a huge milestone, but it can also be a stressful process which is why we’re here to help. So if you need help moving house, post a task today to kickstart your moving journey!

Our report found budgeting was the most difficult part of moving with over half of respondents (56%) exceeding their budget by up to £1,000. Of those who moved in the past year, Brits overspent by £414 on average – that’s £1.36B² overspent on moving costs nationally.

Moving sentiment: Brits' attitudes 
and habits to moving house

Despite rising inflation and energy costs in the UK, one in five Brits (20%) still plan to move home this year with a third saying they’d move for a fresh start in a new location. 

With remote work here to stay, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped our motivations for where and how we want to live.