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Having a garden wall is a great way to delineate space. It sets a clear boundary between your garden and your neighbor’s. You can also use it to complement your garden, creating an illusion of a bigger space.

These decorative walls emphasize specific elements in your garden and provide an added visual interest to your garden. Fancy garden walls can serve as finishing touches to your garden’s design. And they make for a great backdrop, too!

17 Fancy garden wall ideas

Conceptualizing garden wall decoration ideas can be a fun little endeavor. To help you plan for the perfect one for your home, here are 17 modern garden wall decoration ideas you might want to try!

1. Put up a bamboo fence

bamboo fence as a garden wall

Bamboo fences are stylish and practical, adding a nice tropical feel to your home while also creating privacy. You can even decorate it with some hanging plants cascading on the wall for an added touch!

2. Try a vegetable wall

hydroponic vegetable garden wall

If you’re looking for something that will be useful, try growing herbs and vegetables using your garden wall. Talk about trendy and sustainable!

3. Plant a vertical garden

vertical garden on a brick wall

Gardening isn’t just limited to the ground anymore. Vertical gardens, or living walls, are a great way to maximize space, especially for city dwellers who lack the space for a “traditional” garden.

4. Make your wall a hedge

Tall hedges are a great example of a garden wall that’s simultaneously a vertical garden. They’re relatively easy to take care of, but if you don’t want the hassle of maintaining a hedge, you can opt for an artificial hedge wall instead.

5. Paint it a vibrant color

If you want to add a little whimsy to your indoor garden wall, you might want to consider painting it a vibrant color. For example, green hues can blend well with your plants while giving off a soothing vibe.

6. Create a mural

tropical wall mural painting

You can show off your creativity by turning your wall into artwork! It can also be a fun little project you enjoy with your family and friends!

7. Add geometric patterns

plants on geometric shelves

You can play with geometric features on your garden wall. Your plant rack can come in a honeycomb design, or you can add some geometric shapes to your actual wall. 

8. Try trellis walls

trellis walls

Using interwoven pieces of wood or metal make for great support to your plants, especially shrubberies and vines. 

9. Upcycle old materials

recycled plastic bottle planters

One cost-effective way to spruce up your garden wall is to use what you currently have. You can paint an old bike and use it as a garden wall decor. Or it can be something as simple as using old plastic bottles as plant pots. 

10. Create a crate and pallet wall

Looking for some wooden textures? Go for a more rustic design by adding crates and using them as plant pot holders.

11. Frame your plants

Frame your succulents and hang them on your wall. Make it look more exciting by adding brightly-painted frames!

12. Make a pebble wall

wall made out pebbles

If you want to transform your garden into a calming space, consider adding pebbles to your garden wall to make it look more zen and serene. 

13. Add a waterfall feature

Speaking of zen, why not try adding a waterfall feature to your wall? If your space and budget allow it, this will transform your garden to make it look like an oasis. 

14. Lean into the mossy brick style

mossy brick garden wall

A mossy brick wall might be a good choice if you’re all about getting that natural off-the-forest vibe. Perfect for those looking for a cottage core look!

💡 Tip: This goes well with a waterfall!

15. Turn it into an outside living space

outdoor pergola with vine wall

You can install a pergola on your garden wall to create an outdoor living space. Add a couch and a coffee table or a firepit, and you’ve got yourself a perfect place for outdoor dining.

16. Install a mirror wall

outdoor garden mirror wall

Installing full-length mirrors in your garden visually extends the garden. It creates an illusion that the garden is much bigger than it actually is. 

17. Add lights

garden wall lights

Adding lights to your garden walls highlights your garden’s features. It also naturally illuminates the area at night.

How long do living walls usually last?

Depending on the conditions, a living wall (or a vertical garden) can last up to five years. To make it last this long, you have to maintain and regularly take care of the plants properly. 

Are there any local ordinances I have to consider in building a garden wall?

There are various local laws covering property boundaries covering the height of the boundary, the area of the boundary, and so on. It is good to check with your local council first before deciding to build a garden wall. 

Get started on your garden wall

Feeling pretty inspired? Let’s turn this vision into a reality! If you want to get your garden wall up and running, you can hire garden designers or retainer wall installers near you to get the job done. Have fun beautifying your home!

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